Siddhidatri's Empowerment: Women Entrepreneurs Turning Business Dreams into Real Success and Satisfaction

Siddhidatri's Empowerment: Women Entrepreneurs Turning Business Dreams into Real Success and Satisfaction
Siddhidatri Inspired Women Entrepreneurs Business Dreams Success- Dr Malini Saba, Hema Bansal Ahlawat

In our ninth story, we meet Siddhidhatri, the final form of the Hindu goddess Mahadevi. Siddhidhatri's name tells us about her power. "Siddhi" means having amazing abilities, and "Dhatri" means someone who gives. She is revered on the ninth day of Navaratri, where she is believed to fulfill all divine aspirations and wishes.

Inspired by Siddhidhatri's extraordinary ability to turn aspirations into accomplishments, we asked some incredible women entrepreneurs about how they have turned their business dreams into real success and satisfaction.

Let's dive into their insights and discover how they've achieved it in their businesses.

Dr. Malini Saba, Self-Made Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Global Advocate for Women and Girls

Siddhidatri's ability to grant wishes is a reflection of the measures I've taken to make my aspirations come true. It involves determination, ongoing education, and strategic planning.

We must have large visions, set attainable goals, and pursue them with uncompromising passion as business owners. First, I created a vision for where I wanted my business to take itself, then I set attainable goals with a focus on supporting the underprivileged. I then persisted in pursuing these objectives, modifying my tactics as necessary.

Continuous learning remained essential; I followed market developments and absorbed new knowledge. Finally, recognising accomplishments along the way kept the flame alive and fueled the path to success and fulfillment.

Hema Bansal Ahlawat, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Partner, HJA & Associates LLP

Certainly, inspired by Goddess Siddhidatri, I've embraced a transformative journey to achieve business success. First, I set clear, ambitious goals, akin to prayers, establishing a concrete vision. Then, like her unwavering focus, I stay committed to my path, never losing sight of my objectives. I cultivate skills and knowledge relentlessly, mirroring the goddess's wisdom. I also reach out to mentors and allies, much like seeking divine guidance.

My perseverance and dedication reflect her divine strength. Amid challenges, I remain patient and adaptable, just as Siddhidatri embodies resilience. Ultimately, by channeling her energy, I turn dreams into reality, experiencing profound satisfaction as my accomplishments align with my deepest desires.

Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue

Like Siddhidatri, who grants wishes and enables accomplishments, I've followed a clear path to turn my business dreams into reality. First, setting specific, achievable goals has been crucial. These serve as a roadmap for the business. Second, continuous learning and adaptation to industry trends and technologies have been key. Staying updated and open to change ensures we're always moving forward. Finally, building a strong, motivated team that shares the same vision has been instrumental. Together, we work tirelessly to achieve our objectives, and the sense of accomplishment is incredibly satisfying.

To fellow female founders, I recommend setting clear goals, staying adaptable, and nurturing a dedicated team to achieve your dreams.

Naina Ruhail, Founder and Co-CEO, Vanity Wagon

Turning a dream into reality is a journey that demands clear goals, disciplined persistence, an uncompromising attitude towards vision, and a reliable support network. As someone who is enroute on this journey, I can say it all begins with self-belief. Seeking guidance when needed and continuously expanding knowledge are essential. The path may be winding, but achieving aspirations is absolutely attainable.

Like Siddhidatri, who grants wishes and enables accomplishments, success requires vision, hard work, and the steadfast support of those who share your dream. Success is not a mirror; each founder's journey is distinct and so is mine. The challenges are the canvas upon which the masterpiece is painted, or at least we aim for it.

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Akanksha Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, CITTA

At CITTA, our journey mirrors the blessings of Siddhidatri - a fusion of tradition and modernity. We've weaved our success through unwavering dedication to nurturing your baby's skin with the care of a grandmother. By blending age-old Indian wisdom with scientific rigour, we've built trust among parents. Our expansion strategy is ambitious, reaching new states through General and Modern Trade, educating doctors nationwide, and even venturing into international markets.

CITTA has touched hearts, with heartfelt testimonials affirming the radiant transformation of children's skin. We're not just skincare; we're a bridge to treasured traditions, creating memorable moments with every embrace. Just as devotees celebrate her divine presence during Navratri, we celebrate our brand's growth, promising parents and their little ones a luxurious journey in baby skincare.

Shreya Ghodawat, India Ambassador, SHE Changes Climate | CEO, Sustainable Guides

I've turned my business dreams into reality by setting clear goals, being adaptable, and continuously learning. You have to be open to pivoting and changing your product as long as what you are trying to achieve remains the same. Consistency beats perfectionism but don’t try to aim for quantity and number whilst losing out on quality and morals. Persistence and passion are key to achieving success and satisfaction in business.

Your love for what you do will take you further than any other extrinsic motivation. You get to decide and define what success and satisfaction mean to you and impact most often cannot be quantified which should not act as a deterrent. What you do, if done intentionally and with a bigger purpose, makes a difference whether or not you can see it visibly.

Shreya Sharma, Founder and CEO, Rest The Case

Soon after coming back to India, I started working on my Entrepreneurship journey with Rest The Case. As CEO and the founder of Rest The Case, I have immersed myself in learning the nitty-gritty of the business world while keeping my head straight to whatever comes my way. I still do think that there are miles to go before I sleep. This is just the beginning of our journey. I work hard every day with one goal in mind. I think what is most important for any business is to not forget why you started in the first place.

Smitha Jacob, Co-founder, Jolger Activewear, Founder Director, Saggian Ventures

As a brand that sought to make a difference, we wanted to change the relationship between Indians and health & fitness. Activewear apparel is not just about how good the clothing looks on you; it’s more about how functionality is integrated with the aesthetics of the garment. We are putting a lot of effort into getting the best fabrics and designs to suit Indian weather, body type, and functionality. An international product designed for India which is our USP. 

This mindset and approach helped us grow as a company that not only fulfills our business ambitions but empowers the lives of the people we serve in the first place. This gives us the ultimate satisfaction as an activewear brand. Having struck the ideal balance between quality and price, we look to continue finding ways to perfect this balance in every new product we manufacture.

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