Health Revolution: Changing the Dynamics of the Healthcare Industry

Health Revolution: Changing the Dynamics of the Healthcare Industry

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The health industry has bloomed post-pandemic. There were many reasons for this. One of such reason was the blind trust of people in the medicines and their approach after surviving the pandemic.

However, when we talk about reality, medicines are not the only way a person can heal. Healing comes from within. With the same thought, Dr. Anoop Kumar started a health and wellness startup that can help people view their own path of healing.

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Health Revolution - Company Highlight

Company Name Health Revolution
Founded 2022
Founders Dr. Anoop Kumar and Ms. Sreesha Sreenivasan
Headquarters Washington, DC
Industry Healthtech/Healthcare, Health and Wellness

Health Revolution - About
Health Revolution - Industry
Health Revolution - Founders and Team
Health Revolution - Startup Story
Health Revolution - Mission and Vision
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Health Revolution - Business and Revenue Model
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Health Revolution - Challenges Faced
Health Revolution - Future Plans

Health Revolution - About

Started by Anoop Kumar and Sreesha Sreenivasan, Health Revolution is focused on revolutionizing the way the health industry works. The startup is focused on introducing the natural healing techniques and experiences of already healed people to the world through its programs.

They use four basic aspects of health which are nutrition, movement, connection, and rest in their techniques for the healing purpose.

The company is registered in Delaware, USA, and has team members segregated in the US and in India. They are in a pre-revenue stage as they have created an MVP which will launch on Jan 2, 2023.

Health Revolution - Industry

The global healthcare market size was estimated at USD 2.2 Billion in 2021. It is also expected to expand at a CAGR of 21.92% for the next few years. It is estimated to reach up to USD 7.3 Billion in 2027.

When we talk about the future of the healthcare industry after five years as per the belief of the Health Revolution team. It can be predicted that the healthcare and wellness industries might get merged. The reason behind merging can be the belief of people that health and healing happen where they are and it is not important to be present at a clinic or a hospital.

Startup "Health Revolution" is focusing on crumbling the barriers to healing through their knowledge of four engines named Nutrition, Connection, Movement, and Rest. In the time span of the next five years, they are looking toward capturing the vernacular language market by introducing their programs in Spanish and Hindi languages.

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Health Revolution - Founders and Team

The Health Revolution was founded by Dr. Anoop Kumar and Ms. Sreesha Sreenivasan.

Dr. Anoop Kumar

Dr. Anoop Kumar - CEO and Co-founder of Health Revolution
Dr. Anoop Kumar - CEO and Co-founder of Health Revolution

Dr. Anoop Kumar is the subject matter expert and the CEO of the Health Revolution. He had been working on solutions and ways to resolve the deep-rooted misconceptions revolving within the medical industry which were causing harm and creating a REAL EMERGENCY in the whole world including the US.

Dr. Anoop Kumar is also a media person and has appeared on many podcasts and interviews, especially with Dr. Deepak Chopra. He was also closely associated with the Chopra Centre in the US. Dr. Anoop Kumar is also the author of two books named Is this a Dream and Michelangelo’s Medicine.

Ms. Sreesha Sreenivasan

Ms. Sreesha Sreenivasan - Co-founder of Health Resolution
Ms. Sreesha Sreenivasan - Co-founder of Health Resolution

Ms. Sreesha Sreenivasan was then the Administrative Founder and Director of La Femme Hospital in Bangalore. She was also undergoing grappling and distraught on seeing the utter chaos, confusion, and disillusionment in the lives of those who visited a hospital obviously not out of choice.

Her quest to find solutions, and resolve the angst of the ones who were suffering, led her to constructive conversations with Dr. Anoop.

Health Revolution startup has a few mentors associated with it named Daniel Rovira, Patri Hernandez, and Richard Rekhy.

Health Revolution - Startup Story

The base for the startup somewhere came from the past experiences and observations of both its co-founder.

Dr. Anoop Kumar’s journey started in childhood when he was exposed to ancient texts on Medicines and Vedas, This soon was given a science-backed understanding as he went through his Medical Studies and Management training.

As he embarked on the role of an ER physician, he soon witnessed the realities of Healthcare. This led him to witness and come face to face with several myths and deep-set misunderstandings in the world of Health.

The co-founder of the company Ms.Sreesha Sreenivasan had witnessed the stress that an average human being feels on entering a hospital. This happened during her tenure as Director of La Femme Hospital.

She wanted power and clarity for each who was burdened/confused/disillusioned when seeking recovery or understanding their own ailments. She wanted the power of recovery to go back to the hands of the sick, and not be helpless in the world of Healthcare.

They researched the idea for Jumpstart through their exposure to clinical and administrative practice for over two decades. It has been validated through interviews with dozens of guests on the Healing Is Possible podcast, private consultations, and through their MVP.

Dr. Kumar has also worked very closely with Dr. Deepak Chopra and has conducted impactful programs for the Chopra Centre which were very well received.

Initially, they spoke with many accomplished industry leaders and domain experts who were inspired by the idea and offered their advice in support of the venture. A few of them are Annurag Batra, Richard Rekhy, Sagar Rajagopal, Daniel Rovira, Bill Dolan, Rakesh Godhwani, and more.

Health Revolution - Mission and Vision

Health Revolution is a health tech startup. The Founder and CEO of this disruptive startup had the vision to bust all myths surrounding the Healthcare ecosystem. In a world where we are helpless in the hands of Doctors, Hospitals, and clinics, he wants each and every human to understand that healing is human, the power is within.

At times the simplest of facts get lost while complicated facts become accepted norms. This is the inversion of the narrative he wants to achieve through his flagship and of its kind program "Health Jumpstart".

