Kapil Dev Backed Fantasy Sports Apne11: Everything You Need to know!

Kapil Dev Backed Fantasy Sports Apne11: Everything You Need to know!

The most important element of a business is the ideology sported by the entrepreneur. Now, as the Indian startup circuit is one of the most challenging and popular startup ecosystems, your ideas must have the kick to make it to the bigger stage.

Also, apart from that, your company should be backed up by investors and venture capitals who have faith in you. This faith can act as the catalyst for your company to achieve the fame and name it deserves.

Talking about uniqueness, Apne11 is a new entrant in the country’s fantasy gaming space and has been taking giant strides in the startup ecosystem. Let us find out what makes Kapil Dev backed fantasy sports Apne11, one of its kind!

Apne11 - Quick Facts

Startup Name Apne11
Headquarter Delhi, India
Industry Sports
Founder Mr. Rahul Sethi
Founded 2017
Parent Organization Innovative Play International Pvt. Ltd.

The Apne11 Story
An Insight Into Apne11
Taking Up Important Decisions in Apne11
Apne11’s Story as an Inspiration

The Apne11 Story

Till 2018, Mr. Rahul Sethi was devoting all his time to set up a family-run casino business in the Indian state of Sikkim. While controlling his family’s business, he noticed that there was an exponential rise in the use of mobile game use. It was more of an addiction in the country and was ever-increasing as the technology sector has been taking giant strides. Soon after setting up the company, he shifted to New Delhi to launch his own mobile company, and hence, the rest is history!

The work on a new company started by mid-2018 and he got together with a small team to set up a gaming app. The gameplay was designed and the team of Apne11 launched the first version of the apne11 app in June 2019.

According to him, observing the growth of mobile-based multi-player games, he realized that he wanted to get into the circuit of mobile game entrepreneurship.
Success Story of
Apne11 Logo

So, Apne11 is a multiplayer, mobile-based fantasy game that is based on real-life international cricket matches. Now, one might wonder why did he opt for cricket as the base sport, well in India, the game of cricket is no less than religion and people can do anything for the love of the game. The rise of cricket in the modern era can be credited to the popularity of the game in India. So, even though it remains a dream for many people to represent their country, Apne11 brings a platform where they can experience the thrill by playing the game via mobile.

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An Insight Into Apne11

The culture of fantasy games has taken giant strides during recent days and the team of Apne11 has opted to target this area to take the maximum advantage of the popularity of fantasy-based games.

As per Sethi, the era of playing fantasy games came into the country around four years ago and there are mainly two to three types of skilled games in the country that are gaining the attraction of the public.

The users of Apne11 have to make their cricket team by choosing the sports persons of their pool of real-world crickets. The users of Apne11 can either opt for a practice match or can go for cash contests that require the user to enter with a specific sum of money and they get a chance to earn a mega cash prize.

Users can earn real and mega cash prize in Apne11

When a user pays an entry fee, he or she gets a fixed amount of credits to spend on purchasing members to set up his team. The credit score of each player depends upon his performance in the recent match. As these games are based on a real-life sporting event, the fantasy sports players can earn points depending on how their chosen player performs in the given match. Well, it seems interesting, isn’t it? It is very much clear that the concept adopted by the team of Apne11 is very much unique and may perform excellently in the upcoming years.

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Taking Up Important Decisions in Apne11

According to Sethi, fantasy games are not only luck-based games, it requires a complete idea of the game and what is going on in a particular sport. To be precise, apart from taking big manes into your team, you also need to have a clear knowledge about his or her form.

To attract people towards the platform, the team of Apne11 has roped in former Indian captain Kapil Dev as its brand ambassador.

As per the company, it has disbursed over INR 5 million in wins to winning players among its 50,000 registered users.

The mobile-based games which require skills and allows winners to earn real money have gained a lot of popularity during recent years. Apart from Apne11, there are few more companies like Dream 11 who have been one of the most popular names in the circuit.

Rahul Sethi with legend Kapil Dev

Taking about entering this circuit, Sethi has cited that there are many real money fantasy gaming companies in India. But, the main reason he decided to launch a company in this market is that India is a huge country and competition is always on in every sphere of the startup circuit. With tough competition from deep-pocketed players, Sethi is looking forward to target users from tier two, three, and four cities where these companies have yet to leave a mark. Thus, the fantasy-based gaming circuit can be a good form of entertainment that helps people to earn actual money.

Apart from cricket, the team aims to launch new games and the next sport the team aims at is football! Presently, the company is making small changes to ensure that more and more people can make money on the platform. The team of Apne11 had made some changes such that few contestants are competing against each other. Hence, there is a huge scope of earning money on Apne11 if the user has his or her basics cleared.

Apne11’s Story as an Inspiration

Now, if you wish to have a mark on the startup circuit, then your company has to be unique. Therefore, Apne11’s ideas and the concept have helped the team to rise amongst the ranks and now, many people are considering it as the next big thing in the startup circuit!


What is Apne11?

Apne11 is a multiplayer, mobile-based fantasy game that is based on real-life international cricket matches.

Who is the founder of Apne11?

Rahul Sethi

Which is best fantasy app?

Apne11 and Dream11

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