An Insights Into An Investment Firm: Kae Capital

An Insights Into An Investment Firm: Kae Capital

The startup ecosystem in India is highly competitive. Now, with many people implementing their ideas and making it big on the greatest stage, many aspiring entrepreneurs fall short when it comes to achieving their dreams. With many venture capitals coming up in the past decade, they can be hopeful for a better future.

Amongst all the venture capitals that are making a buzz in the news related to startups and venture capitals, Kae capital is the one that is topping the charts. Well, let's have an insight into Investment Firm, Kae Capital to see how things work and what the company is all about!

Company Details - Kae Capital

Company Name Kae Capital
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Sector Finance
Founder Sasha Mirchandani
Founded 2010

Kae Capital - About
Kae Capital - The Team
Kae Capital - Venture Partners
Kae Capital - Funding
Kae Capital - Funding Details
Kae Capital - Recent Investments

Kae Capital - About

Kae Capital is a venture capital company that allows investors to finance startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential. They are a sector agnostic fund that invests in great teams that bring about innovative solutions for the existing gaps in markets. Their focus – investing in Innovation, Leadership and Growth.

Sasha Mirchandani, Founder, Kae Capital
Sasha Mirchandani, Founder, Kae Capital

Being a venture capital, Kae has risen through the ranks and has backed up the entrepreneurs during the initial stages of the startup. Now, with multiple companies coming up with great ideas, venture capitals like Kae are working tirelessly to ensure that each startup gets a chance to showcase its talents and revolutionize the startup sector. Well, it is safe to say that the Indian startup circuit needs much more venture capital like Kae Capital.

Know More About Kae Capital From Founder Itself

Kae Capital - The Team

When it comes to investing in a company, Kae capital also looks to invest its confidence in its founders. The team looks to engage with the startups on multiple fronts and bring in the team’s broad range of experiences and expertise to help the entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Kae Capital Logo
Kae Capital Logo

But, as per the team, it is the entrepreneurs who developed great companies and the team of Kae capital plays a supportive role in the development of the company. Hence, the success of a company depends upon a great partnership between the interpreters and the venture capitals.

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Kae Capital - Venture Partners

Vidushi Kamani

Well, before getting a note about the team, people should get to know about Vidushi Kamani. Ms. Vidushi is a venture partner with Kae Capital and has pursued her MBA in HR from XLRI. She had started her career at Accenture, where she was a part of the early team that set up the delivery center network across India between 2000-2005.

Vidushi Kamani | Kae Capital
Vidushi Kamani | Kae Capital

With the team, her last assignment was drawing up the leadership development agenda and a roadmap for the Indian business. Later in 2009, she was asked to come onboard Startup! There, as a director, her interest and focus were on working with social enterprises on their scale and growth challenges. In 2011, Vidushi exited Startup! And started working with the team at Varthana.

Gaurav Chaturvedi

Gaurav Chaturvedi | Kae Capital
Gaurav Chaturvedi | Kae Capital

Gaurav Chaturvedi is a Partner at Kae Capital. After completing his B.Tech in Mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay, Gaurav co-founded Thinklabs in 2006. The company went on to raise venture investment and became India’s leader in ‘STEM Experiential Learning’ serving hundreds of top schools across the country. In his ten years of entrepreneurial journey with Thinklabs, Gaurav directly managed business operations for the company. The company was acquired by strategic buyers in 2016 after which Gaurav continued to manage the business as CEO (of the fully owned subsidiary) for a year before exiting fully in 2017.

Navin Honagudi | Kae Capital
Navin Honagudi | Kae Capital

Navin Honagudi is a Partner at Kae Capital. Prior to joining Kae, Navin was with Reliance Venture Asset Management (RVAM) and served as the Board of Directors of Tessolve Services and Dhama Innovations and as Board Observer on Reverse Logistics, Suvidhaa Infoserve and Wellspring.  Prior to Reliance Venture Asset Management, he was working with Darashaw and Company Private Limited (DCPL) in the Investment banking division. While at DCPL he was involved in the end-to-end execution of mandates for public offers, private placement, loan syndication, etc for private and state-owned entities. Navin has a degree in MBA and Engineering from Mumbai University.

