Sprinklr - Enabling Businesses To Keep Their Customers Happy

Sprinklr - Enabling Businesses To Keep Their Customers Happy

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Sprinklr must be certainly familiar to anybody with even a basic understanding of the marketing technology sector. It is an international behemoth that offers a plethora of services that competes with HubSpot.

It's a complicated, powerful technology that lets businesses control the customer experience from beginning to end. However, like with other technologies, there are numerous phrases surrounding it, let's look into them.

Consumer experience is the aggregate of a consumer's logical, emotive, perceptual, and behavioural responses at all phases of the shopping experience, including pre-buy, purchasing, and consuming.

Some firms divide the consumer experience between social and online contacts, whereas others describe the consumer experience as human engagement, such as face-to-face retail service or over-the-phone customer care.

Sprinklr is a Software as a service customer experience management platform located in New York City. Sprinklr provides a business application that enables all the front consumer-facing departments, from marketing to customer care, to cooperate across different parts of the organization and engage through digital media. Advertising, modern marketing, modern care, modern research, developer portal, and core platform, are among some of the company's products.

Sprinklr - Company Highlights

Startup Name Sprinklr
Industry Customer experience management
Headquarter New York, United States
Founders Ragy Thomas
Founded September 2009
Key People Ragy Thomas, CEO & Founder
Areas Served Worldwide
Website www.sprinklr.com

About Sprinklr, and How it Works?
Sprinklr - Industry
Sprinklr - Name, Logo, and Tagline
Sprinklr - Founders
Sprinklr - Startup Story
Sprinklr - Vision, and Mission
Sprinklr - Business Model, and Revenue Model
Sprinklr - Funding, and Investors
Sprinklr - Acquisitions
Sprinklr - Competitors
Sprinklr - Future Plans

About Sprinklr, and How it Works?

Sprinklr is a SaaS software company headquartered in New York, that provides a customer experience management platform. Sprinklr is the firm's technology, which integrates apps for content management, social media marketing, customer service, collaboration, social advertising, social media monitoring, employee advocacy, and social media research.

It is a widely used platform for marketing, advertising, research, and other purposes by many big corporations. The technology, which is categorised into 5 sections, is a SaaS software with variable dashboards:

Modern Marketing: A content management system that enables organisations to provide the correct material to their consumers at the right time, as well as a variety of other features such as Digital Asset Management (DAM), Workflow Automation, Content Analysis, and more.

Modern Engagement: A social media management system that incorporates Publishing and Engagement, Community Management, Distributed Engagement, and more, that helps organisations to manage social media across 35 channels.

Modern Research: A research technology that lets firms assess brand equity measures such as brand recognition, user happiness in real time, product perception, and customer loyalty. Product Insights, Benchmarking, Visual Insights, and more features are included. This is where social listening may be done.

Modern Care: It is a customer service solution that enables companies to use Artificial Intelligence technology to deliver high-volume customer assistance. Peer care, brand care, self-care, and other topics are covered.

Modern Advertising: A customer engagement system that includes features including an ad manager and composer, a targeting audience manager, a creative library, campaign execution and optimization, paid/owned/earned analytics, and more. Sprinklr claims that it enables accurate and tailored advertising efforts as well as the highest return on investment.

Sprinklr's artificial intelligence deep machine learning algorithms are organised into eight tiers. These layers collect and convert all forms of unstructured data from over 30 channels into actionable structured insights, giving organisations a unified platform to manage customer experience at scale.

The architecture of Sprinklr enforces consistent abstraction and allows users to construct reusable pipeline components for each stage of the machine learning lifecycle, including data collecting, data transformation, model training, model inferences, and machine learning operations.

Sprinklr - Industry

In 2021, the SaaS customer management market grew 14.14 percent year over year, and the industry is predicted to grow by $44.17 billion by the year 2025. The market is divided by end-users (retail, manufacturing, BFSI, telecom and IT, and others), as well as region (Europe, North America, APAC, South America, and MEA).

During the projection timeframe, America will offer the most development potential in the Software as a service customer relationship management market. According to the study, the region will account for 52% of worldwide industry growth and will come to lead the industry by 2025.

The expansion of the regional market may be ascribed to factors such as business adoption of public cloud services and the rising need for customer data analysis. Furthermore, the growing number of businesses in industries like BFSI, telecom and IT, healthcare, retail, and other end-users would enhance the market of the Software as a service customer service management market globally.

The increased usage of cloud-based products is driving the Software as a service customer relationship management industry. Accessibility, dependability, and high-source availability are all advantages of cloud computing. These advantages are prompting businesses all around the world to adopt cloud-based applications.

The usage of SaaS applications such as CRM, HRM, sales management, and financial management is predicted to rise throughout the projection period, thanks to increased expenditures on cloud-computing methods.

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Sprinklr - Name, Logo, and Tagline

The name of the firm was inspired by the concept of a brand gently watering its social media presence.

Sprinklr Logo
Sprinklr Logo

Sprinklr's tagline says, "The world's leading digital-first, proactive customer experience solution."

Sprinklr - Founders

Ragy Thomas, a technology marketing professional who formerly worked for email marketing firm Bigfoot International, established Sprinklr in September 2009. Thomas started the firm with his own money, running the server out of his own house's basement.

