How To Promote Your Business On Zomato! | Best Way To Grow Your Restaurant Through Zomato

If you own a restaurant, café, or bakery, you must advertise your business on popular food delivery apps. Zomato is one of the most popular food-delivery apps in India. Therefore, you should advertise your business on Zomato to promote your business. Moreover, if you advertise your business, Zomato offers you the track performance of your business through which you can track the response to your advertisement campaign on Zomato. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for your business if you advertise on Zomato where more than 12,000 restaurants have already advertised. But before you get to know how to advertise on Zomato, you should know why you should advertise on Zomato and how to promote your restaurant on Zomato? or How to promote restaurant on Zomato?

Why Advertise On Zomato?
How to Advertise on Zomato?
How to Promote Business on Zomato?

Zomato Ads
Zomato Ads

Why Advertise On Zomato?

  • If you advertise on Zomato, your advertisement will appear as a banner on both the Zomato app and the website. Also, the visibility of your restaurant is boosted in the collections where your restaurant already appears.
  • Zomato offers showcased advertisements when customers in your local neighborhood search on Zomato.
  • Zomato, as already mentioned offers state-of-the-art analytics tools to you so that you can analyze how well your advertisements are doing on Zomato.
  • You can record and listen to calls regarding your restaurant or café which will help you understand what are your customers' demand.

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How to Advertise on Zomato?

  1. First, go to the Zomato website.
  2. Scroll down and find the 'For Restaurants' column.
  3. Click on 'Products For Businesses'.
  4. Under, Advertise Your Business, click on the 'Learn More' button.
  5. You'll see 'advertisement on Zomato' and click on the button saying 'Yes, I'm interested'.
  6. If you haven't yet added a restaurant, you will be asked to add it. If you have added your restaurant, read step 7.
  7. Add Media To Dashboard
  8. You will now be able to customize your advertisement with some filters. The first filter will be the 'Placement page' in which you can select where your advertisement is displayed such as the homepage. The second will ask you to choose the dimensions of your advertisement. The third one is 'Banner Type' which has options such as Banner Website, Banner Collection, etc.
  9. Select the start date and end date for your ad campaign.
  10. Upload your artwork that will be displayed as the advertisement.
  11. Make payment for the advertisement

And that's it. Your advertisement will start appearing on the website and the page within 24 hours after the beginning of the start date. After your advertisement campaign starts, you will receive a screenshot of your advertisement which will confirm the start of your ad-campaign.
After the ad-campaign has been completed, you will receive a report of the campaign through your mail.

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How to Promote Business on Zomato?

Provide Special Deals And Offers To Your Customers

You should provide special deals, offers, and discounts to your customers once in a while. This ensures that your existing customers continue to buy their favorite meals from your restaurant and will also attract new customers to your restaurants.

Meals Of The Day!

It is one of the best way to advertise your restaurant. Offer special dishes and meals to your customers as 'Meal of the day'. This attracts people to buy the dish and will keep them loyal to your restaurant.

Happy Hours

Offer special discounts and offers only during these hours. These offers will grow your customer base and people will be excited and attracted to buy during these 'Happy Hours'. One example of this can be 'Buy one drink and get another one free between 3 PM and 6 PM'.

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Be Unique

Offer cuisines that are unique and nobody else offers it. You could try out special sweet dishes or traditional food items that people will find nowhere else.

Zomato Banner Ads

Ad Banners Improve your visibility through personalized banners on both our web and mobile discovery platform. Additional Exposure in Collections. Boost your visibility on the collections in which your restaurant is already featured. So, show ads on Zomato as much as possible.

Promoting your business on Zomato can prove out to be very beneficial for your business. If you are a new business and do not want to invest in advertisements, you should definitely try out the other ideas to promote your business on Zomato.

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How do we start a business on Zomato?

Steps to register your restaurant on Zomato:

  • Create a Zomato review listing. Visit Zomato's add restaurant page.
  • Submit requests for Zomato Partner Registration.
  • Alternate method: Call the Zomato tie-up contact number.
  • Keep soft copies of legal documents ready.
  • Get the paperwork done and go-live.

What is Zomato Business Model?

To begin with, through its food delivery business, Zomato charges a commission to the restaurants on the basis of orders. While users pay a delivery fee, Zomato earns through restaurants who pay a commission for each delivery, which is then split among the delivery partner and the company.

How does Zomato Advertise?

Zomato, the global restaurant search and discovery service has introduced context-based advertisements on their mobile app, a shift from its earlier model where ads appeared only on the website. Using location-based information (GPS), the app will show in-line ads targeted at users in a certain geographical area.

How to promote on Zomato or how to promote your restaurant business?

The best way to attract customers on Zomato is by promoting the restaurant through visual content. You need to post bright and attractive photographs of the dishes on your menu.

How much does it cost to put an ad or how much zomato charge from restaurants?

Zomato Advertising Cost: Zomato charges as much as Rs 40 to Rs 50 per click for an advertisement on its platform, which is much more than what Google and several other players charge.

How to register on Zomato or how to add restaurant to Zomato?

  • Step 1 – Go to and click on the “Add a restaurant” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 2 – Fill the basic form to get your application underway.
  • Step 3 – Fill in the detailed form that follows.

How to increase sales on Zomato of how to increase visibility on Zomato?

  • Online ordering through Zomato App: As a restaurant, you should be aligned with the Zomato app.
  • Staff: Your staff should also be kind enough to take orders down when the time comes.
  • Condition of food at the time of delivery.
  • You can Advertise on Zomato.

How to promote food delivery business?

  1. Create a Website for Your Delivery Business.
  2. Keep Improving the Quality of your service.
  3. Collaborate with Food Bloggers.
  4. Market Your Deliver Service with Social media.
  5. Create a Mobile App.
  6. Do Restaurant and Food Establishment Outreach.
  7. Print and Handout Business cards or Fliers.
  8. Attend or Sponsor a Local Food Event.
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