Give Me 10 Minutes, You Will Know Everything About SEMrush Social Media Toolkit

Give Me 10 Minutes, You Will Know Everything About SEMrush Social Media Toolkit

By tracking social media metrics such as likes, comments, retweets, shares, and repins. You can see what is working with the audience and what is not. Also, how can you tweak your strategy to get improved results?

By tracking your results on social media will make it easy to identify your high-value networks. Also will help you to prioritize your time and resources on social media. There’s no point in sharing content on social networks. If you don’t know what engagement type you are getting back. So, tracking your social media is vital that you need to add your to-do list.

Social media tool kits get handy when things come to studying your social media influence. The scale for the use of these tools is phenomenal with popular applications. And it has millions of active users worldwide.

SEMrush social media toolkit will make your social media routine and analysis easier. This toolkit is mainly made of two tools

  • Social media poster
  • Social media tracker

Using these tools, you can handle your workflow on social media from creating posts to checking the performance. Also, you can benchmark the progress against your competitors. This tool will help you to collect data from online social networks and evaluate the terms of your business. Also its goals and objectives and use the data for future decisions regarding your business.

Social Media Poster

Social media poster helps you to schedule, draft, and post your content on social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Media Platforms To Connect

1. Composing social media poster

You can connect to your social media profiles by choosing a social media platform. And Then click on the ‘connect’ button. This tool will prompt you to authorize SEMrush and use your account. Once you get connected to a social profile. You can add more to it from the tools calendar tab by clicking the add profile button. Now you are ready to start creating and scheduling your posts.

There are various ways you can schedule a post on your calendar. You just simply have to click on the specific day of the calendar you want to post. Your post gets automatically posted on that day unless you want to change the schedule settings in the preview screen.

After creating a post, these five different actions will be given:

  • Add directly to your queue
  • Schedule
  • Publish daily
  • Publish now
  • Save as a draft

After selecting any of the options you can view your future post.

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2. How will you manage your social media queue

Having an automatic queue system will remove the need for scheduling the publishing time of each post. You can set up your publishing time by just clicking on add to the queue option.

Profiles And Queues

In the queue, you can see all of the posts that you previously scheduled out. If you find any post that you believe would be effective to go live on different dates and times. You just simply drag and drop any of the posts to your chosen time.

While navigating through the setting you will get various slots. You can also add another profile just by clicking on the set single posting goal. And how many posts you want daily.

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3. Get to review your published posts

You must wish to see how your social campaign is going. From the published tab, you can analyze the stats that come with every individual post. Also, the filtering option offers you to filter the posts by hashtags. And then you just have to manage your drafts.

Schedule Your Publishing

From the draft, you can

  • Create -  you can create new drafts. And enable the notification time to remind you that the post is in the draft.
  • Picture editing - you can also edit them, and you don’t need to leave SEMrush.
  • Integration - you can automatically decrease the original link’s length using integration with
  • Draft sortings - you can also sort the drafted posts by those having a date and time notification set with those who do not.
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Social Media Poster Analytics

After sending the posts to social media. The very next step is to check your success. From the analytic tab, you can track the total page likes, new page likes, and when your users are mostly online. You can also get the info about which posts perform best.

1. Social Media Tracker

SEMrush social media tracker helps you determine the social media accounts of your competitors by comparing their achievements and engagement level.

This tool keeps checking on how many times your competitor post. And how much content they post and what kind of content they usually target. This configuration will only take 5 minutes. Just hit the new project button from the dashboard and then click set up on the tracker widget.

You Can Also Do Competitor Analysis

In terms to keep eye on the competitors, you need to add pages of your competitors. You can their domain, SEMrush will search their profiles and will add the pages it finds.

And now you have to schedule email reports. Emails can be scheduled for any day and can be sent to any email address. You need to enter the email address and sent it to whoever you want.

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SEMrush social media toolkit makes social listening very easy. By engaging people in a timely manner. You start making changes to your strategy and start new campaigns. This tool will offer you to track your growth of your page. And give your engagement level for each day. I hope you understood the basics of the SEMrush social media toolkit.

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