Being A Rockstar In Your Company Is A Matter Of 10 Best Things Leaders Do Every Day

Being A Rockstar In Your Company Is A Matter Of 10 Best Things Leaders Do Every Day

Ever had a nerve that you want to lead your football team, or manage a startup, or just lead your project team. What all it takes is a, Leader. But you have to understand that you don’t need a name to be a leader. What binds a leader to themselves is leadership and remember this leadership is action taken, not a position. in times, where there is no leadershp , society stands still.

The successful habits are the only key to great leadership. So, what’s the recipe for a great leader? I would say there’s no such formula but the 10 best things leaders do every day. Although great leaders are born in the past centuries what’s important is what could you learn from them. Because it’s said that “Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other.”

What Makes Leaders Different From Everyone?

You might have seen in movies or if you’re in a corporate, that once The Boss enters the hall, the vibe sets up of the room and everyone stands or bows to greet him. Basically, what’s the difference between you and him/her? Because obviously they aren’t the son of God that you have to bow to them every time you see him. The difference is innovation, the motivation, the wisdom, and gratitude for working with a great team. Leaders don’t fail because of skills but most leadership failures are a matter of the heart.

10 best things leaders must do to make a difference
What makes Leader different from everyone? 

I would start with a great example of Steve Jobs. He was one of the greatest businessmen and co-founder of Apple Inc. but the most shocking part was he didn’t know a single word of how-to code, but Steve Wozniak was behind all the programming stuff. And still, we all know Apple company because of Steve Jobs. In fact, it was Jobs’ vision that laid its steps on the path to success. He once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” and we, too, agree upon this.

And there’s a fun acronym to leaders with a HEART to do whatever they want to

H – Hunger for wisdom

E - Expect the Best

A – Accept Responsibility

R – Respond with Courage

T – Think Others First

What do great leaders do everyday | Habits of leaders

10 Best things Leaders Do Every Day

1. Promote Your Vision

Always have a clear vision of where your company is going, in front of your team on a regular basis. Why do this and why not keep it to a smaller group of people! Because when you do this, you’re not only motivating them but also sharing the strategic goals so they connected to the work.

2. Manage Priorities

Wise-people always keeps a journal with them, the point of this is to keep your day in the record. The better you can prioritize the thing you’re going to do for the day, the better is the focus of the efforts on the tasks that matter most. Without the clarity of tasks, you’re going to end up wasting time and morning energy. So, better get a pen and paper and write them down!

3. Delegate Tasks

It’s a belief that leaders always want to do things for themselves, but learning to delegate when in need is very important. It not only controls your workload but enables your team to achieve goals at a speed of light. This produces better results and accomplishes more than ever could, on your own.

4. Motivate Changes

Change is the only constant in this universe. If your team is working on the edge, and your company is stagnant and stuck. There’s when the leader comes to play when a strong leader involves constantly and consistently motivating changes in spite of underlying risks.

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5. Generate Urgency

When you instill a sense of urgency within yourself, you motivate yourself to deliver on results. Without it, you may find yourself procrastinating, doing halfhearted work, and struggling to get tasks and projects done on time. Urgency is your best weapon against daily distractions.

6. Communicate Effectively

Good communication is key to everything, which is the bed-rock element for successful leadership. A follower would always look towards its leaders for a vision and direction. The communication factor not only builds a good bond between both but its seen the performance also gets improved eventually because communication brings clarity to everything the team needs to do.

7. Listen Actively

It’s important that you listen to everyone because active listening is the best skill you can cultivate. When you intentionally focus on what others are saying, then you follow up with open-ended questions: what, why, how, and when. You not only come up with great ideas but you move beyond your own point of view and you get a check on your own understanding for accuracy. There’s a famous saying by Benjamin Disraeli – “I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?”

8. Managing Risks

The risk-taking opportunity is always not given to everyone and only a few can make it through them. Great leaders are always scanning the horizon for underlying risks as well as opportunities. Believe it or not, the art of constantly weighing costs and benefits, and putting everything on stake is not a cup of tea because prospective outcomes are always less.

9. Act Decisively

You have to control any impulse toward impatience and reactivity on one hand, and many other factors on others. You have to work hard to ensure that the understanding of the problem is complete, then only take strong action towards it and never look back.

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10. Empower Others

Being a leader is a part of your job to help your team develop the top players in your industry. In fact, people grow when they own their decisions, hold themselves accountable for what they are doing, and experience the consequences of their actions. This is what you have to do, assign them what they are capable of, and bring out the greatness in them.

A leader is a dealer in hope – Napoleon Bonaparte
10 best things leaders should do every day
The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. - Jim Rohn

What Else Can You Do To Make A Difference is:

  • Make people feel valuable
  • Make some time to connect more with your team
  • Be honest and straightforward even when the news is bad
  • Be accountable for your actions, even if it’s your team in it
  • Share the credit
  • Give praises, and do it more often
  • Delegate responsibility without micromanaging
  • Celebrate skills, and appreciate the talent
  • Challenge the status quo, and don't settle for mediocrity
  • Invest in your team, and make them feel important
  • Encourage and inspire
  • Build team spirit, and encourage inclusiveness

When you can do these days, you will be not only an effective leader but likely a successful one too. Leadership is what exactly binds a leader to be it, and not only that, leadership is the learned behavior that is automatic. They are enablers of talent and capabilities within a person because a person with a vision can obviously see what’s ahead.

No matter what you begin with, because in the end, only a few successful leaders are able to sustain their successes’ with minimizing the upcoming risks.

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