List of Startups Funded by Raj Shamani

List of Startups Funded by Raj Shamani
Raj Shamani Funded Startups

'Startup' is becoming the most popular term used by people. Almost everyone nowadays is looking for ways to build one.

India has seen a great amount of growth in the startup industry in the past decade. More and more people are now interested in making investments in these.

The new-age entrepreneurs find startup funding a profitable investment. One popular name is Raj Shamani. He is an entrepreneur, businessman, and popular social media influencer.

Raj has funded many startups of fintech, passion economy space, and more. For example- Wint, Growth School, Scenes, etc.

About Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, motivational speaker, influencer, and whatnot. When we hear about young entrepreneurs in India, it is impossible that his name does not pop up.

This 24-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Indore was not born with a silver spoon. Rather he started working at a young age and made his way up on his own.

The unfortunate events of the recession and his father’s illness led to the downfall of his father’s business. It was then, when the young boy, Raj took the responsibility on his shoulders at the mere age of sixteen.

His father had a business of soaps. Soon, Raj realized that there was a great demand for liquid soaps, so he started making liquid soaps. To sell these, he came up with an amazing marketing idea.

He started approaching ladies, who wanted financial freedom. He asked them to promote and sell his products and offered them 25% with every sale they made. His marketing strategies worked so well that his business became capable of profits within a year.

Since then, there was no stopping for this boy. Being such a young entrepreneur, he got invites from many countries for speeches.  Till now, he has delivered speeches in around 26 countries which included platforms like United Nations, TED, and many more.

He realized that it was impossible to be present everywhere and spread his knowledge. So, he decided to become a digital creator to reach and help more people.

Now, this young boy is a businessman, digital creator, motivational speaker, popular podcaster, and investor.

Raj Shamani

Lists of Startups Funded by Raj Shamani

Raj, the 24-year-old young entrepreneur does not like to limit himself when it comes to opportunities. He has explored so many fields and excelled in all of them at such a young age.

Nowadays, startups are considered a favorable and profitable opportunity for investments. So, Raj has taken a dip in it too. Here are the startups funded by him.

  1. Wint Wealth
  2. Growth School
  3. The Mainstreet Marketplace
  4. OpeninApp
  5. Scenes
  6. Listed
  7. Deciml

Wint Wealth

Wint - Raj Shamani Funded Startups
Wint - Raj Shamani Funded Startups

It is a digital investment platform, founded in the year 2020. It is a platform with which people can make investments in assets like stocks and fixed deposits.

One can invest in assets of high risk with high returns like stocks. If one does not like to take big risks, they can make investments with low-risk and low returns assets as well.

Raj is one of the fifteen prime investors in this. He made his funding contribution in March 2021. Since he is a finfluencer (influencer in the financial sector), it makes for a great opportunity for both him and the platform.

Many other popular influencers have invested in it. For example- Ankur Warikoo, Abhi & Niyu, Tanmay Bhatt, etc.

Growth School

Growth School - Raj Shamani Funded Startups
Growth School - Raj Shamani Funded Startups

This is an ed-tech platform, founded in the year 2020. It follows the top-notch approach of live learning, conducted by industry experts.

It aims to equip learners with constructive and practical knowledge that they can apply in the real world. For this, the platform brings in the best faculty mentors from big companies.

In this startup’s funding, Raj is an angel investor since January 2022. He shares the space with many other popular names. For example- Kunal Shah (from CRED), Tanmay Bhatt, and more.

The Mainstreet Marketplace

The Mainstreet Marketplace - Raj Shamani Funded Startups
The Mainstreet Marketplace - Raj Shamani Funded Startups

It is a streetwear fashion platform, started in 2018 as a YouTube channel. It is now India’s leading platform for sneakers’ reselling.

They have stocks of sneakers and clothing from some of the premium brands. For sneakers, brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and more. For apparel, Essentials, Supreme, etc.

The platform has raised a seed round of funding. Raj made his contribution to the funding in October 2021. Along with him, some other popular names include, Varun Duggirala (Glitch), Prashant Iyer, etc.


OpeninApp - Raj Shamani Funded Startups
OpeninApp - Raj Shamani Funded Startups

It is a linking tool for social media apps, founded in the year 2018. It is a great tool for creators and influencers. This helps them make the most out of the links shared by them.

It makes deep links for the platforms and also creates the safest link smarter service. It is one of its kind is used by popular influencers and brands across Instagram and YouTube.

It is a useful and popular tool in the field of social media. The app is suitable for all social media apps like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

Raj is an angel investor in this startup since January 2022.


Scenes - Raj Shamani Funded Startups
Scenes - Raj Shamani Funded Startups

Scenes by Avalon is a startup that hosts chat and voice communities, where like-minded people can meet and greet.

It is an all-in-one community platform that is like your own Discord. It allows you to run webinars and chats, upload media, host events, process payments, and more in one place.

The application has an extensive channel library, metaverse channel, and more. It is like building a home over the internet.

Raj Shamani is a part of its funding along with many influencers and investors. He shares the space with Prakhar Gupta, Pratik Chudasama, Gaurav Munjal (CEO Unacademy), Sujeet Kumar (CEO Udaan), and more.


Listed - Raj Shamani Funded Startups
Listed - Raj Shamani Funded Startups

It is a platform that enables creators to leverage their influence to raise capital from their fans. It was founded in the year 2021.

Fans are issued blockchain-based tokens. This serves as a stake in a creator or project's future earnings. It also gives them access to various exclusive perks.

Raj Shamani has been an angel investor in this creators-oriented platform.


Deciml - Raj Shamani Funded Startups

It is an application that helps youngsters to start investing easily. It was founded in the year 2021. This helps young adults to achieve their investment goals through round-ups.

Round-up investing works like saving the spare change like we used to do in our piggy banks. Spare e-change from every online transaction gets collected from one's account. The collection of such round-ups is then invested automatically in Mutual Funds.

Being a finfluencer, Raj is an angel investor in Deciml app.


Raj Shamani is a great entrepreneur because of his strong roots in his business and zeal to learn more. A great entrepreneur is not just the one who knows how to make money. But also the one who knows how to invest it and multiply it. Raj makes strategic investments in multiple places.

Apart from the above-mentioned startups, he also invests in many other places. He invests in Indian and American stocks, crypto, SIP (Systematic Investment Plans), debt funds, the latest technologies like NFTs, and more.

Raj is a young man, who has made a great remark in the Indian entrepreneur industry with his proper planning, execution, and investments. He is indeed a great example for budding entrepreneurs.


Who is Raj Shamani?

Raj Shamani is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, motivational speaker, influencer, and an angel investor.

What is Raj Shamani's age?

Raj Shamani was born on 9 April 1996. He is 26 yrs old (2022).

What is the net worth of Raj Shamani?

Raj Shamani has a net worth of $1 Million.

What are the startups funded by Raj Shamani?

Raj Shamani has invested in many startups, which are:

  • Wint Wealth
  • Growth School
  • The Mainstreet Marketplace
  • OpeninApp
  • Scenes
  • Listed
  • Deciml

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