Top 6 Startup Incubators in Kolkata

Pratyusha Srivastava Pratyusha Srivastava
May 29, 2021 6 min read
Top 6 Startup Incubators in Kolkata

Kolkata is prominently known for its culture and creativity. With its incredibly talented people, tradition and culture, it is one of the very fascinating cities in India. But, have you ever considered it the right place for startups? No, right! But, to boost your knowledge, Kolkata is the hub of incredible startups in India. With the evolving generation, this city has encouraged numerous innovative startups that came out to be a great success.

In India Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune are considered the top cities for their innovative technical endeavor. However, over the past few years, Kolkata has grown into the hub for the most exclusive startups in India. And, for the support of these startups, Kolkata has been developing great assistance from the incubators.

There are tons of creative ideas and innovative business models being prepared every year in Kolkata. It provides technical and financial assistance as well as a great customer source by its people. Kolkata has raised a massive increase of entrepreneurs, advanced businessmen, investors and others belonging to the market field. These have initiated the wave of creation and innovation in Kolkata.

With the massive increase in the number of startups in Kolkata, it has provided some great incubators that offer guidance, mentorship, financial and physical help, and many more services to the startups.

In this article, we present you with some of the Top startup incubators in Kolkata.

Kolkata ventures
Neotec Hub
Freeset Business Incubator
IIM-C Innovation Park
Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Incubation

Kolkata ventures

Kolkata ventures Website
Kolkata ventures Website

The Indo-US collaboration, Kolkata ventures, built to increase and grow entrepreneurship in India. It is well known for its incredible virtual incubation programs to strategize your business model and support the initial stages of your business to make it grow and compete in the market.

Kolkata ventures help you to develop and scale up with the guidance of experts and also, provides you with access to various resources that are required for the startup without any worry about working from a particular locale.

Kolkata ventures offer some incredible startup resources that include Technical development, UI/UX designing, HR, legal analysis and many more. Also, it looks after the proper guidance and resources that the startup could get, especially from companies like Amazon Web Services, Google and Paytm. These companies invest in startups for over $5000 per month. Kolkata ventures focus on providing the best mentorship and guidance to different startups.

Neotec Hub

Neotec Hub Website
Neotec Hub Website

The very prominent startup incubator, Neotec Hub is supervised and backed by Ambuja Neotia Group. Neotec Hub was founded in the year 2017 in Kolkata and has served several startups with its amazing services and offers.

Neotec Hub works by organising a long program of around 12 months which focuses on providing several incredible developing strategies and offers. These include access to workspace, networking opportunities, offering mentorship, funding, and access to market leaders. Neotec Hub has served many startups and gave promising outcomes.

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Freeset Business Incubator

The very empowering and leading startup incubator in Kolkata, Freeset Business looks after the challenges faced by communities with chronic poverty. It provides them with economic development and empowerment by offering employment to them.

Freeset Business Incubator has been working for a huge range of services and offers to support the employer and development agencies that create employment for such communities.

Freeset Business Incubator is a very prominent business incubator and looks for investing in the meaning of employment opportunities. It has been serving many great programs that include:

  • Business Development
  • Vocational training
  • Preparation for job

IIM-C Innovation Park

IIM-Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) is well known for its incredible service of incubation programs. It was formed by the patronage of IIM Calcutta. IIM-C Innovation Park works by encouraging young people to bring innovative ideas and supports the entrepreneurs for their business research and development.

IIM-C Innovation Park aimed to incubate more than 100 startups by 2020 in Kolkata. It encourages and supports startups with various services such as funding, provides knowledge, network services, mentoring and guidance. These are the basic requirements for any startup to grow and begin its way to success.


The very promising and resourceful incubator, Fincubation, counts the financial professionals within itself. Initiating a business in the financial sectors could be very tacky but contributes quite significantly to the economy of India.

Fincubation was built by a group of IIM, IIT alumni and it promotes entrepreneurs with their exclusive business model and idea for financial technologies. Fincubation provides proper guidance and support with several programs and services that include:

  • Guidance from an expert at the initial stage of business,
  • Assistance in fundraising,
  • Mentorship from IIM Alumni (entrepreneurs),
  • Expression of infrastructure for administering any business, and
  • Facilities to develop your business into a big brand.

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Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Incubation

Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Website
Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Website

The very promising and developing Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Incubation is an incubation program offered by the partnership of Tata and IIMC. It was founded in the year 2012 in Kolkata, India. It has served several startups with its various forms of offering and assistance.

Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Incubation works for the development of startups by fulfilling the proper basic requirements. It serves by providing membership, connections to funding sources, physical as well as virtual incubations, networking, several training programs, proper open workspaces, legal/IT/Secretarial services, and much more other assistance and services.


What is the biggest incubator in India?

Cisco Launchpad is one of the biggest Startup Incubator in India.

What are incubators in startups?

Startup incubators help startups grow their business. Incubators are usually non-profit organizations, which are usually run by both public and private entities.

How many startup incubators are there in India?

There are a total of 250 Startup incubators in India.


Entrepreneurs face numerous kinds of challenges such as resources oriented issues or social and political issues. Therefore, Kolkata provides its entrepreneurs with extremely beneficial services.

It prepares its startups (technical based) in such a manner that it gathers the interest of several international as well as domestic investors and also, to the audience who are willing to spend their money for exploring a great deal of advanced products and services.

Therefore, the rise of startups in Kolkata is the beginning of a new era that would surely develop the city with advanced technologies. Β That's why it's becoming the hub of startups. And for these startups, tons of incubators and accelerators are building. Kolkata offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to build their career and business.

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