Manan Shah: Indian Millionaire Ethical Hacker

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Mar 6, 2021 6 min read
Manan Shah: Indian Millionaire Ethical Hacker

Manan Shah is an Ethical Hacker, Author and Indian entrepreneur. He founded an online cyber security company, Avalance Global Solutions and serves as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It is an Information Technology externalizing venture entangled with securing government and enterprise digital setups. He was recognized among the top 100 Security Researcher by the Microsoft. He also has a personal blog where he shares his journey and experiences like the lessons learned, mistakes made and large gains. Moreover, he has authored several books based on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defense. As of 2020, he has a net worth of $ 2,000,000.

Manan Shah-Biography
Manan Shah- Personal Life
Manan Shah- Education
Manan Shah- Professional Life
Manan Shah- Success story
Manan Shah- Avalance Global Solutions
Manan Shah- Net Worth
Manan Shah- Honors & Awards

Manan Shah-Biography

Name Manan Shah
Born 19 August, 1993
Birthplace Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Age 27 (2020)
Nationality Indian
Current City Mumbai, India
Profession Entrepreneur, Ethical Hacker, Author
Position Founder & CEO, Avalance Global Solutions
Net worth $ 2,000,000 (2020)
Books Facebook Hacking; Gmail Hacking

Manan Shah- Personal Life

Manan was raised in Vadodara, Gujarat. At age 12, he was gifted a computer by his parents. He started taking interest in hacking after reading a newspaper article based on the subject. Today, he successfully runs his IT outsourcing venture and his personal blog (

He is passionate about traveling, playing video games and conducting webinars. Moreover, he has been invited as a speaker at platforms including, TEDx and Infosec.

Manan Shah- Education

Manan dropped out of school and faced the chagrin of his parents for academic challenges. He hated going to school and doing homework. He did not believed in the formal education structure in school. His parents and teachers rebuked him for not being a meritorious student. However, he managed to pursue some courses related to computer security and programming despite lacking formal education.

In 2019, he pursued some certified courses based on technology. He holds a certificate in Cyber101x: cyberware, surveillance and security from University of Adelaide. He did a certified course in cyber security: managing risk in the information age from Harvard Business School Online. He received a certification from MIT Professional Education for studying cyber security: technology, application and policy.

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Manan Shah- Professional Life

At age 16, Manan started his website where he used to write OS based tweaks & tricks, tips, tutorials, which attracted many readers. This eventually encouraged him to write a book.

At age 16, he authored a book based on email hacking, which made him the youngest author to be published by Amazon. He further wrote more books after the establishment of his IT venture, Avalance Global Solutions. He is a first-generation entrepreneur who founded such a company that offers business services and consulting.

Before launching Avalance, at age 21, he helped in solving cybercrime cases for some biggest MNCs in the world including, Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook, Nokia, Blackberry, PayPal, Skype, Apple, Google, Microsoft.

He spoke at several seminars including schools and colleges in India. He prefers to do a limited number of keynote speaking associations and business investments every year. He has also worked for government agencies and corporations to foolproof their system against terrorists attacks. Moreover, he is now working on securing Digital India's Smart City concept proposed by the Indian government.

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Manan Shah- Success story

Manan dealt a tough life while pursuing his formal education at school. He frequently failed in many subjects and had a curious liking towards computer science. He spent most of his time in watching online videos related to programming languages, hacking, cyber security etc.

Media often use him as an example of how one can raise a successful IT industry on the basis of their empirical knowledge without earning any university degrees. He worked on equipping himself with hacking tools and was determined to do something on his own.

He recently spent 7 sleepless nights with an aim to get a fix for the WanaCrypt Ransomware. He is diligently fascinated with technology insights. Also, while attending various seminars as a Speaker, he primarily discusses on the discovery of computer and network security vulnerabilities along with telecommunication and satellite systems.

Manan and his team have helped Gujarat and Rajasthan Police, MS University, Amul in more than 15 cases of fraud detection, social media, account recovery, forensics, e-mail hacking & encryption. He also fixed bugs reported in the systems of MIT and Harvard.

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Manan Shah- Avalance Global Solutions

Manan founded the Vadodara based company, Avalance Global Solutions in October 2015. The company has its geographical presence in Mumbai, Vadodara, New York, and Dubai. He serves as the Founder, Director and CEO at his cyber security company.

His company is an innovative information security, trusted by Fortune 500 companies including the foremost enterprises and governments around the world. His venture regales to more than 100 customers worldwide across different verticals.

Manan Shah- Net Worth

The Net Worth of Manan Shah is speculated to be around $2 Million as of 2020.

Manan Shah- Honors & Awards

Awards won in the year 2020 Organization
Startup of the year Globee awards
Startup of the year Golden Bridge Awards
Startup of the year One Planet Awards
Great workplace of the year Pillar Awards
Milestone of the year Sales and Service Awards
Hottest Young Entrepreneur BW Businessworld
CTO of the year IT World Awards USA
Outstanding Information Security Company BW Business World & OsAs
Entrepreneur of the year Entrepreneur Magazine
Company of the year IT World Awards USA
Technology Provider of the year Entrepreneur Magazine
National Youth Day Award Bharat Seva Samvad

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Who is Manan Shah?

Manan Shah is an Ethical Hacker, Author and Indian entrepreneur. He is also the CEO of Avalance Global Solutions.

Who is the CEO of Avalance Global Solutions?

Manan Shah is the CEO of Avalance Global Solutions.

What is Manan Shah Net worth?

The Net Worth of Manan Shah is speculated to be around $2 Million as of 2020.

How old is Manan Shah?

As of 2021, Manan Shah is 28 years old. He was born on 19th August, 1993.

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