Be a Leader or a Boss? How To Manage a Team Most Effectively

Be a Leader or a Boss? How To Manage a Team Most Effectively

A person or any individual who has the authorization over employees or any organization is known as the boss. He is the person around to whom any worker can report about their problem or anything related to their job. It signifies that the boss is the immediate supervisor of the employees.

The boss has the authority by which he exercises the given control over the workers or employees. Besides, a boss gives the orders required, assigns each employee under him their respective tasks, and maintains the record. The boss is the person who is entitled to make crucial decisions on matters concerned. The term ' Boss ' refers to a person who is the owner or the head of any organization. Thus, a boss can be any supervisor, director, or anyone working on any higher post.

A leader refers to an individual who has the ability to motivate and influence people for the achievement and accomplishment of mutual goals. The term 'leader' refers to a person who graces that dominant position with much responsibility. He is the one who leads the other members of the team. He sets the right objectives, goals, and examples in mutual interest. He is the person who walks with a vision for society. The leader is the one who stays honest to his commitments for the sake of the goals set by him. A leader always keeps striving for the achievement of that mutual goal of people. The way a leader sets examples motivates people to follow his footsteps and directions.

How to become a good leader?
What are the efficient ways to manage a team?
What are the benefits of being a leader rather than a boss?

Leader Vs Boss

How to become a good leader?

When a question like this arises, then the most important qualities which are cited in a leader are intelligence, assertiveness, conscientiousness. The enthusiastic and energetic leaders are known as Transformational Leaders. They are empowering, enigmatic, positive, and a lot more inspiring. These leaders value their followers as well as inspire them for better performance. So some of the factors to be idealized are:

  1. First comes that an individual should have a thorough understanding of his leadership skills.
  2. A leader must encourage his followers to improve their creativity. It makes a transformational leader intellectual. In return, it helps to achieve mutual goals.
  3. The purpose of fostering these qualities in the group members or the followers makes them go beyond limits and not get disgraced by mere failure.
  4. One of the main four components of transformational leadership is his idealized influence. It is the behavior and attitude of the leader, which makes him stand as a role model in encouraging their followers.
  5. A transformational leader is not worried about the completion of a task. But, he tries to inhibit the passion and genuine spirit among the members for the project they are working on.
  6. The essential quality of a leader is to create one-to-one communication among the people or the followers.

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What are the efficient ways to manage a team?

Managing Team
Managing team

It's better to be a leader than a boss. The role of a leader in composing a team is not always about free and smooth sailing. In the beginning, a leader is responsible for a given assignment alone. It is the job of the leader to motivate, energize and lead the team to meet the mutual goals of the organization. It is not going to be easy to work with each and everyone. It is a great challenge for a leader to ensure a smooth drive without any speed breaker obstructing. So these are the possible ways to manage a team:

  1. A leader must keep the employees in a proper loop by regularly informing them about the current projects and their respective deadlines.
  2. A leader must communicate well among the employees and keep them posted about what is going on.
  3. A leader must know all the members of his organization individually on their root levels. It means that a leader is familiar with his group both from a professional aspect and a personal aspect.
  4. A better leader for the coming age must have the ability to prove his authority and take up some crucial decisions for the organization.

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What are the benefits of being a leader rather than a boss?

First of all, this is a matter of great respect to grace as a leader for many people. It is because a boss is available anywhere bossing around for the job he is assigned. But, a leader creates the difference by bringing change for the achievement of mutual goals. But talking about this matter, there are more benefits of becoming a leader rather than a leader not only for an individual but also for the convolved. Here are quite a few points which can make an in benefits better:

  1. It is widespread that a leader leads his team but never rules it. A leader never works in front of members. Instead, he works with them.
  2. A leader never gets embarrassed to learn from a person holding a lower position.
  3. A leader always gives time and pays attention to his employees at times. It is necessary for their growth not only as great members but also as human beings.
  4. A leader looks to build better relationships, which will enhance the performance of the employees at the workplace. It makes employees quite creative.
  5. A leader always has a mindset of getting involved and helping the members at any point if they need it.
  6. A leader always tries to make adjustments according to the comfort of the members.

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Therefore, a leader is better suited for the organization and a better option for its smooth conduct. It is because every member or employee hopes to see a leader around in the form of a boss. A leader is the only person who takes care of every happening and takes responsibility too. A leader always walks alongside to help at any point may be on a professional or personal level. Hence, a leader is the need of the hour. He is the demand of the society for the revolution rather than a mere boss.


What are leadership skills?

Best leadership skills includes:

  • Self-development
  • Team Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Ethical Practice
  • Innovation

What is a good leadership?

A great leader posses qualities such as:

  • Clear vision
  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • clear focus

What separates a boss from a leader?

Being a leader requires going above and beyond the call of duty whereas a boss is involved in getting the  job responsibilities attained.

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