A Complete Guide on How to Earn Money as a Motivational Speaker in 2022?

A Complete Guide on How to Earn Money as a Motivational Speaker in 2022?

Well yes, speaking can get you enough money. When talking about speakers the two professions that come to our minds are comedy or professor. Ever thought about how one speaks to motivate but at the same time is earning. If not, here’s how.

It may seem difficult to break into the field of professional public speaking. However, by following a few basic methods, you may start and maintain a career as a motivational speaker/ Life coach.

Many of the major turning points in your own life occurred when someone said something to you that had a profound impact on your thinking, feelings, and actions that you never thought, felt, or acted the same way again. We often hear the few words shared by popular personalities that are in return taken as advised by the audience.

For motivational speakers, it is the same scene but with a change and that is the speaker speaks with a motive to make their audience follow it. Workshops, seminars, conferences, schools, and other events often feature motivational speakers. Some speakers are awarded fame, name, and wealth as a result of their successful speaking.

Former politicians and athletes have turned to motivational speaking for the financial incentives and the chance to encourage their audiences. Before pursuing a career as a motivational speaker, aspiring orators must first comprehend the speaking circuit's paying system.

Importance of Credibility for Motivational Speakers
How to Kick Start Your Career as a Motivational Speaker?
6 Methods Through Which Motivational Speakers Can Earn Money

Importance of Credibility for Motivational Speakers

To earn a good living as a motivational speaker in India, you must first establish your credibility so that people would invite you to speak at events. Now think of Indian names in this industry be it Sandeep Maheshwari, Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Ranveer Allahbadia, and many more.

Indian Motivational Speakers- Sandeep Maheshvari,  Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Ranveer Allahbadia
Indian Motivational Speakers- Sandeep Maheshwari,  Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Ranveer Allahbadia

These people had first built their credibility or had established enough to reach a platform where they could start motivating others. How To Build That Credibility?

  • You can write a book about something you know a lot about. When you hold a book with your name on it, it naturally makes a positive impression.
  • You can start your own YouTube channel. The more subscribers you have on your channel, the more credible you become.
  • You can personalize a website that presents you as a motivational speaker; this is an effective tool for showcasing what you do and can do.
  • You can begin speaking at small events for free, and as you gain more experience speaking at events, people will begin to believe in your abilities.

Now that you know who your audience, as well as your field, is, it's time to polish your speech writing skills so you can amaze them.

How to Kickstart Your Career as a Motivational Speaker?

The introduction, the body, and the conclusion are the three sections that most speeches have. Begin by studying how to write effective introductions. You might begin your speech by thanking the folks who put the event together, citing a famous person, asking a question, or doing something completely different.

To be a paid motivational speaker, you should be an excellent speaker at the very least. That implies you must practice speaking at all times and in all places. You should deliver 100 motivational speeches and polish your talents before you ask for money.

Market Yourself

You will spend 80% of your time selling and marketing yourself. You'll have to get used to asking for business and figuring out how to get out of your way. You must believe in yourself and understand why you are special and why people should listen to you. You need to understand how to assist others in obtaining their goals. You must learn to pay attention to others.

Pay attention to their interests and requirements to create a program that is meaningful to them. You'll have to learn how to market if you want to succeed. First and foremost, your reputation is really important. Do exactly what you claim you'll do. Establish clear values for how you want your business to operate, and then live by them.

Build A Professional Presence Online

Creating a website that professionally describes your work is a much-needed tool for a motivational speaker. Apart from that, one can also try other tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter. They are great for having a business contract digitally. After all this, one must have some of the content prepared to share on these platforms.

An Example- Sandeep Maheshwari Website
An Example- Sandeep Maheshwari Website 

This step is similar to showcasing the work you have done to gain the trust of your clients before even you have talked with them directly. Educational blog entries or videos are a terrific approach to demonstrate that you know your stuff. Producing high-quality site content can influence people's decisions to cooperate with you.

Those blog entries and videos offer solid proof that you're one of the top motivational speakers around, assisting you in your quest to learn how to speak in public. This could be on YouTube, Instagram, and so on.

Local Gigs & Small setups

There are almost likely dozens of speaking opportunities in your town or nearby area. Local events may not appear to be flashy or thrilling. They will, however, assist you in gaining the credibility you need to further your profession. Look for local events or conferences to speak at and offer your skills to them. You won't be able to immediately participate in national events.

