Everything You Need to Know About Toll-Free Service Providers

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Everything You Need to Know About Toll-Free Service Providers

You have a business or a startup or maybe just handling your family store, then you must always think about customers. Business is everything about customers. So, why don’t do anything extra for them?

Toll-free numbers are not that tough to get. And als o not that expensive too. However, it is the age of “everything for free”. Everyone has a free unlimited calling on their phones. But, giving toll-free number is not all about making it free. It is also about valuing your customers. Toll-free service providers make this job much easier. But there are so many service providers out there. You cannot just roll a dice and pick one up. You have to learn everything about this field. But we value your time, so here is everything in as brief as we could make it.

Who Are Toll-Free Service Providers?

To get the number registered and usable by your customers, there are companies that help you in this process. There are so many companies that do this. You can even choose an international company for this. In case, you don’t trust any companies, you can also go for companies like Tata Teleservices.

Companies nowadays also provide additional services besides giving a toll-free number. Like cloud telecommunication, which is a service that lets you access your toll-free number from anywhere in the world along with SMS and WhatsApp support. While buying the plan, you have to let them know how many incoming calls do you expect. Also, how many of your people will be there to serve the calls.

What Are Vanity Number?

Ever received a message from our Hon’ble PM N. Modi from a number like “JG-PM Modi”. This same number is called a vanity number. You can customize them according to your needs. They are very helpful when you want to send bulk messages for promotion purposes. Remember those old-school phones? To type “Hi”, we used to press 4 two times and again 4 three times. This system works on the same concept.

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Tips To Choose A Toll-Free Service Providers

While choosing your toll-free service provider, make sure you ask about the following things to the provider.

How to choose toll free number service provider?
How to choose toll free number service provider?


ResOrg stands for Responsible Organisation. It is the certification standard for toll-free number providers. Make sure whichever company you choose, they are ResOrg.

Fail over Protection

These all are a piece of machines. You cannot say when will they fail. So, in situations when the system fails, some companies give failover protection. When anything goes wrong, the primary network automatically switches to the redundant network. And no calls get missed.

Additional Charges

This is in every field nowadays. They say this product is free, you only have to pay for shipping and the shipping charges turn out to be more than the product’s price. Ask them about any additional charges and if possible record it.


Make sure you don’t forget this one. Ask them about the portability of their number. Do they offer it? If that toll-free service provider is Responsible Organisation, then there are strong chances they provide number portability.

Reasons To Get A Toll Free Number

This is 2020. Most of the people have unlimited call plans. You may ask, nobody cares about toll-free these days. Let’s burst your bubble.

Reasons to get a toll free number
Reasons to get a toll free number

Easy To Remember

Toll-free numbers are much easier to remember than any other ordinary numbers. If your number is short or if you have a vanity number, then people are more likely to call you.

Looks More Professional

These numbers make you look more professional in your market. People will think that you are very serious about your business, which is true. More professionalism means more sales, means more profit.

Increase Satisfaction

When the customers will have a separate line to get listened to from even a small store, they will be much more satisfied than anyone else. Customers want attention. So, toll-free numbers which are especially for them will give them attention.

No Need Of Separate Department

Nowadays, you don’t need a separate department for customer service. In fact, you don’t even need a separate business phone. You can do anything from your personal mobile phone. You can talk to them from anywhere. The technology is advanced so your business should be too.

We think these reasons are enough to let you decide about it.

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Which Toll-Free Service Providers Should You “Not” Go For?

Although you already know that you should not go for any toll-free service providers who are not ResOrg, there are some more things to know. Getting a toll free number is not a game. You have to take it seriously. There are many fraud companies who provide toll-free numbers.

You have to research well about each and every option. The best thing you can do before deciding the company is to search for the company on consumer complaint websites. Make sure there are no or fewer complaints about that company. Moreover, you can search about them on forums and social media like Quora where people share their own experience.

One of the best examples of these types of companies is Sarv.com. Their website is damn amazing. But when we researched deeply about them, it turned out there were many complaints against them. Also, if there is a chat option available on any website, then don’t hesitate to use it. But don’t give them your details. When we asked about the services of Sarv.com on their chat option, they didn’t even know about their own potential. So, please read, research and observe companies before making your final decision.

If you want some genuine names, then you can also go for companies like Tata Teleservices and Knowlarity. You can also opt for MyOperator. But, whichever you choose, just research well and if possible ask about it from the old users.


Toll-free service providers can be fraud or genuine, but a toll-free number will always be your best friend in the business. It will help you to grow your business. So, don’t think too much to have it in your office, or at your store. If you have customers, you will definitely need a toll free number.

Any customer calls to customer care, mostly in emergency situations, and the emergency might be “no recharge”. I know, I’m talking to another level, but the truth is, toll-free numbers are really important. So, call toll free service providers now, and get the details.

Comment on the use of toll-free in your business in the comment down below.

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