Kae Capital - Funding

Recently, Kae Capital had made the news when the team decided to raise a ₹100 crore fund to invest in portfolio companies of its first fund. The company has fully deployed its first fund of $25 million raised in 2012 and its second fund of $53 million which was raised in 2017 and was backed by Small Industries Bank of India, Deep Karla, and Kris Gopalkrishnan and others have exhausted about 70% of the capital.

As per the founder and managing director Mr. Sasha Mirchandani, the company had run out of money to back their Fund to the companies and thus they had raised another fund in 2019.

The company’s second fund has invested in Hiver, a shared inbox management solution, and a hard liquor firm Boutique Spirit Brand. Other investments by Kae include wellness products retailer HealthKart, online medicine delivery startup 1mg, and Loantap, which lends to salaried employees.

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Kae Capital - Funding Details

Announced Date Fund Name Money Raised
Sep 15, 2019 Kae Capital Fund III Rs.100 Crore
Sep 13, 2017 Kae Capital Fund II $53M
Apr 26, 2012 Venture Round - Kae Capital $25M

Before starting the company, Mr. Mirchandani had invested in his personal capacity in companies like Myntra, the fashion portal which was later sold to Flipkart in 2014, ad-tech company InMobi and data analytics firm Fractal Analytics, which had raised $200 million in its last funding round. Mr. Mirchandani is amongst the country’s earliest and prominent venture capital investors and he founded Mumbai Angels, which is a network of investors in early-stage companies.

Talking about Kae Capital, it is a sector agnostic and makes early-stage bets, usually at the seed stage with follow-on rounds across mobile, e-commerce, consumer internet, and healthcare sectors. While the company’s earlier check sizes used to be around $700,00-$800,000, as the startup ecosystem has matured and the quality of founders has increased, its average cheque size is now around $1 million.

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Kae Capital - Recent Investments

Announced Date Organization Name Funding Round Money Raised
Jul 2, 2020 Zetwerk Series C - Zetwerk $21M
Dec 11, 2019 Freightwalla Series A - Freightwalla $4M
Dec 11, 2019 Zetwerk Series B - Zetwerk $32M
Nov 24, 2019 Loanzen Venture Round - Loanzen N/A
Sep 30, 2019 LoanTap Series B - LoanTap ₹395M
Jun 28, 2019 1mg Series D - 1mg $70M
Jun 20, 2019 Wysa Seed Round - Wysa ₹150M
May 9, 2019 Healthkart Series G - Healthkart $25M
Mar 27, 2019 Zetwerk Series A - Zetwerk ₹620M
Mar 12, 2019 Nua Series A - Nua $4.5M


How do I get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with us is via common contacts or references. You could go on to the submit a Business plan page or email someone from our team.  

How do you get involved in a company post-investment?

We regularly monitor the performance of our portfolio companies and act as a mentor/guide to show the way forward and resolve any issues that they face.

How much do you invest?

We, as a fund can invest up to $3M in the entire life cycle of our association with any company. We don’t restrict ourselves to go all out on the companies which are deserving.

What industries/sectors do you invest in?

Kae Capital is a sector-agnostic fund and we are open to investing in any business which has the potential to achieve scale along with sound financial performance.

At what stage of a company’s lifecycle do you invest?

We get into a company at the pre-series A stage and also do follow-on investments in the Series A and B rounds. Our strategy is to be the first institutional investors in any company that we get into.

What is the process that you follow?

We first go through the submitted business plan and then do a preliminary call/meeting with the promoters. Stage 2 is an internal evaluation of the opportunity after which we decide to have detailed discussions with the promoters and go ahead with our diligence. The time taken in the entire process varies in every deal.

Do you have a location preference for your investments?

We prefer our portfolio companies to be based out of India.

What value do you bring to startups?

Our extensive experience and deep connections within several industries have been instrumental in the way that we have contributed towards the growth of our portfolio companies. Apart from opening doors we also help them directly in issues like team building, strategy, finance, and further fundraise.

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