G7 CR Technologies Trying to Help Startups, SMEs and SMBs in Their Journey

G7 CR Technologies Trying to Help Startups, SMEs and SMBs in Their Journey
Ms. Jesintha Louis, Director, Cloud Solutions, G7CR
Attributed to Ms. Jesintha Louis, Director, Cloud Solutions, G7CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

G7 CR Technologies, a niche technology service provider currently providing disruptive technology solutions for over 900+ business across India and MEA region. The company adopted Cloud earlier on and today is a leading Cloud partner for various businesses. The Company has special focus on SMEs, SMBs and Startups, it has in the past launched program like BEAP that provide technology funding mechanism for development & automation of business processes.

G7 CR has two programs that are exclusive for SMEs, SMBs and Startups.

Cloud Adoption Funding

One of them is CAF, Cloud adoption funding, the program provides funding against Cloud spend for qualifying Startups who are in growth phase. For Growing tech enabled Startup, Cloud spend is generally one the of top 3 spends and CAF allows them to reinvest the Cloud spend on business growth while the Cloud is funded by G7 CR. The maximum funding available is up to $5 million, interested startups can apply for program at G7Cr.in ( g7cr.in > G7CR CAF > Apply Now). Currently the funding is available only to Startups who are running on Microsoft Azure. The company may open up funding options for other Hyperscaler in the future.

Qualifying criteria for CAF program

a) The business should be less than 10 years old
b) Cloud spend must account for one of the top 5 expense or the minimum Cloud consumption must be $15,000/- per month.

Technology Services Investment

The second program is Technology Services investment. Finding & retaining technical talent is most common challenge and the economics of it does not work out if SMEs, SMBs and Startups try to do it in on their own. Given we live in a competitive world, competing on price & also providing great customer experience requires a lot of invest and the per transaction cost automatically increase if you try to focus on the experience. This is a challenge faced by SMEs, SMBs & Startups in the initial stage and they often end up losing the order because of the cost or will have to compromise on quality of service. With the Technology Services investment from G7 CR, SMEs, SMBs & Startups can bank on the migration, modernization & support expertise of G7 CR and the Company will fund the services and offer it to the Startups at no cost along with other benefits on the Sales & Business-like Sponsoring events, marketing campaigns to promote the products and services offered by the SMEs, SMBs & Startups or helping them achieve industry standard certification like ISO & PCI DSS. The company has already invested over $1 million in the last quarter in 100+ Startups and looks forward to double the investments based on the overwhelming response. The Company is also building strategic alliances with other OEMs to bring more volumetric benefits for the Startups under the program.


“We intend to take the growth journey with Startups, SMEs & SMBs from Start to Scale and our two-investment model are built with the same focus and intent. CAF to support Growth Startups and Technology Investments for Startups in Series A level of funding. But of course the technology funding is open to any Startup, SME or SMB and does not require them to be funded. We will continue to build new partnership and alliances to bring in the power of volumetric benefits for the Startups, SMEs & SMBs who are a part of the program. Collaboration & Trust is the new currency for business and continuing build it will be our aim for the new year 2022.”

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