Top 6 Popular Restaurant Billing Software

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Sep 28, 2022 5 min read
Top 6 Popular Restaurant Billing Software

Restaurant billing software is an application that helps a business keep track of its expenses and revenues through an automated system. They are a part of the larger Restaurant Management software that takes care of all aspects of running a restaurant including invoicing, table reservations, order management, etc. This article will look at some of the most popular and efficient software in the area of restaurant billing. Most of them are not exclusively for billing but for the overall management of various kinds of food outlets. Let's take a detailed look at the topic.

FusionResto (RanceLab)


Starting Price: β‚Ή1,999 (Only Desktop); β‚Ή2,399 (Desktop+ Mobile) for a year

Vyapar - Restaurant Billing Software

Vyapar is one of the most popular billing apps for restaurants in India. They have a very user-friendly interface that makes it extremely easy for users to navigate through the platform. As far as professional bills are concerned, Vyapar has more than 12 invoice templates that can be used by restaurants. It ensures that the data entered is 100% safe and secure in addition to a heavily protected automatic data backup facility. They also have special synchronization features that help the client access the app from any device of their choice. They have separate plans for mobile and desktop versions of the app which can be chosen depending on the convenience of the client.


Starting Price: β‚Ή10,000 per outlet for a year (Renewal β‚Ή7,500 per year)

PetPooja - Restaurant Billing Software

PetPooja is a simple restaurant POS software that manages all the operations of a restaurant, especially billing. They have a highly simplified interface that lets the user generate bills in three clicks. There is no need for any separate training to use this software. With both keyboard and touch screen facilities, it works on computers, laptops, and phones. They have a wide range of customizable bill templates which has integrated the necessary facilities to incorporate payments with QR code. This all-in-one restaurant management system works efficiently in all kinds of restaurants and food outlets. They have facilities that let the customers have separate bills in case they want to split and pay. Apart from billing, PetPooja also takes care of other operations like inventory, menus, CRM, reporting, and online ordering. As per the need of the customer, they can choose a plan and request a free demo.

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Starting Price: NA

myBillBook - Restaurant Billing Software

myBillBook is one of the most popular billing software amongst restaurants that helps create professional invoices within a short span of time. In the post-GST era, myBillBook has been able to continue to generate professional bills by making use of its various facilities including the feature that auto-populates all the mandatory details like GSTIN, HSN/SAC code, GST rate, etc. They have more than 8 GST invoicing formats that can be made use of to curate a custom-made GST bill. Apart from billing, the software also provides assistance for filing tax returns at various intervals. It has an ISO 27001 certification which makes this platform 100% safe and secure to trust your data with. Additionally, all the data entered are end-to-end encrypted which safeguards it from any sort of malware attacks.


Starting Price: β‚Ή10,000 for a year + add-ons

UrbanPiper - Restaurant Billing Software

UrbanPiper uses Prime POS, which is a web-based POS System that is specifically designed for restaurants and cafes. They offer a wide range of facilities including billing, account management, inventory management, delivery integrations, advanced reporting, etc. Its one-year plan costs around INR 10,000 which includes Billing & KOT, point of sales, detailed analytics, POS mobile app, customer support, etc among other things. Their billing procedures are very fast and reliable and they are proven to improve the operational efficiency of the restaurants. They are functional in multiples Operation Systems including Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux.


Starting Price: β‚Ή7,500 per outlet for a year (Renewal β‚Ή6,000 per year)

Ciferon - Restaurant Billing Software

It is a restaurant billing software that is made for restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. They have a very diverse integration mechanism which is also very user-friendly. Therefore, one can integrate multiple apps like Zomato, Swiggy, etc, and manage them through a centralized platform. Apart from restaurant billing they also help with accounting, online integrations, customer management, and inventory management among other things. Additionally, they have integrated payment pathways which makes the entire process of billing more hassle-free and efficient. They track the money to be received and paid as and while recording them accurately in the account book. Depending on the requirement of the client, Ciferon has different kinds of plans. The prices will also depend on the requirements of the user.

FusionResto (RanceLab)

Starting Price: NA

FusionResto (RanceLab) - Restaurant Billing Software

With an easy-to-use user interface, FusionResto (RanceLab) is one of the preferred restaurant billing software today. It has integrated POS and inventory management facilities along with basic features. Its software helps serves its customers more efficiently through its multiple KOT functionality and table reservation systems. Apart from billing, the software also provides integrated and centralized accounting services. This web-based platform is compatible with both Windows and iOS. They have priced their plans differently based on the different requirements of the client. So as to finalize the most suitable option, the firm allows you to take a free demo as well.

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Today restaurant billing software has gone much beyond what the name promotes. They have evolved as relevant POS systems, wherein they cater to each and every aspect related to running a restaurant. This software is not only limited to restaurants but to any kind of food outlet. There are more options available if one sets out to look for general billing software. However, one needs to look at all the available options that align with their requirement before confirming with one. Most of these software offers a free demo before one makes a purchase of a paid plan. By making use of this facility, the clients can ensure the cost efficiency and smooth functioning of the business.


What is a Billing Software?

Billing software is a system that generates invoices for products and services. Modern-day billing software also handles overall management.

What is Restaurant Billing Software?

Restaurant Billing Software is a billing system that is installed in restaurants or food outlets for billing and management purposes.

Vyapar, PetPooja, myBillBook, UrbanPiper, Ciferon, Fusion Resto.

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