Enthu.ai - Provides Actionable Insights from Customer Interactions

Jeenal Jain Jeenal Jain
Feb 12, 2021 7 min read
Enthu.ai - Provides Actionable Insights from Customer Interactions

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Conversational analytics is the concept of extracting useful data from human speech & making analysis/interpretations using AI/ML. As technology is advancing exponentially, so are the great minds of entrepreneurs. Tushar Jain realized that there is still less scope outside in automating the manual process of sales people.

He got his Eureka moment, and established an amazing product named 'Enthu'. Enthu (as a product) was conceptualized and built by the entrepreneurial and technical minds of Tushar Jain and Vishal. Β 

Conversation analytics is a costly technology, thus limited to only a few. Enthu's vision is to make conversation analytics/speech analytics platform affordable to businesses at a reasonable rate with important feature. Enthu is a SaaS based conversation intelligence platform that turns customer calls into actionable insights.

StartupTalky interviewed Tushar Jain (Founder of Enthu.ai) to understand the Conversation analytics industry and know about Enthu.ai Startup Story.

So, Let's walk through the Startup Story of Enthu.ai and get a glance on Enthu's founder, business model, startup idea, products, revenue model and more..

Enthu.ai - Company Highlights

Company Name Enthu.AI
Headquarter Chandigarh, India
Founders Tushar Jain, Vishal(Technical co-founder)
Sector Conversation Intelligence, Speech Analytics, AI
Founding Year 2020
Registered Entity Name OnPage Infotek LLP
Contact Email hello@enthu.ai
Website enthu.ai

Enthu.ai - About
Enthu.ai - Market/Industry Details
Enthu.ai - Founder and Team
Enthu.ai - Idea and History
Enthu.ai - Startup Challenges
Enthu.ai - Products and How it works
Enthu.ai - Name and Logo
Enthu.ai - Business Model and Revenue Model
Enthu.ai - Funding
Enthu.ai - Customer Acquisition
Enthu.ai - Advisors and Mentors
Enthu.ai - Future Plans

Enthu.ai - About

Enthu is a SaaS based conversation intelligence platform that turns customer calls into actionable insights. It automates the ability to listen to every customer interaction and drive agents’ performance by identifying the behaviors that impact outcomes.

Enthu is aimed at improving contact center performance by delivering highly effective, scalable, and usable conversation analytics. The core of the platform is the analytics, where each call is analyzed for call moments and reports can be pulled out for QA analysis.

It is a horizontal play, which means Enthu can be easily deployed across business functions, be it the revenue side (like sales, customer success etc.) or the margin side (like customer support, call quality monitoring, rep training & coaching, recruitment operations etc.).

Enthu Speech analytics platform
Create customized call moments with Enthu

Enthu.ai - Market/Industry Details

Conversation Analytics Platform & Speech Analytics is the domain of Enthu.ai.

As per a report by Mordor Intelligence, speech analytics market worldwide was valued at USD 1.34 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach a value of USD 4.38 billion by 2025. That’s a CAGR of 21.6% over the 5-year period between 2020 and 2025.

While North America is still the largest market, Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market, probably because of high concentration of call centers in the region.

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Enthu.ai - Founder and Team

Tushar Jain is the Founder of Enthu.ai. Vishal is the Technical Co-founder of Enthu.ai

Founder/Owner of Enthu.ai
Tushar Jain, Founder, Enthu.ai

Tushar Jain (Founder, Enthu.ai)

Tushar Jain is an Engineer & MBA by education. He has over 9 years of corporate experience by working for brands like McKinsey & Company, HCL Tech etc.; and startups like Jugnoo Technologies. He led the entrepreneurial journey since January 2019, where he started working on his 1st product - OnPage Champ.

Vishal (Technical Co-founder, Enthu.ai)

Vishal joined us as an employee of Enthu.ai in March 2020 (for OnPage Champ). He has a very rich experience in servers and algorithms. He displayed an exemplary leadership, problem-solving capabilities and was instrumental in building the crawling engine of OnPage Champ.

As they decided to start working on Enthu, Vishal shared his vision about building Enthu.ai and offered him to join as a technical cofounder for Enthu. That’s how Vishal boarded with Tushar.

