How to Use Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite) for Seamless Management

How to Use Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite) for Seamless Management
How to Use Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)

Many businesses utilize the large platform of Facebook to advertise their products on a massive scale. According to reports, approximately $115 billion is spent on advertising by many companies, with all of it being spent across Meta (previously known as Facebook) platforms.

Meta Business Suite is a great tool for businesses to make it easy to manage all their business-related activities. This tool makes it effortless to handle all your comments, direct messages (DMs), ads, etc.

In this article, we will cover what Meta Business Suite is and how to use it so that you manage your business account smoothly.

What is the Meta Business Suite? (Formerly known as Facebook Business Suite)
Meta Business Suite vs. Meta Business Manager
How to Use Meta Business Suite?

Global Annual Advertising Revenue of Meta Platforms (2009-2022)
Global Annual Advertising Revenue of Meta Platforms

What is the Meta Business Suite? (Formerly known as Facebook Business Suite)

Meta is the parent company that oversees various social media platforms and technologies, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Facebook Business Suite, now called Meta Business Suite, on the other hand, is a platform designed to help businesses manage their presence on Facebook and Instagram. To be precise, it is a free, comprehensive social media management solution for Facebook and Instagram.

This tool also allows you to write or schedule articles, stories, and advertisements, and you'll get useful tips to maximize your efforts as you go. Additionally, you may organize materials and create organic campaigns. It unifies the technologies that enable you to communicate with your consumers across all apps and improves business outcomes.

Interestingly, you can perform a lot more of the aforementioned duties in a single tab since Business Suite works more like a standard social media management tool. Besides this, utilizing the platform's facilities can help you tackle the social media presence of your company more straightforwardly. It also enables you to swap between your Facebook and Instagram accounts without hassle. For this, you need to link your accounts so that you can get instant access to the dashboards of your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Meta Business Suite makes it simple to monitor notifications and reply to communications fast whether you're using it on a desktop or mobile device.

Meta Business Suite Helps You to:

  • Post content on both Facebook and Instagram from one platform without having to switch accounts.
  • Manage your inbox from one place across all your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts.
  • Track your performance insights and trends to learn about your Facebook and Instagram audiences.
  • Reach a wider audience by creating ads across Facebook and Instagram.

Meta Business Suite vs. Meta Business Manager

Before Meta Business Suite, Meta launched Facebook Business Manager (now Meta Business Manager) in 2014. With the help of the Meta Business Manager, you can manage your assets independently of your personal profile, such as Facebook business pages, Instagram profiles, and ad accounts. It is like a backend tool that lets you communicate or restrict access to your company accounts by designating one of six distinct roles for people who have access to your accounts. You may assign responsibilities, request access to accounts, and work with team members. Furthermore, this aids in keeping all of your corporate assets within the Meta ecosystem under your control and security.

How to Use Meta Business Suite?

If you're looking forward to starting with Meta Business Suite, we suggest you go through the steps that can help you effectively manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Below are the steps for getting started with Meta Business Suite:

Have a Facebook Business Account

Meta Business Suite Log-in Page
Meta Business Suite Log-in Page

The obvious thing to do is to have a Facebook Business Account. If you already have it, then you can skip this step. If not, then go to "create an account" either by logging into your existing one or by creating a new account.

Select Your Accounts

Whatever account, be it Facebook or Instagram, you can decide to add to your Business Suite. However, in the case of adding an Instagram account, it must be changed to a business or creator account. Facebook will prompt you to change before allowing you to finish the creation procedure if you try to choose a personal account.

Add or Invite Team Members to Your Business Suite

Next, you can add or invite your colleagues to your Business Suite. To invite, choose the appropriate Meta business account using the drop-down option in the top-left corner. The account settings will then appear when you click the gear icon in the lower-left corner. You can also assign different roles and responsibilities to your team members either by assigning them as an employee (limited access) or as business admin (full access).

Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to the dashboard where you can control your company's Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram presence. You should be able to access different functions using the navigation menus and tabs, albeit the arrangement and individual options may differ.

Monitor Notifications and Messages

This is the most interesting part of the Business Suite, and it lets you monitor notifications and messages. Once you've set up your account and assigned roles to team members, now you have to start posting content in order to attract your target audience. Thanks to Meta Business Suite's integrated inbox for your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts, you can read and reply to comments, messages, and other alerts in one location. The Business Suite even helps create automated replies for commonly asked questions by your audience. This can help you save some time instead of replying to every DM.

Get Access to Insights and Analytics

Analyzing the performance of your social media presence is crucial.

With the help of Business Suite, you can view all your latest insights and trends. To assist in establishing your content strategy, Meta Business Suite helps you analyze data like reach, engagement, and audience demographics.

Create and Schedule Posts

Meta Business Suite offers the ability to create and schedule posts and stories from one place. To write and schedule posts for your Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles, use the "Create Post" or comparable option. Additionally, you may choose a certain day and time for your articles to be published as well as upload images, videos, and text.

How to Create a Facebook Post | Meta for Business

Manage Ad Campaigns

Yes, that's right, with Meta Business Suite, you can easily manage and create ad campaigns. It also helps you keep track of your ad performance if you've run it on Facebook or Instagram. The tool also allows you to have control over your budget, targeting options, and ad effectiveness.

Utilize All Other Additional Features

If you explore the Business Suite, you will come across many additional features. These additional options might include cross-posting material between Facebook and Instagram, managing corporate communications, and having access to sophisticated advertising capabilities, depending on the features and upgrades that are available at the time. It also includes features like an appointment scheduler, which will come in very handy in managing your business appointments, especially for a service-based business. To add to that, Meta Business Suite also has Instant Forms, another outstanding feature to help businesses grow. These Instant Forms are like a mini CRM system that can help create custom forms for your audience to fill out without having to leave the platform.


By far, we have now learned that the Meta Business Suite sets itself up as a perfect tool for businesses to manage their social media presence. It can immensely improve their marketing skills, be on Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. The platform offers all the tools you want to keep track of your audience's comments and direct messages, schedule posts, make social media ads, and much more.

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What is the Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite is a platform designed to help businesses manage their presence on Facebook and Instagram, including marketing, advertising, and other related activities.

Is Meta Business Suite free?

Yes, Meta Business Suite, formerly Meta Business Suite, is a free, comprehensive social media management solution for Facebook and Instagram.

Can I track the performance of my ads with the Meta Business Suite?

Yes, the Meta Business Suite provides tools to monitor the performance of your ads. You can track metrics like engagement, reach, clicks, likes, and more to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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