Dextrus Decoded: Robin Chhabra's Blueprint for Dominating the Coworking Industry

Dextrus Decoded: Robin Chhabra's Blueprint for Dominating the Coworking Industry
Robin Chhabra - Founder and CEO of Dextrus
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Coworking spaces provide flexible work solutions for diverse professionals. These hubs foster collaboration and creativity in response to the rise of remote work. They cater to individuals and small businesses with shared infrastructure and cost-effective options. The industry's adaptability makes coworking spaces integral to the evolving work landscape. They continue to play a pivotal role in shaping modern work dynamics.

The coworking space industry is projected to reach 41,975 spaces by the end of 2024, experiencing an annual growth rate of approximately 21.3%. A forecast for 2021–2025 predicts a market increase of $13.35 billion, reflecting an 11% annual growth. However, the pandemic led to the closure of 21.76% of coworking spaces, underscoring the industry's resilience despite challenges.

In a recent Recap'23 interview, we at StartupTalky had the privilege of connecting with Rohan Chhabra, Founder and CEO of Dextrus, We delved into understanding how Dextrus operates within the coworking space industry by exploring their strategies and gaining insights into their unique approach and positioning in the sector.

StartupTalky: What service does Dextrus provide? What was the motivation/vision with which you started?

Robin Chhabra: Dextrus offers office spaces as a service. We design, build, and operate premium office spaces for our clients. Our vision has been to bring a high level of design thinking to office space requirements, as it is an ever-changing landscape where flexibility and quality are key.

StartupTalky: What new services have been added in the past year? What is/are the USP/s of Dextrus?

Robin Chhabra: We have expanded to give enterprise office space where we design and custom-build office spaces curated to the minutest details for our clients. 

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StartupTalky: How has the coworking space industry you are in changed in recent years, and how has Dextrus adapted to these changes?

Robin Chhabra: COVID caused most companies to look at our model more carefully and see resonance in our offerings. Clients' requirements change over time as they grow and need flexible office solutions. They also don't wish to have the headache of overseeing these needs as it distracts from core functions. Our prowess in design and high service quality has helped address both those needs. 

Robin Chhabra: We keep pushing the boundaries of design and service quality as we want to be the best in the business and hence focus mostly on that. 

StartupTalky: What key metrics do you track to check Dextrus's growth and performance?

Robin Chhabra: Occupancy levels are to be maintained at high levels, and customer satisfaction and good seat pricing are to ensure profitability.

StartupTalky: What were the most significant challenges Dextrus faced in the past year, and how did you overcome them?

Robin Chhabra: Hiring is our most significant challenge as we grow. Good talent who can be intrapreneurial. We focus internally on our team members via flexible policies as well, as we hope that we will spread the word that we are a good company to work for. 

StartupTalky: Good service is something everyone is talking about in the service industry. How does Dextrus ensure that its clients are happy?

Robin Chhabra: Feedback is important, and learning from that feedback is as important. 

StartupTalky: What are the different strategies you use for marketing? Tell us about any growth hack that you pulled off.

Robin Chhabra: Quality, Quality, Quality is the only focus. Word spreads, and that brings the clients. 

StartupTalky: Foreign clients- this is what most of the service-based companies are looking for. What has been your experience?

Robin Chhabra: We look for companies that are well established; they can be foreign or domestic. Foreign companies understand what our model can offer and come with experience using it abroad, hence making it easier to close deals, though Indian companies are fast catching up post-COVID.

StartupTalky: What are the important tools and software you use to run Dextrus smoothly?

Robin Chhabra: We use Google Suite, Asana for task management, and Slack for internal communications. All of these talk to each other. We have also built applications using a Google platform to help operate more efficiently. We use Tally and Zoho Books as well for accounting-related matters.

StartupTalky: What opportunities do you see for future growth in the coworking space industry in India and the world? What kind of difference in market behavior have you seen between India and the world?

Robin Chhabra: Enterprise workspaces have seen great demand in India, more than the rest of the world. Growth looks upwards, with coworking spaces will comprise of 10% of grade-A office space in the country soon.

StartupTalky: How do you plan to expand the customers, service offerings, and team base in the future?

Robin Chhabra: We continue to expand in Mumbai; once we achieve a comfortable size, we shall turn to the other major cities. 

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StartupTalky: One tip that you would like to share with another Service company founder?

Robin Chhabra: Keep learning from your mistakes and keep making service excellence the focus. 

StartupTalky extends its gratitude to Mr. Robin Chhabra for dedicating his valuable time and generously sharing his insights with all of us.

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