Vishal's role in building Enthu.ai was exemplary. He guided the team and ensured that they launched the MVP for Enthu in just 20 days, and by the end Β first month, they were together pitching Enthu to real customers.β€Œβ€Œ

Enthu's work culture is more of a decentralized organisation. At Enthu, individuals are motivated to take decisions irrespective of the outcome.

It's hiring criteria is simple -

"We are fast movers and we chose people who are independent thinkers and take ownership of their work" Says Tushar Jain, Founder, Enthu.ai

Enthu.ai - Idea and History

The idea for Enthu germinated while Tushar was trying to scale his other product OnPage Champ (the product is still active and has a user base of 2000+).

During the COVID lockdown, Tushar was trying to scale up the outreach team at OnPage Champ. The idea was - team makes calls and converts the inbound leads that were generated on the website. His sales reps were working remote and there was no way he could quickly analyze what was happening on the calls, except going through the meeting notes or listening to the calls. Both these activities required significant amount of time investment, something which he couldn’t afford.

In a way, he felt a lack of control on the feedback, coaching & training, Β that he should offer to the salespeople, basis the conversations they are making day in and day out.

At that moment, Tushar started looking for conversation analytics solutions in the market. There were a couple of great options, but all were heavily priced and targeted towards enterprises. Moreover, majority of them wanted a prior commitment, either in terms of number of agents or annual contracts, something which he wasn’t ready to make. This was his eureka moment: to build a speech analytics platform that can cater to a wider audience (especially SMBs), irrespective of any restrictions.

There are a number of contact centers in Chandigarh and he started talking to founders & operation managers. The idea was not to pitch the solution but to understand the following-

  1. How do they manage the call quality?
  2. What are their pain points?
  3. How frequent are the pain points and what they are doing to solve it?
I strongly recommend you to read β€œThe Mom Test” if you want to learn how to take customer interviews - Says, Tushar

β€Œβ€ŒBased on these interactions with people, Tushar realized that monitoring call quality is still a manual process across majority of the contact centers, and that there’s a lot of scope of automating this labor-intensive process. β€Œβ€ŒThat’s when Tushar along with Vishal, started working on the MVP for Enthu.

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Enthu.ai - Startup Challenges

Tushar felt that technology was the one of the main challenging aspect, as the system had to be made accurate with Indian English Accent. But at the end, they were able to solve it and create an amazing speech analytics platform - Enthu.ai

Enthu.ai - Products and How it works

The product (Enthu) integrates with the VoIP platform which calling teams use. The call feeds are automatically picked by Enthu and analyzed.

One of the important aspect here is that the product is 100% customizable i.e. the user can replicate their calling scripts/themes in the system, create teams/agents and assign custom feedback forms. β€Œβ€ŒThe core of the platform is the analytics where each call is analyzed for call moments and reports can be pulled out for QA analysis.

Enthu Conversational Analytics Platform
Enthu Call Analysis

Tushar (founder of Enthu) was looking for an adjective that has a close association with people who sell on calls. Being enthusiastic for one's product/service is the first step to success when it comes to sales.β€Œβ€Œ That’s how the slang 'ENTHU' was determined.

Enthu Name and Logo
Enthu Logo

Enthu.ai - Business Model and Revenue Model

Enthu works on per agent per month model, with no annual or minimum rep commitments. Β It offers a 14 days free trial during which it runs pilot for our customers to showcase the value of speech analytics and conversational AI.

β€Œβ€ŒThe base plan for Enthu starts with $25 per agent, and that includes fixed number of transcription hours. It also offers custom plans depending on calling needs and volume.

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Enthu.ai - Funding

Enthu.ai is Bootstrapped right now. It was founded by Tushar Jain in 2020.

Enthu.ai - Customer Acquisition

Via cold outreach and referrals, Enthu acquired a couple of customers since its inception. The customers are majorly contact centers and SaaS companies. It has already established the RoI of the product for its initial few customers.

"LinkedIn works best for us to acquire customers."- Says Tushar

Enthu.ai - Advisors and Mentors

CallHippo, a leading VoIP provider is Enthu's partner. CallHippo helped them to get lot of industry insights and mentorship.

Enthu.ai - Future Plans

Enthu's goal for next 1 year is to work closely with its customers and identify more use cases for application of voice analytics at contact centers and accordingly invest in the product.

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