Flyrobe Business Model: How Does Flyrobe Make Money?

Flyrobe Business Model: How Does Flyrobe Make Money?

Indians never fail to amuse themselves with their traditional attire, especially in ethnic wear on occasions or events. On the other hand, wearing such clothes costs like anything in this world, even if you are wearing them for one day or keeping them permanently.

That's why Flyrobe has made a favourable store by conferring rental dresses at affordable prices. Besides that, customers can buy the products by paying the full settlement.

Flyrobe - About
Flyrobe - Products and Services
Flyrobe - Target Audience
Flyrobe - Business Model
What Is Unique About Flyrobe’s Business Model?
How Does Flyrobe Make Money?

Flyrobe - About

Flyrobe is an online rental clothing company for men and women. Instead of owning a one lakh dress for a one-day occasion, renting it at an affordable rate would do wonders. Flyrobe sells handmade ethnic wear of the RIB brand and charges fare only on the rental dresses but they ask you to pay extra if you exceed the specified due date.

On the other note, there are no delivery fees or transportation charges and also the company grants one more expedient to the customers where the required product delivers within 3 hours.

Notably, Flyrobe is an online clothing portal that sells as well as rents western attire, ethnic, accessories, designers, and men’s and women’s collections which was launched in 2015 by Pranay Surana, Tushar Saxena, and Shreya Mishra.

Currently, the business is planning to open 30  branches in different cities to dilate their services in the country. The company is operating in 10 major cities in India and has two offline stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Delhi.

Flyrobe - Products and Services

Flyrobe is known for its Ethnic attire, which is made by its handcrafted RIB brand. Subsidiarily, The company sells branded clothes such as Zara, Armani, GLITZ, Sabyasachi, DIOR, etc. to the customers.

Flyrobe also sells designer collections, and accessories like sunglasses, bracelets, rings, and chains. Furthermore, Flyrobe offers party dresses, lehengas, sherwani, tuxedos, and other branded collections.

Flyrobe Website
Flyrobe Website

Flyrobe comes up amazingly with its new arrivals of handcrafted dresses which are given as rentals at a reasonable price. In case you are buying such dresses from Flyrobe, it is said that it costs an arm and a leg.

The store also touts celebrities' look outfits and renowned designer's outfits, whereas Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Singha, Parineeti Chopra, and others have played a part in the growth of Flyrobe.

Flyrobe - Target Audience

Every woman admires herself when it comes to traditional wear, so it is highly recommended for the age group 20 to 40 years, who love to wear ethnic attire to any occasion to amuse others with their classy look. So Flyrobe targets women majorly by selling or renting women’s collections at a pragmatic price.

Flyrobe - Business Model

Unlike other clothing companies, Flyrobe renders their clothes in rental to the customers at a cheaper rate. They rent the on-demand product for a four to eight days period and charge no delivery fees. But if the specified rental period became due, then the customers are asked to send an email to the company in requisition for the dilatory.

It is saddening when one buys an expensive dress for 50 thousand rupees but wears it only for a one-day event. That’s why Flyrobe sounds good when expensive clothes are available for rent at an affordable rate to the customers for 4 to 8 days without delivery charges.

What Is Unique About Flyrobe’s Business Model?

Being on top of its game, Flyrobe uses unique ideas that make them stand apart from its competitors. Some of the ideas used by Flyrobe are:

No delivery charges

Flyrobe provides an excellent service to its customers by way of free pick up and delivery to the address provided by the customer. This is one of the few reasons why Flyrobe is popular among its competitors and customers likewise. The delivery of western clothing within 3 hours with no pickup and delivery charges was coveted by the customers of Flyrobe.

Services offered in 16 major cities

Flyrobe offers its service in 16 major Indian cities: Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Agra.

Rented outfits at a cheap price

The very reason why Flyrobe is favored is because of renting good quality ethnic and western wear at a cheap price affordable to people. This allows people who would want a lehenga for a 3-day function to not spend a fortune on buying a lehenga but also wear one that makes a statement.

Offers a wide range of clothing from top designers

Who wouldn’t love wearing a lehenga from the maker of Anushka Sharma’s wedding lehenga and not having to sell their kidney in the process? Flyrobe offers ethnic and western clothing from top designers like Sabyasachi, Zara, Armani GLITZ, Dior, etc. to its customers and has multiple partnerships with several agencies and designers.

Online and In-store presence

Flyrobe’s online reputation across 16 Indian cities at a reasonable rate of rent for a minimum of four days has customers crowding their site. Customers who want to make alterations to the dress can visit their stores and get a fitting done for no cost.

How Does Flyrobe Make Money?

Flyrobe is gaining much recognition with different types of audiences favouring its concept. Flyrobe makes money in more than one pattern. The majority of the revenue collected by Flyrobe comes from its online sales. As per its founders, 65% of revenue is collected from its online sales.

Apart from that, Flyrobe charges a commission from its sellers on each successful renting and purchase. There is also the option of a subscription plan available for its users which provides additional benefits to the user.

On the other hand, Flyrobe charges a fixed amount from then in return for the subscription model. Flyrobe also earns its revenue from the advertisements provided on its platform.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Successful Target Marketing
Target marketing, by simple definition, is segmenting customers into groups of those with similar needs and preferences and focusing your marketing efforts on them. In doing this, you’re able to tailor your marketing campaign to reach them in a language and method they can identify with. It’s one


Flyrobe’s unique idea created an industry that is thriving and profitable. It is well received among those people who would love to wear high-end fashionable ethnic wear to marriages and functions as these are celebrated as grand festivities in India but can’t afford to purchase them for a one-time affair.

And the ability to wear International branded western wear for rent is an option that is positively tempting to those who love fashion. The largest rental platform’s presence in 16 major cities in India and the offline stores only help in increasing the reach of Flyrobe among masses of people who are planning a budget wedding dress.    


What is Flyrobe?

Flyrobe is a startup focused on fashion-based products which allow them to be rented and purchased. Majorly, it is an apparel-based renting platform.

Who started Flyrobe?

Flyrobe was started by Shreya Mishra, Tushar Saxena, and Pranay Surana in 2015.

Can I rent my clothes on Flyrobe?

Yes, Flyrobe allows easy renting of individuals' clothes on its platform. One can easily rent their clothes on Flyrobe until and unless the dress meets all the eligibility criteria of the startup.

Is Flyrobe Profitable?

Flyrobe is a profitable business as its revenue collection has been noted to have significant growth over the years.

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