What Millennials and Gen Z Look For in a Job for Success

Shalini Rath Shalini Rath
Apr 13, 2023 5 min read
What Millennials and Gen Z Look For in a Job for Success

It comes as no surprise that for decades most of us have always striven for success. But gone are those days when people didn't see success as the ultimate goal of their lives. Having a high-paid job isn't the definition of success anymore. Rather, valuing the work-life balance and being as flexible as possible are the new norms of success and thriving.

Today, most millennials are either employed or seeking better job opportunities. Most young professionals do a lot of research to understand certain factors about the company before they decide to join it. These factors usually include the work culture, company values, and other perks and benefits.

In this article, we have listed the key features and priorities young professionals often seek when they are hunting for jobs.

Job Search Priorities for Millennials and Gen Z

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Job Search Priorities for Millennials and Gen Z

In today's competitive job market, job seeking has evolved beyond simply applying for a job, undergoing assessments, and being done with it. Young professionals are now placing greater emphasis on various factors that play a crucial role in their career success. Below are the key priorities and features that Millennials and Gen Z look for when searching for a job:

Work-Life Harmony

Many jobs today are demanding and require commitment. In this quest, young professionals have the urge to prove to their supervisors their hard work and sincerity, but at the same time, they expect them to understand their integrity. While it can be essential to stay true to your duties, young professionals seek a role that allows them to take care of themselves and have quality time with their family and friends. It is not just about their career but it is their life, thus, they want seamless positions that can give them peace of mind by having a good work-life balance.

Company Values

Another feature that most young job seekers look for in a job is company values. The foremost step before working with any organization is to know what kind of organization they are. For young professionals, when their professional goals match those of the desired company, employment no longer seems like a job for them. They research thoroughly to compare their values to the company's mission statement, fundamental principles, and business model.

Remote or Flexible Work Options

A FlexJobs poll of more than 4000 respondents found that 24% of workers would accept a pay cut of 10% to 20% in exchange for the freedom to work remotely whenever they choose. This comes after the pandemic, where many people have become accustomed to working from home or remotely. As a result, the concept of a hybrid work culture seems to have taken a top spot as the most preferred work culture among today's youth.

In the case of a hybrid work arrangement, where young professionals got to spend a part of the week in the office and the rest of the week at home, it made them more productive than ever before.

Growth Opportunities

Millennials are considered to be very growth-oriented in whatever role they pursue in their lives. They want to join those companies that provide them with the chance to grow, especially if they are in the initial days of their career. Companies that make their employees feel trapped can never have a skilled employee because that will not give them the liberty to change or develop new skills throughout their lives. Therefore, this generation is motivated by a career that lets them nurture and improve their skill set.

Biggest Challenges Faced by Job Seekers
Biggest Challenges Faced by Job Seekers

Happening Work Culture

Some studies have shown that young professionals prefer working in an environment that is more enjoyable and happening. As working people, they spend most of their time at work, so this is one of the reasons millennials want to have fun while they are at work. They opt for a workspace that excites them and increases their job satisfaction. They want to enjoy the work they do, which further increases their overall happiness.

Healthy Relationships in the Workspace

The majority of young professionals want to develop a better relationship with their supervisors and team in general. Millennials and Gen Z like their employers to be helpful and developing rather than taskmasters. Companies have to be mindful when dealing with their young employees. The managers of the company have to behave like mentors, as young professionals look to them for inspiration. Supervisors and even teammates need to be aware of how they allocate duties and provide feedback. They need to keep in mind that their millennial employees are an ever-changing asset to the company.

Health Benefits and Mental Health Support

These days, healthcare is an enormous expenditure. But if a company offers excellent health insurance, then young professionals are most likely to work in that company. Besides, physical health, mental health too has become an important matter. Taking care of your mental health has become equally essential as taking care of your body. Companies that offer mental health leave to their employees seem to have attracted a majority of young workers.

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Recognition and Appreciation

The present generation is very precise about recognition and being rewarded. Since these millennials are regarded as hard workers, they expect their company to appreciate their efforts. It is not only about young professionals, in fact, everyone values compliments and acknowledgment for a job well done. Millennials, or Gen Z, in particular, prefer companies that support their growth and reward their hard work. They tend to look for jobs that provide bonuses, yearly vacations, and prizes as common performance rewards. In the end, young employees will join a company where they feel valued and respected.


There can be many features a young professional will scrutinize before joining a company. However, one of the top priority features for young employees these days is having better learning opportunities, where they have the scope to develop and fundamentally grow to become the best version of themselves.


What do millennials and Gen Z look for in a job?

Millennials and Gen Z look for the following while job searching:

  • Work-Life Harmony
  • Company Values
  • Remote or Flexible Work Options
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Positive Work Culture
  • Healthy Relationships in the Workspace
  • Health Benefits and Mental Health Support
  • Recognition and Appreciation

How can managers create healthy relationships in the workplace?

The managers can create healthy relationships in the workplace by behaving like mentors, as young professionals look to them for inspiration. Supervisors and teammates should also be aware of how they allocate duties and provide feedback.

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