Wondering How To Make Your Explainer Videos Rock? Read This!

Wondering How To Make Your Explainer Videos Rock? Read This!

An explainer video is a short and powerful video that captures your brand assurance. It shows potential customers what you do and why should they care about it. You need to think of it as an elevator angle in the video.

There are various types of explainer videos. You can use it to suit the brand style and objectives. Irrespective of the explainer video styles you are choosing. Your goal should be to explain your product or service while answering the questions. That what’s in it for them.

Benefits Of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are all about making a confusing idea easy for the users to identify with and understand. There are various popular ways to take in brand information. Most of the people choose explainer videos than the type of video content.

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1. Focus On Your Audience

This can be easy to get caught up in sharing the features for your service. But you need to remember that you are not making these explainer videos for yourself. Instead of explaining how great your product is, you should show how your service will help them.

Who Is Your Audience
  • Who’s your audience

If you don’t know your targeting people. You will not be able to speak effectively. Keep in mind that the people for a particular video might not feel the same as your entire market.

  • What problem will be solved by using your product or service?
  • How will you help to solve their problem? Address these points.
  • What do you want from them

Do you want them to subscribe to you? Sign up page for trial. Visit the website you have mentioned.

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2. Everything’s about the script

A well-written script is a solution to a successful explainer video. This is an important part of making a video on which everything else is built. You should find someone who takes a fresh view of your company. And Explain your video in a way that anyone can understand and support your product.

Any of the professional video companies will need to fill out a creative brief first. It will help you think about your business at a high level and will make you define the things that matter. You need to make sure you go through similar exercises before getting started.

3. The Shorter The Better

I realize you have a lot of things that you want to share with people about your business. But this video should be meant to be an overview. It should include the hook that will interest people in taking the next step.

Demand For Video Content Is Increasing

The typical rule of thumb is 150 words per minute. You must have been able to read faster than that. Also remember, you need the breathing room and the time for the message to sink. The longer the video will the less will pay attention.

Trying to keep yourself from telling everything about your service will be the toughest part. The tip is to cut down the script and make it very concise.

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4. Voice matters

Nothing will ruin a video faster than poor audio. We would have the voice whose quality is fine but the voice is not clear with words. And maybe the delivery is not good. You should try to be as professional as possible.

5. Add some fun

It is important to create a video that connects with your people. But you also would have noticed, people want to watch entertaining videos.

Just adding something different in your video can keep you go long way. It actually works and people really can connect with your service or product.

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6. Set tone with background music

You don’t know what a song can do. Music speaks emotions more clearly. It has the ability to set the tone of your voice in your video. Sometimes you will have the song in your mind. At times you have no idea for a song, you can use different tools available.

7. Plan To Launch

Most of the people get so excited about making video and forget to plan for the launch. A successful video will require these three things:

39% People Want Explainer Videos
  • Select video host

There are lots of options available when it comes to video hosting. Such as Wistia, Vimeo, Vidyard.

  • A marketing plan

What if your video will not get viral. In that case, you can take some steps to do extra for video. You can also use your blog, newsletter, email, and social media channels to share your video.

  • Integrate the video to your website

Various companies like to put the video front and center on their homepage. It’s upon you wherever you want to place it. It should get integrate easily with your content.

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If you are thinking of making explainer videos this year. I think these tips will help you out with very basics in the right direction. It will save you much time and money. But also they will help you make a video that provides real and better results. Did you used the guide and learned along the way?

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