Top Music Streaming Services In India

With the increase in the number of subscribers on such a frequent basis, top players in the music streaming industry like Apple Music, JioSaavn, Spotify, etc are battling it out to capture the Indian market.

Top Music Streaming Services In India

Over the last few years, a huge change has been witnessed in the music consumption pattern of Indians which has led to a boom in the Indian Music streaming industry. A country where a majority of music listeners relied on radio and television, now have at least 200 million listeners using music streaming services, owing to the lowest price of internet services in the world.

With the increase in the number of subscribers on such a frequent basis, top players in the music streaming industry like Apple Music, JioSaavn, Spotify, etc are battling it out to capture the Indian market.

Affordable data packs can be an important factor that most smartphone users are now using streaming platforms to listen to music on their mobile phones, tablets, and even on computers. While international giants like Amazon Music and Spotify are trying to establish their footing in the Indian zones, local players have also attracted millions of subscribers with a considerable collection of Bollywood soundtracks, podcasts, devotional music, regional songs, etc.

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Top Music Streaming Services in India:


Gaana- Hindi for 'song', owned by Times Internet is one of the largest music streaming services in the country with more than 150 million active subscribers. With a majority of its 45 plus million tunes from India, Gaana is ahead of global players like Spotify and Amazon Music. Also, the music is in 20 regional languages, including “auto-tuned Punjabi-language pop ballads, Hindi hip-hop and devotional tunes,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Grassroot strategy and connection to regional music is an advantage over its international competitors. No other music streaming platform provides such a wide category of region-specific Indian songs. Gaana has also reduced its subscription prices from Rs 1,198-Rs 299 for the annual premium plan. Being active in the country have also allowed these services to acquire music rights from different music labels.


The closest competition of Gaana is JioSaavn, with a 24% market share and more than 100 million monthly active users. JioSaavn became the second-largest music streaming platform after the Jio-Saavn merger in 2018. The streaming service hosts over 50 million songs, including, western, Bollywood, indie, or regional artists in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and more.

JioSaavn has also slashed its prices by 70 percent to lure more listeners. The monthly plan for JioSaavn costs Rs 99. The JioSaavn app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, JioSaavn improves on Saavn’s earlier user interface and makes it better. However, JioSaavn retains several features from Saavn and adds some new forms of content.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music service has the added advantage of Google Play Music’s 35 million song collection, along with the brand of YouTube. The platform has the biggest music catalog, including remixes, covers, renditions, live performances, etc. YouTube Music is a part of YouTube, made specifically for music listening experience.

The platform offers up to 256 kbps streaming and also recommends music based on our preferences. It also offers us the ability to switch between audio/video playbacks. YouTube music also has a feature of the offline mixtape, which saves up to 100 tracks to the device based on our liking. There are two versions of this application, listeners can opt for the free one which includes advertisement and does not have background play advantages.

On the other hand, the paid version costs around Rs 99/month, the Student plan costs Rs 59/month and the Family Plan (for six users) costs Rs 129/month.


Spotify is a Swedish music streaming platform and was launched in the year 2019 India. Spotify provides high-quality music at a maximum bitrate of 320kbps and has around 40-50 million songs added to its catalog.

The streaming service has a free and a paid version and is available on both android and iOS platforms. Apart from this, Spotify provides features like curated playlists, collaborative playlists, song lyrics, song credits, podcasts, and also it can cast music on any device.

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The app also provides an interesting user interface that keeps on updating regularly and includes new features and elements. It provides darker aesthetics, a modern interface of Spotify, and also made integrations for Instagram stories, Google Maps. Samsung devices etc.

Spotify Premium service for students is priced at Rs 59 per month and the normal version will cost Rs 119 per month for users. There is no family plan available in India.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a premium music streaming service which came to India in the year 2015 with different subscription plans. Apple had launched the Student Plan, Family Plan, and Individual Plan for Rs 60, Rs 190, and Rs 120. However, after analysing its competitors, Apple has slashed its prices.

It is now available for Rs 99 for individuals, Rs 49 for students, and Rs 149 for the family plan. Apple Music also provides a 3 months free trial in India. It also offers up to 256 kbps streaming and better quality compared to other platforms.

Apple Music provides personalized recommendations, a unique Apple user interface, and boasts a music catalog of over 70 million songs. The service also provides mixes, music video playlists, Beats 1 radio, along with news and sports content. Apple Music also offers Siri and Apple Watch integration and Shazam integration.

Interestingly, Apple Music can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices.

Wynk Music

Wynk music is owned by Airtel and has a 15% market share in India. The app is for both Airtel and non-Airtel users and is only available on the Android platform. Airtel has also started pilots for hosting live online concerts on the Wynk Music app.

It aims to provide the adoption of streaming platforms and provides artists to explore live streaming and virtual concerts. Wynk owns over 10 million songs and a large category of Bollywood and regional soundtracks. The service provides an unlimited download option which is quite popular among the users.

The premium plan costs Rs 29 per month for Airtel users and Rs 99 for other users.

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