PartnerStack - Affiliate Marketing Platform To Maximize Your Partnerships Benefits

PartnerStack - Affiliate Marketing Platform To Maximize Your Partnerships Benefits

In affiliate marketing, a product owner can increase sales by allowing others who are targeting the same audience to earn a commission by recommending the product to others. Affiliates can earn money on product sales without creating their own products.

This type of marketing refers people to products and services through blogs, social media sites, and websites. Anyone who purchases through the affiliate's unique link will earn a commission.

About PartnerStack
Features of PartnerStack
How to earn rewards on PartnerStack?
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How to use PartnerStack Affiliate Program

About PartnerStack

PartnerStack is a partnership software that assists you with selecting the correct accomplices to work with and engages your accomplices to sell a greater amount of your product. That's why companies like Intercom, asana, Evernote, and Unbounce prefer PartnerStack to scale their businesses into better revenue channels.

PartnerStack Network has created more than $100 million in income for programs on PartnerStack. Each accomplice on PartnerStack gains admittance to their committed dashboard that makes it simple to quantify their presentation, access assets, pull out installments, and find new projects to join.

PartnerStack is one of the top affiliate marketing agencies today. PartnerStack  might be an excellent platform for SaaS proprietors who want their product to be noticed by top-notch associate advertisers. It is very resourceful for proprietors who create and manage their affiliate programs. PartnerStack consistently coordinates with your current technology stack and right away makes your associate program internationally agreeable.

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Features of PartnerStack

PartnerStack Programs
PartnerStack Programs

PartnerStack helps you find the right partners to work with and empowers them to sell more of your product. Because of this, both SaaS companies and their partners prefer PartnerStack to any other partner relationship management (PRM) platform available in the market today. And that's why the fastest-growing SaaS companies turn to PartnerStack to scale their programs into major revenue channels.

To view your reports, referrals, and much more, PartnerStack provides a clean, intuitive interface. Withdrawals can be made quickly and easily via PayPal or Stripe.

Multiple channels can be scaled

  • PartnerStack is designed to handle every type of partnership — and all of them at once - whether you're looking to close more deals, generate more leads, or drive traffic to your next campaign.
  • Using PartnerStack, you can keep track of your partners' links, leads, and deals
    Integrate customer loyalty programs into your product.
  • With the PartnerStack API, you can sell directly to distributors.

Partner performance can be maximized.

Engagement-focused programs generate more revenue. One can create custom experiences for each of the partner channels with PartnerStack and turn new partners into high-performing affiliates in no time.

PartnerStack help to create partner groups with their own reward structures and content to encourage participation. Use customized forms and email flows to streamline the onboarding of new partners.

Automate your payouts to your affiliates

PartnerStack is used by many organizations because they're tired of wasting time making sure their partners are paid on a monthly basis. PartnerStack pays your partners on your behalf, saving you time and effort. You can receive a monthly invoice that can be paid by credit card or ACH through Stripe or PayPal, partners can withdraw their own rewards. PartnerStack helps to comply with global regulations and provides financial teams with transparency.

PartnerStack for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers are always on the lookout for high-quality products to promote through affiliate marketing channels. Especially if you're promoting B2B software, PartnerStack is a must-have. Sales, marketing, accounting, development, productivity, and social media can all be used to promote software products.

As soon as you log in to your PartnerStack affiliate account and create your affiliate account, a wide range of options are available when using any affiliate product.
You must reach a minimum of $25.00 before you can withdraw your commissions from the platform.

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How to earn rewards on PartnerStack?

To earn rewards for getting great software, services, and products into the right hands, you may need to join one or more affiliate programmes.

Depending on the type of product or service they offer, each company will have a different reward structure. Your program's structure will be displayed on your partner dashboard, as well as on the company's profile.

As an example of a reward, consider the following:

1) 15% of every sale
2) Every sale is worth $100.
3) For every ten signups, you will receive $5.
4) A blog post is worth $25.
5) A review is worth $5.

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Partnerstack - Pros

  • Convenient to set up and operate.
  • An attractive and modern UI.
  • Service that exceeds expectations.
  • Customer Success Manager help us create a vision for how to optimize our usage.
  • Everything is in one place, which is something that many competitors don't have.
  • Easy-to-use interface, excellent customer service and referral tracking system make PartnerStack a winner. Everything is very well-organized and runs smoothly throughout the entire process.
  • Backend integration that is seamless.
  • Highly regarded affiliates rely on its services.
  • In the launch of our Refer-A-Friend programme, PartnerStack was easy to work with and collaborative.
  • A great deal of exposure.

Partnerstack - Cons

  • When it comes to the processes, there is a little bit of a learning curve, but nothing too difficult. However, payouts are never delayed.
  • Sometimes the reporting is a little sloppy.
  • Instead of a central dashboard, the platform opens up in one of your affiliate partnerships. So, the left menu becomes unmanageable if you're enrolled in multiple programs.
  • In addition to analytics, other modules such as the asset library and email functionality could be improved to provide greater flexibility in creating customised dashboards.
  • B2B is not always online, so better offline tracking solutions are needed.
  • PartnerStack is not yet compatible with mobile devices.
  • Additional notification settings are absent in PartnerStack.

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PartnerStack - Pricing

PartnerStack provides custom pricing based on each business's specific needs and requirements. There is no one price for any tool or plan. The prices are decided as per the size of the company and the functionality and popularity of the tool. There are many other aspects that go behind the pricing of PartnerStack. You can request the pricing on PartnerStack's website.


Overall, Partnerstack is an effective affiliate platform that contains all the essential features, especially for SaaS products. It is quite affordable in contrast to other digital platforms like ShareASale, Clickbank, Impact, etc.

As an Affiliate marketer, PartnerStack is a must-try!


How much does PartnerStack cost?

PartnerStack provides custom pricing based on each business's specific needs and requirements.

What does PartnerStack do?

PartnerStack is an affiliate marketing platform that helps in increasing sales, leads and conversion by maximizing the advantages of partnerships with other affiliate marketers.

Who Uses PartnerStack?

Small and mid size business, and Mid-Market B2B SaaS companies with referral, affiliate, and other partner marketing use partnerStack.

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