Effective Methods to Help You Reduce E-Commerce Cart Abandonment Rate

Effective Methods to Help You Reduce E-Commerce Cart Abandonment Rate
Pankaj Sharma, President - The Lexicon Group of Institutes
The article is contributed by Mr. Pankaj Sharma, President - The Lexicon Group of Institutes and Chairman & MD - Pune Mirror & MultiFit.

Global is the new local in today's digital marketplace. And, as international markets develop, we are entering a period of extraordinary growth prospects. However, every excellent opportunity comes with its own set of adversities and advantages.

E-commerce has now become a need for many organizations, so it's critical to establish a digital marketing strategy that supports online selling. To expand, modern companies require eCommerce marketing solutions. However, the abundance of alternatives may quickly become overwhelming. The most difficult difficulty that eCommerce organizations confront these days is lowering cart abandonment rates. The average cart abandonment rate across sectors is a mind-boggling 70%.

That indicates that for every consumer that buys from you, two walk away without completing the transaction. As a result, innumerable possibilities to develop your organization, boost income, and establish a stronger online presence are lost. Due to the obvious lack of face-to-face interaction, providing excellent customer care on your e-commerce site might be difficult, but it is just as crucial as in any other customer-facing firm to make the close.

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Here I will list down 3 effective methods that can help you reduce your cart abandonment rate:

Add Proactive Live Chat to Checkout Pages

Set up a friendly, proactive chat pop-up to capture the attention of visitors who have a particular question. Instead of looking for methods to contact someone, users may just write their queries into the box and have an immediate response.

Allow guests to check out

One of the most common reasons individuals abandon their carts is the need to fill out lengthy paperwork. So, if you want to reduce cart abandonment, you'll have to avoid requiring registrations. You may still provide the option to register and even promote it with a modest additional reward. However, you must always offer an alternative. Allow customers to check out as guests.

No Hidden Charges

If you're upfront about charges, you may even include them in your brand positioning. When clients buy with you, they can be confident that the prices they see are the amounts they will have to pay.

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