Covid Vaccine Trackers List - Apps to help you register your slot for the Vaccine

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May 8, 2021 5 min read
Covid Vaccine Trackers List - Apps to help you register your slot for the Vaccine

The second wave of the Covid-19 cases has been increasing in the country for the past few months. The daily active cases are rising and currently, Β India has seen the greatest number of single-day cases around the world. The country has a total of around 2.15 crore active cases and 2.34 lakh deaths as of 7 May 2021.

The vaccine drive had started widely across the country majorly concentrating on the people for above 45 years of age. From 1 May 2021, the Prime Minister of the country had announced that anyone above the age of 18 years could get vaccinated.

Here is the list of mobile applications and the websites you can use for finding the slots for covid-19 vaccination.

WhatsApp MyGov Corona Helpdesk
Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker on Google Sheets


CoWIN remains the major app for androids and a website no matter though which website you try to book your vaccine. It is the only website and android users to book the slot for the Covid-19 vaccine online. The CoWIN app portal is also accessible through the Aarogya Setu app for both android and iOS users.

The CoWIN app works in the most traditional way, you will have to enter your pin code in order to look for the available slots for the vaccination. is a website that helps you in notifying the availability of slots for the Covid-19 vaccination. Unlike CoWIN this website will notify the users through email notifications when there will be an availability of the slot for the vaccination drive.

The website is run by the alumni of the Indian School of Business Shyam Sunder with his colleagues. The site would ask for the users' information such as the name, location, email address and an optional phone number.

In order to get notified users will have to register on the website. claims that the data which is shared once will not be reshared or sold to anyone else. The site adds a note on its webpage which says β€œGet notified by email whenever slots open up for 18 – 45 years age group. Website Website is another website that shares the data of the availability of slots for the Covid-19 vaccine. The website works in a much more similar way compared to but it does not send notifications through emails.

The website will help in finding the availability of vaccine centers in a particular area and in addition to that the developer of the website Berty Thomas is providing the links for telegram groups through his Twitter account.

The telegram groups will provide the same slot availability options. When compared to, requires only the information regarding the state and the district and it doesn’t require your name or any other personal details such as email and phone number.

This makes a notable website for users who are concerned about their privacy. Based on the recent searches the site would contain the list of the slots that are available. is another website that will help users find the availability of vaccine centers across the country. works in a similar way to The website uses the API of the CoWIN website. works much more similar to the CoWIN portal itself. The users will have to enter their different pin codes individually to know the availability of slots for the Covid-19 vaccine. There are claims that the website can be unreliable at times as it failed to show the availability of centers even while there were available slots in specific centers.

However, the website claims that the availability of the slots in centers would change in real-time. Users of the website can reach the developers through Twitter if they face any kind of issue.

WhatsApp MyGov Corona Helpdesk

WhatsApp also helps the citizens of the county find Covid-19 vaccine centers and slots through the WhatsApp MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot. This was launched in March 2020. The process to find the slot and a vaccine center is considered to be very simple.

WhatsApp MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot
WhatsApp MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot

The users will have to save the number 9013151515 on their Android or iOS smartphone. Users can also use the chatbot using their desktop through WhatsApp Web.

Once the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot is launched on your WhatsApp, the users will have to send a text with hi or hello to get a response from the bot. The automated response will ask users to select an option for their Covid-19 related information. You will also find an option for finding the vaccine center nearest to their location. Users also have an option to chat with the chatbot in Hindi just by sending the text Hindi or typing it in the Hindi language.

Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker on Google Sheets

Amit Agarwal who is the programmer and founder of Labnol has set up an automated system using Google sheets. The system will notify the users through emails whenever there is an availability of vaccines in their location. The project has an open-source license which lets anyone access it.

They will just have to make a copy of the tracker in order to get started. Here are the steps to be followed to activate the mail notification.

1. You will have to make a copy of the vaccine tracker Google Sheet.

2. Then you will have to click the Vaccine Tracker Option and click enable.

3. Use Google account to authorize the app.

4. You will have to click enable again on the vaccine tracker

5. There will be an appearance of an alert box

6. You will have to enter your details such as pin code, email id, age group etc.

7. You will have to click on email alert and you will get a notification whenever the vaccines are available.


Paytm has launched a new tool in its mini app store which will help in finding the availability of vaccines. The tool will help the users to find the availability of vaccines on specific dates by entering the pin code or the details about the district for the eligible age groups that is 18+.

The users can also receive alerts on a real time basis on the app to receive information about the slots for vaccines.


PhonePe also has launched a new tool in its mobile application in order to help the citizens in finding the availability of the vaccines. The users will have to open the mobile application and provide details such as pin code or location and enter the age category for the vaccines.

You will have two options that is 18+ or 45+and also choose the type of vaccine according to the preference of the user.


Who are affected by Covid-19 in IPL?

Wriddhiman Saha of Sunrisers Hyderabad and Amit Mishra of Delhi Capitals were affected by Covid-19.

When we can register for Covid vaccine?

Registration of Covid vaccine will start from 1 May.

How many Covid vaccines are produced daily in India?

So far, India is producing roughly 2 million vaccine doses each day.


The Covid-19 vaccination drive for the 18 + years of age is expected to start very soon in the country since the cases are increasing on a regular basis and most of the states have opted for a complete lockdown.

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