5 Best Time & Attendance Software in 2022

5 Best Time & Attendance Software in 2022
Best Time & Attendance Software

Companies and HR departments utilise time & attendance software to make time tracking easier. These solutions automate the calculation of all hours worked and vacation time, holidays, sick days, and overtime to manage company time and attendance data. Clocks, the web, tablets, and phones, to name a few, are all options for logging in and out with time and attendance software. Additional capabilities, like scheduling and visibility into overtime causes and patterns, may be available with some solutions. Meanwhile, some time and attendance software include employee self-service portals that allow employees to see full timecard details.

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There are numerous platforms to pick from and multiple services to choose from. Let's take a look at five different times and attendance software.

5 Best Time & Attendance Software

  1. OnTheClock
  2. Time Tracker by eBillity
  3. When I Work
  4. Replicon's Time and Attendance Software
  5. StratusTime


5 Best Time & Attendance Software

Here are listed some of the best Time and Attendance Software with pricing.


OnTheClock - Best Time & Attendance Software
OnTheClock - Best Time & Attendance Software

Without breaching worker privacy, OnTheClock gives you complete access to where your techs or reps are in real-time and where they've been during the workday.

OnTheClock's GPS time clock allows your employees to check in and out of each working site using their mobile smartphone or an approved device. You can also use the breadcrumb feature to see if workers are keeping to their schedules and arriving at the job location on time. You may also use geofencing to ensure that employees only clock in when they are physically present at the place and drop pins for punch-in locations for jobs that are more remote or in-between areas.

Plus, with custom-defined employee roles, you can make it easy for your team members who wear multiple hats in the field to swap jobs without clocking out.

OnTheClock Pricing

  • 1–2 employees: $0.00 (free)
  • 3–10 employees: $3.50 per month per employee
  • 11–25 employees: $3.45 per month per employee
  • 26–50 employees: $3.40 per month per employee
  • 51–100 employees: $3.35 per month per employee
  • 101–200 employees: $3.30 per month per employee
  • 201–300 employees: $3.25 per month per employee
  • 301–400 employees: $3.20 per month per employee
OnTheClock - Best Time & Attendance Software

Time Tracker by eBillity

eBillity's Time Tracker - Best Time & Attendance Software
eBillity's Time Tracker - Best Time & Attendance Software

eBillity's Time Tracker is a time tracking software for time management, payroll, and billing. The software promises to automate the time management process by allowing employees to clock in and out using digital time cards that the employees may utilise from numerous locations. It will enable you to schedule breaks easily and update timesheets, allowing you to make adjustments before submitting them for payroll. Managers can also use GPS tracking to track their employees' whereabouts.

The system is cloud-based and accessible via the web or mobile apps for Android and iOS. It also creates automatic backups to ensure that you don't lose your data if your internet connection is lost.

Managers and business owners can use analytics to run reports to assess efficiency and effectiveness.

There's also a billing and invoicing function to automate spending and interact with Stripe for payment processing. Several connectors support this and the possibility to offer legal document services.

There is a standard fee per user for the basic time management plan. However, there is an additional charge if you want to use the billing service. There is a 14-day free trial available as well.

Time Tracker Pricing

Time Tracker: $7.5 with a $12.5 per month base fee ($6 with a $ 10-month base fee if billed annually).

Time Tracker + billing: $12.5 with a $22.5 per month base fee ($10 with an $ 18-month base fee if billed annually).

Liability: $30 per month with no base fee ($24 with $ 0-month base fee if billed annually).

When I Work

When I Work - Best Time & Attendance Software
When I Work - Best Time & Attendance Software

When I Work is a tool that attempts to make time management and payroll as simple as possible. It is cloud-based, allowing convenient access via an Android or iOS smartphone app. And, what's more, it has a couple of highly appealing characteristics.

