8 Ways To Provide Better SaaS Customer Experience In 2022

8 Ways To Provide Better SaaS Customer Experience In 2022

โ€Œโ€Œโ€Œโ€Œโ€Œโ€ŒTraditionally, software was distributed in different forms such as through CDs and DVDs. These practices are used to cost the user and distributor the additional responsibility of installation and maintenance of the software.

The new alternative to this practice is to directly download a subscribed service by the means of the internet. They are termed SaaS. SaaS is a software distribution method that allows the end-users to directly purchase and download their needed software by the means of the internet.

SaaS has gained much hype in the last few years. Many different startups and companies are investing in SaaS for vivid reasons. Some sell their products by SaaS, or others use SaaS for improving their business. Irrespective of the need, creating a SaaS is a hectic job.

Imagine creating a SaaS product with such dedication. However, in the end, you are left with an almost negligible amount of customers acknowledging your efforts. The biggest fall for any product is through its customers. Customers are the biggest resources for success. Creating the best user experience for any SaaS developer is surely one of the major tasks.

There are a few tricks and tips one can try to implement for a better SaaS user experience. Some of them are:

Work Towards Creating a Good Impression

We all have heard and believed the proverb "First impression is the last impression". Creating better impactful landing pages can attract the attention of customers. On average, a visitor roughly spends about 10-20 sec on each webpage. These initial seconds are the time when a judgment is passed towards it. Creating an attractive and thoughtful landing page can surpass this period. Surpassing can increase the chance of converting a visitor into a customer.

Begin With Ease

The beginning is the first and most crucial step of any journey. Providing customers with an easy start can be more beneficial. There can be times when a SaaS product loses out their customers at the start only. This can be because of a complex starting procedure. It's best to keep the start simple and clear.

Starting with complex or time-consuming steps can irritate the customers. Even to sign in, it is best recommended to ask for needed information only at the start. As an alternative one can also add up the option of skipping unrequited formalities at the start.

Be Clear About Your SaaS Product

SaaS is a product brought by some amount. Before buying the product, no user has the proper acknowledgement of its services and tools. Not all products of the same field offer the same services. Customers buy the SaaS depending upon their requirements. Without actually having the idea of detailed work, a customer can't make a call. Giving out clear information on the subscription given by the amount and the tools made available will be a plus point for both sides.

Provide Clear Guidelines

New users might get stuck in some steps. Keeping clear and detailed guidelines for customers can make them grateful for the team. Guidelines can be in the form of a small tour of the service, it can be a video explaining any error, a pdf full of basic working, or a graph showing the next steps. Guiding users makes them feel valued. This is a great tactic for avoiding any negative comments about service.

Have an Open Communication System

There can be times when clients might feel stuck. And no possible solution is made available to them through any guide. At such times, they might feel the need to have direct contact. For such occasions, keeping one or two methods as a part of communication is recommended. It can be in the form of an email or any other similar service.

As much as it is important to provide clients with an immediate contacting option, it is also an essential part to answer them. For one to have better control over their customers, they should constantly reply and communicate with customers on all of their needed issues.

Follow Real Advice

Each service has a comment section below it. This is the place where one can easily track the accuracy of their made products. Be it grocery products or a SaaS product. It is best to keep track of given comments for a better understanding of the target audience and their needs. This can also avail the developers with the knowledge of their competitor's strategies.

Provide Improved Services Constantly

The purchased users are the ones who can attract more customers by their comments and feedback. It is important to provide them with satisfactory service. New implementations are required to be made now and then.

Developers should avail their SaaS users with new implementation as a part of the update. This update should also be explained and notified to the users by any possible means such as a message box or notification to their registered email.

Be Grateful

Showing gratitude to the SaaS users can alleviate their experience. Along with that, it can also make them a trusted client of your SaaS product. There are different options for making your users feel special.

Giving out any free service as an addition or providing them with a free trial of service for a limited period. All these can create a good impact on clients.

There are many practices one can implement for improving the user experience. The above-given examples are some of the most simple and needed implementations by markers.


SaaS (Software as a System) is the distribution of software by the means of the internet. Software as a service (SaaS) is one type of cloud computing along with Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS). SaaS works to deliver software to the client directly without the need for additional instalment and management of any software or hardware.

SaaS startups and products are gaining much hype recently. There are many factors affecting the success rate of SaaS products. One of them is their user experience.


How do you improve SaaS UX?

Provide Clear Guidelines, Provide Improved Services Constantly, and Be Clear About Your SaaS Product.

What are SaaS best practices?

Provide a better user experience, focus on personalization and compatibility with all devices.

What are the examples of SaaS?

Some of the most common examples of SaaS are Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.

What are some of the failed SaaS startups?

Some of the failed SaaS startups are Teamometer, RingDaddy, Habitual, etc.

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