The objective and vision are humongous: To make every individual aware that healing and discovering the frontiers of human potential begin with activating the Four Engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest–which are the Primary Medicine available to all of us–and not by automatically following the beaten path of pills and surgeries.

The two enthusiastic founders of Health Revolution were intent on getting a revolution into the Healthcare industry. They had entered the foray with the clear vision of altering the dynamics and equation in the highly corporatized world of Health care. Revolution was what they were intent on getting, health is the industry into which they have ventured, thus the name Health Revolution.

The years of research, application, and evidence were enough to signify that their flagship program would unleash HEALTH in all, thus Health was to get a jumpstart! Hence, the program was named Health Jumpstart.

Health Revolution - Business and Revenue Model


Health Revolution works on a profit-based business model. They offer paid online courses which people can attend from all over the world and take charge of their own health and healing. These courses are priced reasonably between $200/INR 12000 for a 4-week course which can explain in detail the basics of true health.

Dr. Kumar has worked extensively with Dr. Deepak Chopra in the US. And in India, they are looking towards partnering with corporations for their employee wellness initiatives.

Health Revolution - Products and Services

People are unnecessarily suffering because they do not recognize the power they have to heal and develop their potential. Healthcare maintains a state of disease in our society by marketing disease management as health.

There is no clarity on the relationships among disease, health, healing, wellness, and well-being. There is no consistent, clear, compelling program available in multiple languages and reaching billions of people that teach the powerful fundamentals of health, healing, and human potential.

The startup has invented multiple theories and techniques to help out humans with diseases. Their innovations are as follows:

  • The Four Engines - A clear, consistent, and compelling approach to health and healing that encompasses the health knowledge from both ancient and modern cultures alike.
  • Mind-Body-Flow Theory - This is a combined application of philosophy, introspective practice, and science that helps people directly recognize and apply the connection of mind and body to heal.
  • Meta-Map - A cross-disciplinary vision emphasizing that the approaches of apparently discrete fields like disease management, healthcare, healing, wellness, and spirituality are in fact nothing but the Four Engines in varied forms. In other words, by simply activating your Four Engines, you will reap the benefits of many discrete fields that have otherwise fractured health into different compartments.

Health Jumpstart

Health Revolution - Health Jumpstart Course
Health Revolution - Health Jumpstart Course

It is their key product, it is a 4-week online program that helps people create their own path to health and healing by focusing on the Four Engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest. Each day of the week, participants receive a video teaching them about the topic for the day, as well as a practice they can use to experience a change in their lives.

Along with this, they participate in two live sessions weekly. Each week is taught by a dedicated instructor specializing in that field, along with Dr. Kumar who is overseeing the program. By the end of the 4 weeks, participants will have a taste of the power they have to heal and continue their journey, along with a unique map and practice that they themselves have created through the program.

The second program created by them will be a B2B package focusing on mental health issues. It was created after the deep observation by the founders regarding misconceptions of the mind. The program will focus on the concept of the Mind Theory. It will allow the applicants to have clarity and power in their own mental well-being.

As for the platforms, associated with the startup, they have a youtube channel called Healing is Possible that shares stories of people who have healed from apparently incurable health conditions. Other than that they also have a Wix site and other few other social media channels.

Health Revolution - User Acquisition and Growth

Getting the first 100 customers is a big task for every new startup. The same task was faced by Health Revolution too. Which, they tackled easily and gain a name for their platform in the market. The biggest strike they had was when Dr. Anoop Kumar was invited to some of the major podcasts.

From there enrollment for the program started. This initiated the organic method of publicity that is through word of mouth. Some other methods that helped the firm gain customers were from the YouTube Channel of Dr. Anoop Kumar named "Healing is Possible" Channel and through social media networks.

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Health Revolution - Challenges Faced

Tackling the current mindset of the people who have lost faith in their own healing power was the biggest challenge for Health Revolution Startup founders. In India, the problem is not as big as people still believe in home remedies and Ayurveda, etc, however, in the US, it is a challenge where the bigger part of the population is dependent on Complementary Medicine pills and surgeries for their healthcare solutions.

The best example can be taken from the anecdote, that there was a time when no one believed that the Earth was round, but in the present world, it is widely accepted and believed. Similarly, the misplaced emphasis on Pills and surgeries too shall give way to the importance of real Primary Medicine and that is the activated 4 engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest.

It was a big challenge for the team that has to be tackled with good proof. To tackle it, the team of Health Revolution started with a discussion around the topic. As they believed that conversations and Stories are the catalysts to bring forth the most radical revolution of the decade, and that is forever changing the dynamics of Healthcare

Health Revolution - Future Plans

With the goal of flipping the narrative on what exactly health is, the future plans of the Health revolution include:

  • Partnering with major employers and organizations to offer True Health programs for their employees.
  • Opening a center for healing and understanding where offline programs will be offered.
  • Liaising with medical universities and the fraternity to include the whole human anatomy as part of the curriculum so diseases can be understood more completely and treatments can be more effective.
  • Offering clarity to all those who seek it in order to achieve their highest human potential.


The focus on personal health is an important fact that people sometimes misunderstand or get their trust attached to the wrong places. When we talk about the Indian population, they prefer to take help from health experts at crucial times. And some of the population also prefers to opt for alternate medicines.

Whereas when we consider the same thing from the US population, the majority of them are dependent on pills and surgeries for the healing path. The startup Health Revolution is focused on a different vision of health and healing.


Who is the founder of Health Revolution?

Health Revolution was founded by Dr. Anoop Kumar and Ms. Sreesha Sreenivasan.

What is Health Revolution?

Health Revolution is a healthcare startup focusing on revolutionizing the health industry by introducing the natural healing techniques and experiences.

What is the global market size of health and wellness industry?

The global market size of health and wellness industry is US$ 3,481.8 Billion for the year 2022.

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