How Flentas is Revolutionizing Cloud Consulting with AI: Insights Straight from the CEO!

How Flentas is Revolutionizing Cloud Consulting with AI: Insights Straight from the CEO!
Mandar Navare, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Flentas

Join StartupTalky on an enlightening journey as we explore the visionary insights of Mr. Mandar Navare, CEO and Co-founder of Flentas. Discover how Flentas is revolutionizing cloud consulting through seamless AI integration, offering end-to-end solutions to empower businesses. Gain insights into their cutting-edge GenAi services and their transformative applications across various industries.

Discover how Flentas stays ahead of the curve, utilizing AI to optimize business processes and enhance customer experiences. Now, let's get into the understanding of Mr. Navare's perspectives on the evolving role of AI within Flentas and the broader IT industry.

StartupTalky: Could you provide an overview of Flentas, including the primary services or solutions it offers to clients? 

Mr. Navare: Flentas is a Cloud Consulting Company and an AWS Advanced Consulting partner, offering end-to-end cloud services empowering organizations to reap the benefits of the latest enterprise technology in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our comprehensive suite of cloud services caters to the diverse needs of businesses, right from infrastructure assessment, cloud readiness assessment, to creating a cloud migration strategy and executing the move to the cloud. We then assist customers with managing the managing cloud resources, optimizing cloud costs, and ensuring the security and compliance of the client's cloud environment. Other services include GenerativeAi solutions, cloud-native application development, devops implementations, big data consulting & analytics solutions.

With a team of certified cloud experts, Flentas offers personalized guidance and support throughout a customer's cloud journey, ensuring a seamless experience from initial strategy development to implementation and ongoing optimization. 

StartupTalky: How does Flentas integrate AI technologies into its products and services, and what specific benefits does this integration offer to clients? 

Mr. Navare: Flentas integrates AI technologies into its products and services by leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning models to automate processes, improve efficiency, and enhance user experience. This integration offers several benefits to clients, which includes automating routine tasks and processes, personalized user experiences, increased security by recognizing patterns in user behavior and detect anomalies that may indicate a potential security breach, scale up or down basis user demand, and cost savings as AI algorithms can detect and shut down idle resources. 

StartupTalky: Could you provide insights into Flentas' GenAi services and its application across industries like FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech, and Gaming? 

Mr. Navare: With a focus on customer satisfaction, transparency, Flentas aims to help businesses establish advanced GenerativeAi infrastructure across their environments, integrating GenAI and deep learning capabilities with data analytics to reinvent business operations, service delivery, decision-making, and customer management. By providing advanced GenAI infrastructure, AI-driven tools, and platforms that enable faster, more personalized, and efficient service, we also help curtail costs, ensure compliance, and enhance customer satisfaction.   

FinTech: Intelligent KYC using IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) techniques, enhanced customer experience with chatbots and virtual assistants 

EdTech: individual learner's needs, abilities, and interests, and generate personalized content to enhance their language learning experience, provide feedback in real-time ensuring intelligent tutoring, feedback and error correction etc.  

HeathTech: Access huge customer data with the help of chatbot, digitalize current patient medical records and clinical notes, transform internal processes 

Gaming: We help gaming studios to build and operate custom large language models and generative AI models trained with their own data, enabling them to create intelligent chat systems, professional content, and digital simulations that deliver innovative and engaging gaming experiences to players. 

StartupTalky: How does Flentas see the role of AI evolving within the company and the wider IT industry? 

Mr. Navare: We believe AI is essential for optimizing business processes, supporting decision-making, and creating personalized services. AI presents significant opportunities in areas such as data analysis, automation of routine tasks, personalized customer interactions, risk management, and trend forecasting.  

StartupTalky: Can you share examples of AI-powered solutions Flentas has created to tackle tough business problems for clients? 

  • Improve customer experiences with generative ai powered chatbots and virtual assistants  
  • Boost employee productivity through automated report generation, employee assistant interface, accelerate application development through code generation 
  • Accelerate process optimization through document processing, data augmentation, and supply chain optimization  

Mr. Navare: We offer a wide range of AWS services and generative AI techniques that offer practical use cases for businesses, from Intelligent KYC using IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) techniques to personalizing shopping experiences, enhancing customer support and much more. 

StartupTalky: Could you discuss your approach to forming alliances and partnerships in the AI field to support business growth strategy? 

Mr. Navare: We are helping customers to build digital capabilities and we are planning to stitch Gen AI into digital to move things faster for customers. We are working with Global ISVs to make the power of LLM accessible locally. 

StartupTalky: What are the upcoming AI projects or initiatives that Flentas is planning to pursue in the near future? 

Mr. Navare: We are working with a prominent FMCG to automate bidding system with the help of GenAi. By automating the bidding system, the customer will be able to improve overall efficiency, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness.  

In the financial services industry, we are working with a leading FSI to enhance the customer experience and onboarding process with the help of GenAI technologies. By implementing a personalized and intuitive onboarding process, the customer will be able to improve customer satisfaction, reduce drop-off rates, and increase customer loyalty. 

Furthermore, we are assisting a large fintech company to improve their customer service with the help of GenAI-powered bots. By providing a conversational and intelligent interface for customers to interact with, the client will be able to reduce response times, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs.

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