Jason Teoh Kheng Swee Discusses Navigating Regulatory Compliance Across Traditional and Digital Platforms

Jason Teoh Kheng Swee Discusses Navigating Regulatory Compliance Across Traditional and Digital Platforms
Jason Teoh Kheng Swee, Chief Compliance Officer, Revenue Group Berhad

In an exclusive interview with StartupTalky, Jason Teoh Kheng Swee, Chief Compliance Officer, Revenue Group Berhad, discusses his extensive professional journey, focusing on his expertise in navigating and implementing regulatory compliance measures across traditional and digital platforms. Emphasizing his commitment to prioritizing user experience, Jason shares insights into seamlessly integrating regulatory frameworks into operational strategies.

The interview highlights Jason's proactive approach to staying current with evolving digital regulations and showcases his adaptability in responding to dynamic industry landscapes.

StartupTalky: Jason, could you provide a concise overview of your professional journey? What motivates your daily routines?

Jason: My professional journey commenced in the retail sector before transitioning into broadcast media, specifically in finance and procurement for the satellite TV company Astro in Malaysia. Subsequently, I entered the private firm sector as a finance manager before contributing over 13 years to the banking industry. Throughout my career, I gained significant exposure to the consumer business, fostering a profound understanding of consumer behavior. This diverse exposure distinguishes me from many compliance officers in financial institutions, as it broadens comprehension beyond the banking realm, thereby enhancing the customer journey experience.

The motivation driving my commitment to governance is rooted in our substantial contributions to the systemic industry, safeguarding and prioritizing consumers' best interests, all while recognizing the visibility of our actions to the general public we serve.

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StartupTalky: With over twenty-five years of experience, can you outline key milestones in your path to success and share your guiding principles or success mantra?

Jason: My path to success has been characterized by diverse industry exposure, enabling a customer-centric perspective that underscores the significance of the customer journey in all business activities. Profound comprehension of policies and regulations empowers me to integrate governance seamlessly into daily operations. A meticulous attention to detail, coupled with the ability to align business needs with regulatory governance, facilitates the mitigation of risks.

My success mantra is centered on prioritizing sustainable and logical actions in all endeavors, consistently balancing business requirements and regulatory guidance with tenacity to drive success while effectively managing stakeholders.

StartupTalky: Share insights into your leadership style. What unique guidelines or methodologies drive your team to success?

Jason: My leadership approach is centered around consultative collaboration, design thinking, rational decision-making, and objectivity. I engage in collaborative decision-making processes, valuing diverse input, understanding user needs, generating multiple solutions, and pragmatically testing them to ascertain the most effective option.

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StartupTalky: What advice do you have for emerging industry leaders, based on your experience? Also, could you share your future aspirations?

Jason: Drawing from my professional journey, I advise budding industry leaders to prioritize humility as an essential quality. Humility involves maintaining modesty and a willingness to learn from anyone, irrespective of their status or position, preventing errors stemming from overconfidence or conceit. Additionally, fostering an open mind is crucial for progress, requiring receptivity to new ideas and perspectives while mitigating the influence of personal biases.

As the future remains uncertain, I approach it with a flexible mindset, eager to embrace new opportunities and challenges while remaining true to my values as am fortunate to have had leaders that share similar sentiments and impeccable colleagues.

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