How to develop your skills with the help LinkedIn Learning

How to develop your skills with the help LinkedIn Learning

What if I told you that with a yearly/monthly subscription you’ll be able to successfully develop your skills and also get job offers simultaneously? Yes! It’s time to make that a reality with the help of LinkedIn Learning where you can access an entire learning library of content and learn new creative skills.

Not only that, LinkedIn Learning offers you job recommendations after you complete your courses in your LinkedIn profile. And also helps you enhance your learning experience through the means of video courses that come along with transcripts, exercises files and assessments. It then gives you feedback to your preferred course, while allowing you to view and download videos offline.

LinkedIn Learning Logo
LinkedIn Learning Logo

LinkedIn Learning - About

LinkedIn Learning is an American based website that bridges the gap between the career you want and the skill you require. It mainly offers video courses taught by industry experts in creative, software and business skills. LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn which was founded by Lynda Weinman in the year of 1995. Formally known as, it was acquired by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion in 2015.

LinkedIn learning helps professionals learn with their own pace from the library that contains more than 12,000 creative, technology and business courses on any given subject.  

The ambitious e-learning portal tailors to:

  • Individuals that are looking for job opportunities
  • Businesses looking to keep training their employees and
  • Educational institutions exploring E-learning courses.

These courses can be selected by employees as well as recommended by employers or their HR managers who can then use LinkedIn’s analytics to monitor the employee’s progress.

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Starting with LinkedIn learning:

These tips are for the beginners to want to start out with learning new skills through this platform. In LinkedIn Learning the first thing someone should do is registration followed by picking out your interests.

  • According to the field of your interest the platform provides you 3 options/categories to choose from these include: Business, Creative and Technology. Business for example will include customer service, accounting, etc.
  • Then it guides the subscriber to the trending list and to the top liked and suggested videos (to give you an insight to the video that have better quality and content).
LinkedIn Learning caters to youngsters seeking for a job while developing their skills.
LinkedIn Learning caters to youngsters seeking for a job while developing their skills.

There are also have 3 ways through which you can filter out the course that people want to watch:

  • By Subject: To gain experience with a specific skill, this is the way to go. If you can pick a topic for example business then that would be HR, Finance and pick courses based on it.
  • Software: No matter your occupation there’s a solid chance that you need to know your way around several types of software.
  • Learning paths: Instead of having to look for random courses in a given field, you can simply pick your path and get a structured learning experience. learning courses offers course such as Online marketing foundations; SEO foundation; Google Analytics; Content marketing foundation; Lead generation foundation and growth hacking.

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The Cost/Price of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning offers different versions of premium from which you can you can buy to cater to different types of business people. All of these paid services give the professional’s unlimited access to everything in LinkedIn learning. The premium costs $29.99 per month or $2239.88 per year which is the preferred level meant for job seekers and applicants. While the professional can also cancel during the first month and not pay anything, since it is free to try for the first month. However, after the free month, people can start paying if they want to stay onboard and continue learning from these courses.

Benefits of LinkedIn Learning:

Benefits of LinkedIn Learning
Benefits of LinkedIn Learning

The company emphasis on education and learning as it goes hand in hand with the company’s primary role where people maintain their professional profiles publicly and look for jobs. While the LinkedIn Learning is just broadened platform that offers you to build on your professional skills.

  • This education platform is available only for the LinkedIn Premium subscribers who look like they will get more than 50 new courses every week available in various languages.
  • LinkedIn learning now has 14,000 enterprise customers, 17 million enterprise users and 12,000 high fidelity courses.
  • Video based tutorials are produced in house in their California studios.
  • There also a possibility of customizing your own content by making your own or from your organization.
  • The analytics will also inform them of their progress with the knowledge they gained or even the level of engagement and more.
  • ·It also provides higher education facilities by special, verified profile pages to universities and colleges. Hence encouraging youngsters to get started on building their profiles.
  • This platform can be further used for connecting those young students into alumni job finding networks for the recruitment business.
  • These materials (PDF files and other related documents) can also be downloaded to watch offline.
  • The videos made on this platform are understandable and the teachers are business executives and other professional from different industries. They also provide you a certificate right after you finish the course.

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LinkedIn Learning is powerful even if you’re not seeking for jobs

The platform is not just a job search booster, it is also a career booster for any professional who wants to stand out and advance their career faster. It can also help a professional get a raise or promotions with the completion of their LinkedIn Learning course. Doing all these course work can also help develop ones resume by mentioning it under the “skills” section. Example: Basics of Java Programming- LinkedIn Learning course completed on April 2020. During the times of the COVID pandemic people can make use of their time by self-educating themselves on various subjects by doing online courses with the help LinkedIn Learning.

Competitors of LinkedIn Learning:

  • Udemy: Udemy is a platform where you can create online video course and earn money by teaching people around the world. This platform helps people learn new skills and advance their careers by sharing your knowledge. It also helps businesses up skill their employees with virtual training.
  • Skillshare: Skillshare provides learning for the world’s most innovative companies. This platform gives business solution to maximize the creativity, engagement and develop the entire workforce. With skillshare for teams you can empower and inspire your teams with on demand classes, in person events, customized learning paths and world class teachers. There’s on demand classes, hands-on workshops and events.
  • Coursera: This platforms helps build your skills with courses, certificate and degrees online from various world class universities and companies. You can learn the latest skill like business analytics, Python, Graphic design and more. It helps people who are interested for a career in fields like IT, AI and cloud engineering with the help of coursera.

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Future of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning now has more 17 million users and is among the top ten vendors providing such services. It has also recently introduced LinkedIn Learning Pro which is a big competitor for other Learning Experience Platforms such as Degreed, Coursera, Skillshare, etc. It has the potential to conquer the corporate learning market because of the quality of their videos. The Learning Pro edition helps you create your own pathways or even customize combination of courses by putting in different content from their site.

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