Mahagauri's Inspiration: Women Entrepreneurs Crafting Peaceful and Innovative Workspaces

Mahagauri's Inspiration: Women Entrepreneurs Crafting Peaceful and Innovative Workspaces
Mahagauri Inspired Women Entrepreneurs Crafting Peaceful and Innovative Workspaces- Naina Ruhail, Preety Singh

In our eighth story, we're talking about Mahagauri, who's an important figure in Hinduism. She's known for her special ability to make her followers' wishes come true, and she represents calmness and happiness.

Just like Mahagauri's peaceful nature, we've had the chance to connect with some amazing women who run their own businesses. These women have created workplaces that are both calm and full of new ideas. They're here to share their thoughts with us.

We asked these inspiring women about how they maintain a peaceful and innovative work environment and what suggestions they would like to offer to fellow female founders to achieve the same.

Let's learn from these leaders who have found inspiration in Mahagauri's calm and serene spirit.

Preety Singh, Co-founder and Managing Director, Boomlet Group

Drawing inspiration from Mahagauri's serenity, I have prioritized maintaining a peaceful and innovative work environment in my business. To achieve this, I have focused on providing a positive workplace and ensuring a healthy work-life balance for my team. Recently, we moved our office into a bigger space so as to create a more positive and conducive atmosphere for our employees.

I would recommend fellow female founders to invest in creating a positive workspace, offer flexibility, and encourage open communication to foster innovation and well-being among their teams. A harmonious environment can significantly enhance productivity and creativity.

Dr. Malini Saba, Self-Made Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Global Advocate for Women and Girls

Mahagauri's serenity is a powerful road map for a peaceful and creative workplace. It involves creating an environment where creativity may flourish and people feel comfortable. The key to achieving this is clear communication. Encourage open communication among your team members to foster a positive environment. Put mental health first by implementing mindfulness techniques and or creating designated quiet areas. This fosters a serene atmosphere that promotes improved focus and creativity. 

Let's demonstrate as female founders that a calm workplace not only fosters genius but also paves the way for ground-breaking inventions by acting with empathy and understanding.

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Akanksha Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, CITTA

At CITTA, we draw inspiration from Mahagauri's serenity to foster a harmonious and innovative work culture. Our strategy revolves around nurturing a culture of balance, where employees find harmony between work and personal life. Through various events, fun activities, weekly meetups, and festive celebrations, we at CITTA empower our team while promoting a stress-free atmosphere and encouraging creativity and team bonding.

To fellow female founders, I suggest fostering a culture of mutual respect, open communication, and work-life balance. Empower your team to be part of your vision and remember that nurturing your well-being is the key to leading with grace and innovation during this festive season and beyond.

Hema Bansal Ahlawat, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Partner, HJA & Associates LLP

Embracing Mahagauri's serenity, I've nurtured a tranquil yet creative workspace in my business. I encourage open communication, ensuring all voices are heard. We emphasize work-life balance, allowing flexibility in schedules. This harmony fosters innovation. Additionally, I prioritize diversity and empowering women within my team. I promote continuous learning, sparking fresh ideas.

For fellow female founders, I recommend fostering a culture of trust and empathy, valuing employees' well-being. Create mentorship programs to support women's professional growth. Embrace diversity as a strength. Finally, never underestimate the power of perseverance, as Mahagauri embodies, in overcoming obstacles on the entrepreneurial path.

Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue

Drawing inspiration from Mahagauri's serenity, I've strived to create a peaceful and innovative work environment within my business. Open communication, mutual respect, and an emphasis on work-life balance have been central to our company culture. Encouraging team members to voice their ideas, concerns, and feedback fosters a sense of belonging and contributes to innovation. Moreover, regular mindfulness and stress-relief activities have promoted a tranquil atmosphere.

My advice to fellow female founders is to prioritize well-being, cultivate a supportive work culture, and embrace diverse perspectives. This not only enhances employee satisfaction but also fuels creativity and productivity.

Naina Ruhail, Founder and Co-CEO, Vanity Wagon

Just as I seek for a harmonious blend of natural ingredients made with innovation in the products I sell, in the same manner, I encourage an environment of tranquility and innovation in my workspace too. We emphasize open communication, flexibility, and a culture of creativity.

For female founders, creating this balance is about fostering an atmosphere that supports both personal well-being and inventive thinking. By valuing work-life balance, encouraging open dialogue, and nurturing a culture that rewards fresh ideas, you can lay the foundation for a dynamic yet serene workspace. The interplay of peace and innovation forms an environment where creativity thrives without feeling forced.

Smitha Jacob, Co-founder, Jolger Activewear, Founder Director, Saggian Ventures

The key aspect to ensuring peace and innovation at work is promoting a healthy exchange of dialogue and transparency in communication. We ensure that all our employees feel free to express their ideas and opinions without the fear of judgment and negative criticism. Incorporating the needs of our teammates is our priority while operating Jolger.

The company’s vision is to be the aspirational activewear and athleisure brand of choice for 21st-century India on their health, fitness, and leisure journey. To accelerate the use of activewear in India and make everyone wear activewear which must be shared by all and reflected through the output; creativity follows automatically.

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