Top 8 Amazing Uses of Facial Recognition System

Top 8 Amazing Uses of Facial Recognition System

The facial recognition market is growing rapidly and this technology is being used in various sectors across the globe.

Gone are the days when we used to see face recognition technology in Sci-fi movies. Today, even a budget smartphone has a face recognition feature.

According to Statista, the global facial recognition market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 15.4% to reach 12.67 billion USD by 2028 from 5 billion USD in 2021.

The facial recognition system is used in schools, hospitals, banks, and many other places. Let's see some amazing uses/trends of the facial recognition system.

Uses of Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition - Facts and Fiction

Uses of Facial Recognition System

Nowadays, facial recognition systems are used in various places. These include banks, hospitals, traffic signals, airports and more. The following are some of the most popular uses of facial recognition systems:

Facial Recognition Market Size Worldwide in Selected Years from 2019 to 2028
Facial Recognition Market Size Worldwide in Selected Years from 2019 to 2028

Finding Missing Children

Face recognition CCTV systems can be used to find missing children by allowing police to add a reference photo provided by the missing child’s parents and match it with past appearances of that face captured on video.

To find the time and location where the child has been declared missing, the police will use face recognition to search video sequences (video analytics).

In this way, the police can find out where the child was last seen. A real-time alert can trigger an alarm whenever there is a match.

In 2018, Delhi police traced 3,000 missing children using the facial recognition system.

Track Criminals

Using the same face recognition CCTV systems, police can track past criminals suspected of committing a crime.

Police can use the image of past criminals from their database to detect matches in live video.

Help the Blind

Listerine has developed a face recognition app that helps blind people. The app recognizes when the people around the blind person are smiling and vibrating.

This can help blind people better understand social situations and react in a better way.

Track College Attendance

Facial recognition can be used to track college attendance. Currently, to track attendance in college, students need to sign an attendance sheet.

But, the loophole here is that any student can sign for another student who is bunking the class.

Facial recognition ensures that attendance is recorded properly by tracking every student's face. In China, tablets are used to scan students' faces and match their photos against the database.

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Unlock Cars

We have already seen electric cars but, did you imagine unlocking your cars with simple face recognition? China’s Byton has revealed a concept where users will be able to unlock their cars using face recognition.

In the future, the door handles or the engine will remain locked until the registered user sits in the car.

Diagnose Diseases

DiGeorge Syndrome Diagnosis - Uses of Facial Recognition System
DiGeorge Syndrome Diagnosis - Uses of Facial Recognition System

Diseases that cause detectable changes in appearance can be diagnosed by the facial recognition system. This helps the healthcare industry experts to detect certain diseases in the early stage.

The National Human Genome Institute Research Institute is already using the facial recognition system to detect DiGeorge syndrome. It has helped diagnose the disease in 96% of cases.

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Targeted Advertising

Advertising is a make-or-break thing for any brand. If the advertisements resonate with the consumer then the conversion rates will eventually rise.

Facial recognition can help brands suggest better products to consumers after knowing their age and gender.

Airport Boarding

At present many airlines are using onboard facial recognition technology. More than 15 airports have face-matching systems in the US to help speed up the boarding process. Trials have taken place at Los Angeles airports among many others. In fact, this technology is making a lot of buzz in Europe too.

Recently, on the occasion of the 75th Independence day, the facial recognition system for passenger verification was launched in Delhi and Bengaluru airports.

A beta version of the DigiYatra was launched for android users where the app will automate passenger entry and verification at all touchpoints – airport entry, security check and boarding gate.


In the near future, the facial recognition system will become a necessity in marketing, hospitals, banks, and everywhere else. Biometrics technology has a lot of power and can revolutionize many things. It can make our lives easy and help speed up all the time-consuming things. As you can see from the above examples, the possibilities to use this technology are endless. Things that we used to see in the movies can now become a reality.


How does a facial recognition system work?

A facial recognition system tracks your facial features and compares them with a database of photographs and videos.

How is facial recognition being used today?

The facial recognition system is used to track criminals, unlock cars, find missing persons and in targeted ads.

What are the problems with facial recognition?

Privacy concerns, lack of transparency and data breaches are some of the concerns related to facial recognition.

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