Fun Fact about Public Speaking
Fun Fact about Public Speaking

Starting with the simple steps such as giving out the speech in a small gathering and then working up the way to the intermediate crowd and then finally practising for the larger crowd is the basic path to gaining success being a public speaker.

Becoming a well-paid, highly sought-after speaker necessitates a consistent commitment to self-improvement. Smaller venues, such as rotary clubs, community centers, and small business organizations, are ideal places for beginning presenters to hone their skills.

They also join groups such as Toastmasters International to improve their speaking skills and receive constructive criticism. Marketing oneself as a motivational speaker using social media and local advertising can also help to boost a speaker's visibility and bookings.

Speakers can also supplement their income by selling motivational speeches on CDs or DVDs, as well as creating books that propagate their message. On their blogs, some speakers sell e-books that elaborate on the topics they deliver in their lectures.

6 Methods Through Which Motivational Speakers Can Earn Money

When we listen to the term motivational speaker, the thought that crosses our mind is a big stage with a large amount of audience listening carefully to the speaker with intermediate applause. However, that is not the fact of how motivational speakers are earning their money. There are many ways through which motivational speakers can earn money. Some of them are discussed below:

Private Consultation

There are several people out there who need some motivation. For those types of people, private consultation can be helpful. Providing private consultation as a motivational speaker is almost similar to providing emotional therapy to the person. One can create their visiting cards and promotional websites to market themselves and get their contact shared with needy ones.

Hosting Workshops and Seminars

Not necessary that motivational speakers talk all about mental health only. Some motivational speakers help employees to boost their confidence also. Providing workshops on the selected topic can surely attract the attention of needy people. With that, the speakers can have their joining fee from the audience to join the workshop and learn the art shared by the speakers.

As per the report published by SpeakerFlow, 85% of motivational speakers have shifted to virtual platforms
As per the report published by SpeakerFlow, 85% of motivational speakers have shifted to virtual platforms

Arranging Public Seminars

The best scenes associated with motivational speakers are of public seminars only. Speakers can be paid a good amount of fees to stand there on stage and share some of their tips. Apart from this, the speakers can also get some percentage of money from the sale of tickets and products sold under the name of the speaker.

Advertising for Different Firms

Motivational speakers can easily advertise for the product in their speech in return for the advertisement charge that will be paid to them. Motivational speakers who have their comfort level coordinated with digital platforms can easily advertise the products in their videos. And for the offline world, speakers can recommend the products in their speech in their way. This is also a good source of income for motivational speakers.

Visiting Different Organizations

Many organizations call out for motivational speakers to come and inaugurate their function. For such events, the speakers can charge a fee and work for them in exchange. This type of event is a win-win situation for both the organization as well as the speaker. Public Speakers can get much recognition at such events and can also earn enough money.

Marketing Self

One can also earn money while trying to market the self. For the motivational speakers to have their own YouTube channel or a published book, they will be paid with their amount of share if it is found to be successful. Motivational speakers can earn a good amount of money from social media posts, publishing books, writing e-books, writing guest blogs, and creating their channel or website.

As per the report published by SpeakerFlow, 70% of public speakers are Solopreneurs and create their own marketing strategy
As per the report published by SpeakerFlow, 70% of public speakers are Solopreneurs and create their own marketing strategy

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Motivational speakers work to create a positive effect on their listeners. They speak on various topics and in a different manner but with the same goal of motivating the listener.

Motivational speakers can sometimes be hired by the company to push up the spirits of the employees or they can be a single-man army showcasing their talent by the means of different platforms. Some of the basic information about how to become a motivational speaker and how they make money is shared in the above context.


Is a motivational speaker a career?

Motivational speakers can earn a good living amount by implementing proper strategies and taking up good chances. Hence, it can be estimated that Motivational speaking is a career.

How do I market myself as a motivational speaker?

There are various means of marketing the self as a motivational speaker to the audience. Some of them are writing a guest blog, writing E-book, using Social media platforms to create posts and share them with others, publishing a book on the topic that you know the most, etc.

How much do top motivational speakers make?

I believe a report from ZipRecruiter, the top motivational speakers earn around $12,125 per month.

Do I need a degree to be a motivational speaker?

No, becoming a motivational speaker does not require any particular degree. However, people with basic degrees in the native language of speaking can be more fluent with their words getting them an additional advantage over others.

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