Keventers’ Agastya Dalmia Shares the Brand's Evolution and Impact on Indian Consumers

Keventers’ Agastya Dalmia Shares the Brand's Evolution and Impact on Indian Consumers
Keventers’ Agastya Dalmia Shares the Brand's Evolution and Impact on Indian Consumers

In an exclusive interaction with StartupTalky, Mr. Agastya Dalmia, Director, Keventers, discussed how the iconic brand has evolved to meet the changing needs of Indian consumers, its impact on Indian society, and how it balances heritage with innovation.

Mr. Dalmia is the visionary leader steering the ship of one of India's most iconic brands. With a history that spans back to 1925, Keventers has held a special place in the hearts of countless Indians, and under Agastya's guidance, the brand has continued to thrive and evolve. Agastya Dalmia's dedication to preserving the brand's heritage while embracing innovation has made Keventers a symbol of quality, authenticity, and progress in the world of beverages.

How has your brand evolved over the years to meet the changing needs and aspirations of Indian consumers?

Mr. Dalmia: We have continuously refined our offerings to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From our classic milkshakes to newer, innovative flavors, we have strived to keep our menu both timeless and relevant. Some new and trendy flavors include Lotus Biscoff, Ferrero Rocher, etc.

Over the years, we have enhanced our menu and introduced more product offerings, including Ice Cream, Thick Shakes, Iced Beverages, Smoothies, etc. Additionally, with our recent launch of "Value shakes" priced at Rs. 99, we have introduced something truly pocket-friendly for our audience!

In response to modern tastes and the increased interest in and demand for vegan foods, we have launched our first-ever range of Vegan Scoops this year. It is a treat for people with dietary restrictions, including gluten or lactose intolerance and dairy allergies.

What are ways in which your brand has shaped the way Indians live, work, and consume goods and services?

Mr. Dalmia: As the iconic creator of milkshakes and India's favorite milkshake brand, we have been setting trends in milkshakes since pre-independence! Our legacy, timeless milkshakes, and authentic bottle packaging have resonated with the audience for generations. As pioneers of the milkshake industry, we have made milkshakes a convenient go-to beverage for getting a delicious refreshment at any point throughout the day!

Can you share some specific examples of how your brand has made a positive impact on Indian society?

Mr. Dalmia: Heritage and Nostalgia: As a homegrown brand, we have a rich history that resonates with many. Established in 1925 by Edward Keventer, the brand has been a part of the Indian landscape for almost a century. Keventers invokes a sense of nostalgia among generations of Indians who have fond memories associated with its timeless milkshakes.

Contributing to the Indian Army: Post-independence, we were the official dairy partner of the Indian Army.

Introduction of Vegan Range: In response to the majority of Indians suffering from gastric ailments due to cow's milk allergy and other health concerns, as well as the growing awareness of animal welfare and environmental issues, we launched an all-new Vegan Range consisting of Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Scoops.

Charity: We have also participated in charitable activities and supported causes that matter to our society. Some examples from the past include a Consumer Social Responsibility initiative with The Robin Hood Army, wherein Keventers distributed milk to underprivileged children and women in Delhi and Noida and raised awareness about child malnutrition.

During COVID-19, Keventers and the Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust raised more than INR 1 crore to provide critical care to COVID-19 patients.

Job Creation: Over the years, Keventers has created numerous job opportunities in India, contributing to employment and economic growth. Our expansion into various cities and regions has furthered this positive impact.

How do you balance the need to stay true to your brand's heritage with the need to innovate and adapt to changing times?

Mr. Dalmia: Keventers has a rich legacy dating back to 1925. In its early days, our brand symbolized quality, consistency, and a commitment to delivering a memorable taste experience. Fast forward to the present, we have evolved into a modern and dynamic brand while still retaining our core values of quality and authenticity. With a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, Keventers offers a diverse range of products, including milkshakes, sundaes, ice creams, and more.

We have ensured that the core values and essence of Keventers remain intact. Our classic milkshakes, for instance, are still crafted using the same timeless recipes. They have stood the test of time and continue to be beloved by customers of all ages.

The pure joy of sipping a Keventers milkshake should always remain a constant in our customers' lives!

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