One of these is that, while the app allows for clocking in and out, When I Work geofences, this only works in a specific location, requiring an employee to be physically present. It also sends out reminders to employees if they forget to log out, which helps avoid misunderstandings and errors that might impact payroll.

A typical scheduling tool is also available to manage shifts, organise overtime, approve time-off requests, and keep track of spending.

Then there's a communications platform built-in, so managers and staff can talk confidentially about shift availability and scheduling.

When I Work Pricing

When I Work costs $2 per user for the first 100 users. A customised Enterprise plan can be created for groups of more than 100 users.

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Replicon's Time and Attendance Software

Replicon's Time and Attendance software - Best Time & Attendance Software
Replicon's Time and Attendance software - Best Time & Attendance Software

Replicon's Time and Attendance software are one of the company's many productivity and efficiency software platforms. It's aimed particularly for companies with a dispersed staff that would be difficult to manage with a single system. This covers full and part-time employees and remote employees, contractors, and field workers, who may all be handled through a centralised cloud system.

The service can handle all aspects of time monitoring, including clocking in and out, taking breaks, and tracking activities. It also handles absence management, including a self-service time-off option, shift assignments and scheduling, and availability.

Everything can be brought together for payroll, even if pay and tax codes differ, making team productivity and labour expenses easier to manage.

Employees can request shift changes and raise questions via a mobile app managed via a web portal. A chatbot is included in the communications platform to talk through availability and eligibility and answer basic queries as needed.

Replicon's Time and Attendance Software Pricing

There is a free trial, but the costs and plans are not fixed and have not been disclosed by the company.

Time and Attendance software by Replicon

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StratusTime - Best Time & Attendance Software
StratusTime - Best Time & Attendance Software

Nettime Solutions' StratusTime attendance management technology strives to provide accurate hours logging for salaries and time-keeping. It can be accessed from any device because it is a cloud-based solution. Stratustime is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from cellphones to office computers. Stratustime is adaptable, with plans and services for businesses of all sizes. This means it can scale with your company as it expands and hires additional staff.

Employees can log in and clock in in various ways, including the typical single-point kiosk or several point-of-service systems on the shop floor. You can also track employees and their hours worked and wages due to recognise and resolve any possible issues swiftly.

The system connects with various HR and payroll software systems, making it simple to guarantee that data is collected and transferred as needed. Prime Pay, Execupay, Ascentis, Abra, Pensoft, and ADP are some of the payroll systems it works with.

The benefit is that manual data entry is reduced to a minimum by automating as much as possible.

StratusTime Pricing

Stratustime is relatively reasonable, even though the exact costs and plans aren't disclosed on the internet. Employees can be paid as little as $4 per month. You can cancel if you're unhappy at any moment because there are no long-term contracts.

Stratustime - Time and Attendance Software


A small startup team's time and attendance requirements and a mid-market company with 100 workers are not the same. It's critical to pick an appropriate solution for your company's size.

There are numerous factors to consider in this situation. Some systems bill you based on the number of people on your team. You might even have to pay extra for items like key FOBs and ID cards.

If you're starting with a small firm, make sure you pick a system that will scale with you as your company grows. You won't have to switch plans as you hire more staff or open more locations this way.


What are the benefits of time and attendance software?

Time and Attendance software are used to ensure accuracy of employee's time and attendance, leaves, and absence requests.

Which are the Best Time & Attendance Software in 2022?

Some of the Best Time & Attendance Software in 2022 are:

  • OnTheClock
  • Time Tracker by eBillity
  • When I Work
  • Replicon's Time and Attendance Software
  • StratusTime

Is there a free version of When I work?

When I Work offers a fully featured, free 14-day trial.

What is Replicon Time and Attendance application?

Replicon's Time Intelligence Platform offers solutions for Time & Attendance Tracking to improve operational productivity, performance, and profitability.

What is Stratustime?

Stratustime is a cloud-based software solution for time and attendance tracking. It also offers payroll integration.

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