How To Become Better With Doing SaaS Marketing Using SEO

How To Become Better With Doing SaaS Marketing Using SEO

Saas is growing daily in popularity, this means that the competition is increasing drastically. Also, Ubbersuggest says the keyword “SaaS Companies” receives around 3,600 searches per month in search engines.

In this competition, a strategy for search for engine optimization is important. So that users can find your organization online.

In this article, we’ll see different solutions in which SEO can help your SaaS company. In succeeding, growing, and staying ahead of your competitors.

What Do You Mean By SEO For SaaS Companies?

SEO is one of the popular marketing strategies available today for a good reason. It provides great results for companies that operate partially or fully online.

SEO is the process of improving your website. So that it shows higher search engine results. This is very important to be a leader in your industry.

Services Of SEO

Most people don’t click beyond the first page of search results. The first five organic results on any result page estimate for nearly 70% of all clicks.

Different techniques offer SEO to work as a strategy. This consists of Keyword Research, Content Creation, and User Experience.

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There are three SEO strategies You Should Take Into Consideration

1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO includes elements of your SaaS website’s pages. These concerns elements such as the title tags and meta descriptions. This shows up to the search results and also the keywords that are in your content.

The three-step SEO strategy for the SaaS company focuses mainly on On-Page SEO.

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO for any organization centers on the links. Whenever other sites add your link to their content. Then your website gets boosted a little more.

Links are an essential part of getting your SaaS site at the top of the search results. But this will not be easy to earn. This will take a lot of time and effort in adding your links to other sites. So you might need to partner with some experts out there.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO could be the trickiest part of the SaaS company’s strategy. Using technical SEO, your site will work properly. Also, it can crawl by search engine crawlers.

Some of the technical SEO elements the organization should look for. They are page speed, responsive design, broken links, and site security.

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Why Your Company Should Invest In SEO?

See, there are various channels and strategies out there to drive SaaS growth. Facebook, Podcasts, email, Reddit wants you to spend on your marketing.

The Marketing Funnel

So why use SEO?

The answer is very easy. Content marketing and SEO are the main pillars for having a feasible, expected, and expandable growth of your SEO strategy.

Let’s understand it more deeply:

1. SEO Scales Exponentially

  • Inbound and SEO marketing are generally the most feasible and expandable approaches to SaaS growth.
  • The results that are generated from SEO compounds over time. A well-executed SEO strategy grows exponentially in targeted traffic. This can be then turned into leads and customers. This traffic is expected.
  • The number of people who search will vary daily. You can approximately predict the traffic.

2. SEO Reduces Dependency On Paid Marketing

  • However, paid channels could be effective as a SaaS company entering the growth phase.
  • Most of the time, the cost to gain a user using the paid channels will go up over time. This is because as you exhaust the users that are likely to convert. When new competition enters the market and people bid using paid channels.
  • This is why SEO can be a smart long-term growth strategy. You need to detach yourselves off of paid channels.
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3. SEO Powers All Other Strategies

  • Like other marketing strategies, SEO cannot function in a vacuum. But beyond SEO you will need additional marketing strategies that capture and convert that traffic to actual customers.
  • The traffic generated through SEO powers other channels and strategies. Such as driving email subscribers and filling the retargeting funnel.

How Does SEO works For SaaS?

1. Decides Your Most Valuable Keywords

Before you start an effective SEO campaign. You should first note down your most valuable keywords. These keywords are the will be targeting your user searches for most and ones you want to rank.

SaaS Growth Strategy

It is important to know that some keywords are easier to rank. Long-tail keywords are much easier to rank. This is because they are more detailed and are used to a smaller group of people.

2. Creates Effective Content Around The Target Keywords

After deciding your most valued keywords. This is the time for creating your content. Content is something that ranks in search engines. Hence this is the important aspect of the SEO campaign. The SaaS company’s optimized content helps move users through the buying funnel.

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The purchasing states of buying funnel consists of:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
However not every user uses the linear path to make a purchase. This is important to create content that contains every stage of the buying process.

At top of the funnel, if you want to prove that you are an expert in your field. And also get your familiar people with your brand. Blog posts will work best for that.

At the bottom of the funnel, you need to convince your customers that your service is best. Also, this is trusted by other consumers. Customer testimonials are better at this stage.

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There are few more options while creating site content for your SaaS company’s website.

Going for general content creation for your SaaS SEO. you can create a blog for that. A blog will provide information to the customers that could come from a different point of view.
You can also add article pages where you will give your information about products or services. You can also add images, infographics, videos, gifs, and other elements.

3. Ensure To Give a Great User Experience

  • When Google puts pages to rank in the search display. They make sure that they are serving the informational content about any search query. But they also want people visiting that page to get a great user experience.
  • User experience is the way users navigate your site to find what they are looking for. How easily they got and how much time it took. This leads to offer an easy to use a navigation bar that guides everything.
Content Marketing Vs Paid Channels
  • This is important for your bounce rate too. This also helps Google to determine how pages should have ranked. Your navigation will gradually decrease your bounce rate because this can help you to guide users.
  • If the graphics, images, and videos are also there then its best. Because it keeps the user’s attention. This can increase the time to spend on-page. And prevents the users and get bored with content and move to another page out of frustration.
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Summarizing It up

At last, the process for building a successful SEO strategy for SaaS Company. Is Ultimately SEO just one channel and one strategy. Scaling incoming targeted traffic to the site is the engine that drives the company forward.

And this makes SEO the most critical strategy for dragging more number of buyers to your site through the funnel. Creating constant traffic from search is an important investment that will pay off exponentially.

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