Samsung Failures | List of Failed Products of Samsung

Samsung Failures | List of Failed Products of Samsung
Samsung Failed Products

No matter how big a brand is, how fancy their ad campaigns are, or how much they sell, everyone has their flaws and some embarrassing failed launches. Whenever there is a conversation about failed products, one cannot complete it without talking about the infamous Samsung Note 7, the phone that became a meme and a safety hazard after a lot of its units kept on blasting.

Samsung is one of the most valued brands in the world and sells a wide range of electronic devices from smartphones to dishwashers. Samsung is a colossal multinational company from South Korea and has a big influence there. Samsung is known to create innovative, high-tech, quality devices. Samsung has launched some ground-breaking and unique models but some devices could have been better. And then there are some that were straight-up failures and tainted the brand image.

Let's take a look at some of those Samsung failures and understand that even giant multinational businesses make mistakes sometimes.

Failed Products of Samsung

  1. Galaxy Note 7
  2. Samsung Laptops
  3. Galaxy A & Galaxy M Series
  4. Galaxy S10
  5. Galaxy S21
  6. The Galaxy Fold
Samsung failure

Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 - Samsung Failed Products
Galaxy Note 7- Samsung Failed Products

The Galaxy Note 7 was launched in August 2016. The product received a decent response from the buyers, and a lot of people bought it. The phone came with a big screen, an enhanced stylus, and a promising camera. Everything was going great until the news about the phone overheating and exploding started going viral.

Most of the people who had that phone at that time were experiencing weird things with it. The temperature was the biggest issue, and it became a safety hazard. The market value of the brand dropped tremendously, and the product was doomed to fail. After that, Samsung sent replacements and then, ultimately, terminated the product and discontinued it.

Samsung Laptops

Samsung Laptops - Samsung Failed Products
Samsung Laptops - Samsung Failed Products

Do not worry if you have never heard of Samsung laptops before, because their laptops are less talked about and are not as famous as their smartphones. Most of the people who bought the laptops were generally disappointed and wanted to switch to another brand.

The laptops were not as smooth and neat as the smartphones, and one could easily tell the company hadn’t put as much work into them. These days, they are still trying to push the new range of their laptops, but they are still not that popular amongst the general population.

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Galaxy A & Galaxy M Series

Samsung A Series & Samsung M Series - Samsung Failed Products
Samsung A Series & Samsung M Series - Samsung Failed Products

When these phones dropped, people bought them like hotcakes, but after two or three days, the phones started having issues. The main issue was that they rebooted all of a sudden. The Exynos chipset utilized in these phones appears to be the source of the problems. People were dissatisfied since the phones were relatively new, and because Samsung is a well-known brand, this level of quality from Samsung was not acceptable.

And the phones were quite underwhelming themselves. Even without the technical issues, the customers were disappointed because the hardware was not better and the phones were not up to the mark. Samsung had a lot of competitors at that time, like Redmi, Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus, and all these brands were offering better services than Samsung with even lower prices.

Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 - Samsung Failed Products
Samsung Galaxy S10 - Samsung Failed Products

Samsung launched its Galaxy S10 range in 2019, and it has gained a lot of popularity. Samsung is a big name when it comes to smartphones, so a lot of people bought it. The punch-hole camera, massive screen, quality hardware, and great camera tech got everyone hooked.

But still, like most of the Galaxy phones, these ones also have their issues. The apps kept on crashing, and the apps were forced to close. This definitely ruins the experience. The fingerprint reader was also not working properly and made a lot of users angry. Users also claimed that the phone was overheating and that the battery life was also very disappointing.

Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Samsung Failed Products
Samsung Galaxy S21 - Samsung Failed Products

Another Galaxy device is on the list. This time it is the Galaxy S21. The product did not sell well, and the quality was inferior as well. Users were experiencing tons of bugs and issues with the series. The latest Android 12 update was not helping the phone at all, and the phone was frustrating its users. The hopes were high and the loyal Samsung fans were disappointed with the problems like quick battery drainage, instalment issues, and many more. Samsung has promised a new system update to fix most of the problems, like bugs and software issues.

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The Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold - Samsung Failed Products
Samsung Galaxy Fold - Samsung Failed Products

The new Galaxy Fold phones are fantastic, but the first one, which was released in 2019, was a big let down. People were excited about getting it, as it was a foldable device with a huge screen. It created a lot of buzz because, at that time, it seemed like the future of technology had a lot to offer. But when the people finally got to use it, everyone felt underwhelmed. The phone was not cheap, so everyone was expecting some quality. But it felt like the only good thing was the big screen and nothing else. The quality was not up to the mark. The hardware was fragile, and the phone was not worth the price.

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Samsung is a major player that has created a slew of amazing items that have proven to be game-changers. However, the company's reputation has been soiled by a few failures. The majority of failure items were due to an internal problem. Samsung, on the other hand, has continued to develop innovative technology for its customers. Even if there are some failures, Samsung has provided aid to dissatisfied customers through replacement, software updates, and much more.


When did Samsung enter India?

Samsung entered India in December 1995.

Who is the CEO of Samsung in India?

Sanjeev Kumar is the CEO of Samsung India.

Why is there no Samsung in Japan?

Samsung does not brand their phones in Japan due to anti-Korean prejudice and a preference for Japanese-made products.

What are the failed products of Samsung?

Some of the failed products of Samsung are:

  • Galaxy Note 7
  • Samsung Laptops
  • Galaxy A & Galaxy M Series
  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S21

Who are the top Competitors of Samsung smartphones?

Some of the biggest competitors of Samsung Smartphones are:

  • Apple
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Lenovo
  • Sony
  • Microsoft
  • Motorola
  • Asus

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