Productive Habits of Super Rich People

Ashwini Ashwini
May 19, 2021 8 min read
Productive Habits of Super Rich People
“You don’t decide your future. You decide your habits and your habits decide your future.”

Our habits essentially make us who we are, and what we are expected to be, by others as well as our own selves. And habits play a very important role determining how successful we are and will be with time. When a routine of behavior is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously, it defines a lot about that person’s personality, its motivations, its dedication, its laziness and its carelessness.  

Having good habits in our behavior pattern is important if we consider a rational perspective with the purpose of having a meaningful life. Our willpower, self-discipline, and willingness to take actions act as a stimuli in the development of an individual’s personality and in result giving them an optimism outlook. So it is important that all the small things we do on a daily basis are done in the best way possible. A guide of a super-rich person might come in handy.

We have also covered startups from Pune, Nagpur and other major cities of India.

Successful Habits of The Super Rich

Successful Habits of The Super Rich

A To-Do List

A “to-do” list is made usually a night before, and successful people are known well for writing theirs so that they are able to set goals. Goals can be big or small and make a list of priorities the activities for the coming day. Such list helps in minimal wastage of time and productive outcomes and a satisfactory feeling at the end of the day.

Generally it has a limited number of pointers, around 6 to 8, and the key is to jot down all the ideas and think about them. Then break down tasks and prioritize, in order to accomplish wider goals. This is one of the simplest habits to be developed and is one of the most effective.

Richard Branson insists on carrying a pen and notepad at all times. It eliminates chances of making mistakes and missing out on opportunities to generate income.
Wake Up Early.

Most wealthy people get out of bed early. Richard Branson, former President Barack Obama, Tim Cook, Larry Schultz; they are all known to be early risers. Waking up early attributes to their success, as they are able to start their days ahead of everyone else and responding to others, devoting time on physical health, and finding some personal time. People who wake up early tend to be happier and are more productive.

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Daily Exercise Routine and Healthy Diet

A healthy mind exists in a healthy body. Doing exercise on a daily basis helps a lot in terms of getting into a healthy state. It isn’t about getting those abs or cuts, it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle can work wonders, and if you also maintain a healthy diet it helps to achieve a state of being where you feel good inside out. It significantly improves your health, energy and that results in increasing efficiency. You are able to make better decisions. When you feel good inside, you are able to express it to the world by being positive and optimistic. Rich people spend around six hours a week exercising, compared to the average person’s two and a half hours a week. Health is wealth, and it takes on a more literal meaning when it comes to super-rich.

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Cutting Down the Television dosage and Investing in Reading

You will rarely see a rich and wealthy person talking about their favorite reality TV shows. Statistically 86% of rich people love and enjoy reading. And only 67% watch TV for one hour or less per day. Reading plays a vital role in the development of an individual, it covers the areas:
1) gaining a wider knowledge
2) having a more educated perspective on workings of the world
3) reasoning and rational side improves

And this all lead to better decisions being made, more beneficial conduct of activities (personal or business) and a tremendous increase in self-improvement. Reading also helps in a more confident outlook towards any problem that comes your way, you are able to deal with it with more understanding about the same. Of course, it is only one of the many ways reading comes as a measure or betterment of your individual personality, there are many such others.

But the essential reason being that most of the super-rich people know what they are talking about, and the knowledge wasn’t inherited in them at the time of their birth but absorbed through the ways of words – in books, journals, newspapers and other such reading aids.

Successful people tend to choose educational books and publications over novels, tabloids, and magazines. And in particular they obsess over biographies and autobiographies of other successful people for guidance and inspiration.

Save, Spend and Invest on yourself

“There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself. It is the best investment you can make; you can never go wrong with it. It is the true way to improve yourself to be the best version of you and lets you be able to best serve those around you.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

The essence of this ideology is that you need to put a certain percentage of your income aside for yourself, save it and invest it for yourself. This means that you have to save for your own future before you pay for anything else. It could mean that you are investing in a retirement plan for example, or an amount saved for a prospective business idea that you have.

Saving a small portion at every consistent time period pays of at the time of a considerably old age. It will certainly make your golden years more comfortable and relaxing. It is important to earn profits and get the resources to yield even more profits, but it is also important to prioritize yourself first as being independent is vital when it comes to living a lavish lifestyle for years to come.

Keeping Yourself Busy

Rich and wealthy people who are successful in their fields are seldom idle. They work productive hours and even more, they have no time to waste. The brain power is used at exponential rates and therefore procrastinating is far away from their routine.

Elon Musk works for an astonishing 80-100 hours per week and says, “That is the type of work ethic and entrepreneur needs to have.” Keeping yourself engaged in work is a sign of a dedicated hard worker, it means you strive to accomplish your goals and are not trying to stop anytime soon. It keeps you motivated, when the results come in, the sales increase, the brand is expanding and your business is reaching heights.

Take Time To Think

Now it might come as little bit contrary to our previous point, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that in order to be successful you shouldn’t be hesitant in taking a time out to think. It is very common that a successful person gets caught into the rat race of work.

This leads to a negative impact as it decreases your creativity and that results in less intelligent ideas and strategies for the business. So it is very important to take a few minutes, or hours, or consecutive days to sit down and think about your goals and meditate. Use that time period to see what you’re doing, what needs to be improved, how you will achieve those goals and so on and so forth.

"It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to f ear to do wrong"
-Abraham Lincolm

Be Humble

Even Kendrick Lamar gives this advice, being humble is one the most common characteristics you will in super-rich and successful people. Bill Gates is one of the richest person in the world, and yet his outlook and way of giving a speech is full of ambition and yet it does not reflect a bit of arrogance or pride in his wealth.

Same is the case with Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, he appears to be a “regular guy” and surprisingly drives a Acura TSX which costs around $30,000 only, to which he reasons saying, “ it is safe, comfortable and not ostentatious.

A part of being super-rich is that you engage with masses, so psychological factors play a huge role. When people see a rich person, the automatic assumption is that they must be proud and arrogant about it. And that’s what differs in these super-rich people, they break this stereotype and genuinely apply being humble as a part of their personality. Humbleness and kindness generally comes hand in hand, and people trust these traits more and therefore don’t hesitate to rely on them. And with mass support and goodwill in market, being super-rich is not that hard.

So, we hope this list of habits of super rich people will help you to start your journey. This list is guidance to develop few good habits in you. Hope, this list is helpful.

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What is a rich person mindset?

A Rich mindset seeks to spend their time, resources, and energy on work that continues to pay off long after the effort has been invested. A Rich mindset is all about getting a flywheel spinning. Building momentum. Creating systems that continue to generate value on their own.

What habits do wealthy people have?

Some Rich people habits :-

  • Rich people always have a vision
  • Rich people have productive routines
  • Rich people are results-driven
  • Rich people admit when they don't know
  • Rich people don't work for money

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