Nirmit Parikh: Revolutionizing Opportunities for Blue and Grey Collar Workers

Nirmit Parikh: Revolutionizing Opportunities for Blue and Grey Collar Workers
Nirmit Parikh Success Story

Nirmit Parikh leads Apna, a pioneering venture in India's professional networking and job landscape. As the founder and CEO, Parikh's journey showcases entrepreneurial determination, foresight, and a keen grasp of India's job market trends.

In 2019, Parikh set out to tackle the hurdles confronting countless job seekers in India. He envisioned as a tech-driven solution to connect job seekers with employers, laying its groundwork. The platform quickly gained momentum, becoming a go-to hub for both job seekers and employers nationwide.

Apna's rapid ascent highlights Parikh's knack for spotting market needs and delivering innovative solutions. With over 40 million users and 545,000 employers onboard, Apna has become a key driver of socioeconomic progress, linking individuals with meaningful job prospects across 74 Indian cities.

As India experiences economic revitalization, Parikh remains steadfast in his vision for Apna, to equip individuals with the tools and opportunities essential for success in a dynamic job market. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to societal betterment, Parikh is not only shaping India's employment landscape but also empowering millions to pursue their aspirations.

'Every Emerging Working Class Individual Is A Champion': Nirmit Parikh

Nirmit Parikh - Biography

Name Nirmit Parikh
Nationality Indian
Education Master of Business Administration, Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Position Founder and CEO, Apna

Nirmit Parikh - Early Life
Nirmit Parikh - Career
Nirmit Parikh - Apna

Nirmit Parikh - Early Life

Nirmit Parikh completed his Bachelor of Technology degree in Instrumentation & Control at Nirma Institute of Technology between 2005 and 2009. Following this, from 2014 to 2016, he pursued a Master of Business Administration at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

He is the founder of Incone Technologies, a company specializing in control systems for hydropower automation and IT sectors. These systems can range from single powerful components to complex integrated systems spanning entire enterprises. Incone Technologies has implemented innovative control systems for various hydro and irrigation projects, benefiting corporations such as ICCS, AD Hydro, and NHPC, contributing to over 1200 MW of renewable energy.

Additionally, Parikh co-founded Cruxbot, a company acquired by Kno Inc, Intel Corp, focusing on designing artificial intelligence solutions capable of processing large amounts of data to establish connections between people and machines.

In November 2023, he joined Intel Corporation, leading the research and development team for personalized education. His responsibilities included strategic planning, data analysis, trend identification, defining product roadmaps, and overseeing product development of decision-making engines and algorithms. He successfully facilitated technology transfers and established Intel's first office in Ahmedabad, India.

Transitioning to Apple in July 2016, Parikh oversaw product and strategy for software platforms, particularly focusing on Capex.

In 2019, he founded Apna, marking another milestone in his entrepreneurial journey.

Nirmit Parikh - Career

Apna, aside from its significant user base, has made notable partnerships with prominent companies such as Zomato, Burger King, and Delhivery, demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting the hiring requirements of various industries. Notably,, BigBasket, and HDFC Bank Ltd. have utilized the platform for recruitment purposes.

Additionally, Apna's collaboration with respected organizations like the National Skill Development Corporation and UNICEF Yuwaah highlights Parikh's dedication to enhancing skills and employment prospects for India's young population. Through partnerships with both public and private entities, Apna serves not only as a job platform but also as a force for societal change, empowering individuals to realize their full potential.

Parikh's influence extends beyond Apna, as he actively engages with government initiatives such as the Ministry of Minority Affairs of India to promote inclusive growth and opportunity creation. By leveraging technology and strategic partnerships, Parikh aims to democratize access to employment opportunities, ensuring that everyone has equal access to building a rewarding career.

In terms of revenue, Apna primarily earns through its recruitment solutions provided on its website and mobile application. Revenue is generated through fees, recognized upon completion of services or at the end of the subscription period.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Bangalore, Apna achieved unicorn status within just 21 months. Supported by Sequoia Capital, its total revenue surged by 283% to INR 65.7 Cr in FY22 from INR 17 Cr in FY21, while expenses rose by 293% year-over-year to INR 178.3 Cr, primarily due to increased spending on advertising and promotions.

Apna Success Story: Empowering Job Seekers and Recruiters
Apna is an online recruitment platform founded by Nirmit Parikh. Discover Apna company details like the business model, funding, revenue, and more.

Nirmit Parikh - Apna

In 2019, tech entrepreneur Nirmit Parikh immersed himself in the world of blue-collar work by taking on a role as an electrician in Mumbai. This firsthand experience revealed the significant challenges faced by workers in this sector, including a lack of support networks and resources for finding jobs and improving skills.

Inspired by his observations, Parikh launched Apna, a smartphone app utilizing advanced algorithms to connect job seekers with employers on a local level, catering to rural areas as well. Apna also fosters more than 70 professional communities where individuals such as carpenters, electricians, and delivery personnel can network, share job-seeking tips, and enhance their skills.

In just 21 months, Apna achieved a remarkable $1.1 billion valuation, with a vision of leveraging technology to drive cultural and social change. The platform experienced rapid growth, expanding by 125% within two years and garnering usage from over 150,000 companies in India, including Shadowfax, Zomato, and Burger King. Apna has facilitated over 100 million interviews and boasts over 10 million downloads of its Android app.

Profile on Apna
Profile on Apna

Under Parikh's leadership, Apna has become synonymous with innovation and impact in India's job market. His adeptness in overcoming challenges, forming strategic partnerships, and fostering organizational growth reflects his leadership skills and dedication to positive transformation.

Apart from his role at Apna, Parikh is esteemed as a thought leader in the entrepreneurial sphere, sharing insights and knowledge to inspire future innovators. His contributions to the startup community have earned him acclaim, solidifying his position as a visionary leader in India's technology landscape.

Furthermore, Apna collaborated with the Generation India Foundation, which aims to create employment opportunities for graduates of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start program. Through this partnership, Apna will assist graduates in honing their professional skills and connecting them with technology and cloud-related job opportunities through its platform. This collaboration addresses the growing demand for IT and cloud talent across India, providing AWS re/Start graduates with a platform to showcase their abilities directly to recruiters seeking entry-level tech roles nationwide.


Who is Nirmit Parikh?

Nirmit Parikh is the founder and CEO of Apna, a tech-driven solution to connect job seekers with employers.

When was Apna founded?

Apna was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Bangalore.

How many users does Apna have?

With over 40 million users and 545,000 employers onboard, Apna has become a key driver of socioeconomic progress, linking individuals with meaningful job prospects across 74 Indian cities.

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