Ragy Thomas

Ragy Thomas - Founder and CEO of Sprinklr
Ragy Thomas - Founder and CEO of Sprinklr

Ragy Thomas is an American entrepreneur and executive renowned for creating and leading the customer relationship management platform, Sprinklr. He formerly served as president of Epsilon Interactive, which is now owned by Publicis, and created the email marketing firm Bigfoot Interactive.

Sprinklr - Startup Story

Sprinklr was founded on September 24, 2009, in the guest bedroom of the founder and CEO Ragy Thomas' home in New Jersey, and formally debuted with its first user on January 15, 2010. Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, and Nike were among the first to register for the groundbreaking new platform. They had all been enthralled by Sprinklr's idea of a Unified Front Office (UFO), as well as the company's enterprise-class security, privacy, and governance.

Cut to twelve years later, all of those old consumers are still Sprinklr's clients, and Ragy is still the CEO. Ragy has assembled an experienced management team over the past, including leaders from  BazaarVoice, Cisco, Salesforce, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, the White House, and BMC.

Sprinklr is a speedily growing Software as a service company with five products that cover all front-office tasks (Advertising, Marketing, Research, Engagement, and Care) on a unified cloud with a single customer Id.

Sprinklr has twenty-two locations in fifteen countries and works with more than a thousand global companies, including many top giants like McDonald's, Allstate, Microsoft, NASA, Verizon, Philips, Nike, Samsung, Santander, Procter & Gamble, and Shell.

Sprinklr - Vision, and Mission

Sprinklr's mission statement is "To enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier."

Sprinklr's vision statement, "To be the world’s most loved enterprise software company, ever."

Sprinklr - Business Model, and Revenue Model

Sprinklr's system is based on a single framework specifically for handling CXM data, allowing for a wide range of client use cases.

Customer Segment

Sprinklr operates on a mainstream market business model, with no major client segmentation. The company's services are aimed at businesses of all sizes and areas.

Value Proposition

Risk reduction, convenience, and brand/status are the 3 important value propositions offered by Sprinklr.

Customers benefit from the company's convenience by making their lives easier. Its software platform is a full-featured end-to-end platform that integrates owned, paid, and earned media.

By establishing strong security requirements, the organisation lowers risk. Because of its successes, the corporation has developed a strong reputation. It connects over 4 billion people and serves more than 150 countries. Over 1,200 companies are served, including:

  • Four of the top five banks in the United States.
  • Over half of the Fortune 50 companies.
  • Five of the top eight insurance firms in the United States.
  • Nine of the top fifteen global IT firms.
  • Four of the top seven hospitality corporations are located in the United States.


Sprinklr's direct sales staff is their primary channel. The firm advertises its services on its social media sites, website,  and at seminars, webinars, and conferences.

Cost Structure

Sprinklr's architecture is value-driven, to provide a premium position through extensive personal attention and regular service improvements.

Cost of services, a variable item, is most likely the main cost driver. Other key cost drivers include customer support/operations, and sales/marketing both of which are fixed expenses.

Sprinklr has a single income stream: revenue from the sale of its services and products to clients.

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Sprinklr - Funding, and Investors

Date Round Amount Lead Investors
Sep 9, 2020 Private Equity Round $200M Hellman & Friedman
Jun 23, 2017 Secondary Market - -
Jul 20, 2016 Series F $105M Temasek Holdings
Mar 31, 2015 Series E $46M Battery Ventures, ICONIQ Capital, Intel Capital
Apr 29, 2014 Series D $40M ICONIQ Capital
Nov 5, 2013 Series C $18M Battery Ventures, Intel Capital
Feb 5, 2013 Series B $15M Battery Ventures
Mar 7, 2012 Series A $5M Battery Ventures

Sprinklr - Acquisitions

Acquiree Name About Acquiree Date Amount
Nanigans Nanigans provides advertising automation software that powers the in-house performance marketing teams. Dec 3, 2019 -
Little Bird Little Bird analyzes social data to deliver insights for smarter enterprise marketing. Nov 17, 2016 -
postano.com Postano is a real-time, visual marketing platform that finds and curates the best social fan content Feb 20, 2016 -
Booshaka Bookshaka helps marketers leverage customer data to increase sales and engagement. Nov 2, 2015 -
newBrandAnalytics newBrandAnalytics offers social BI solutions that deliver consumer intelligence and competitive insights for the hospitality sector. Jun 2, 2015 -
Scup Scup is a social media monitoring platform that helps companies take consumer experience through products with multiple acting fronts. Apr 30, 2015 -
Get Satisfaction Get Satisfaction is a community platform that fosters online conversations about a company's products and services. Apr 8, 2015 -
Pluck Pluck provides social media software for companies that create communities around their existing web properties. Mar 4, 2015 -
Branderati BRANDERATI’s mission is to help brands identify the most passionate “advocate influencers” Sep 3, 2014 -
TBG Digital TBG Digital, a Facebook ad optimization platform, enable social network advertisers to monitor and optimize global scale campaigns. Aug 14, 2014 -

Sprinklr - Competitors

Sprinklr's main competitors are :

  • Hootsuite.
  • Brandwatch.
  • Salesforce.
  • Adobe.
  • Socialbakers.
  • Microsoft.
  • Khoros.
  • Oracle.

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Sprinklr - Future Plans

Sprinklr, a software firm located in the United States, plans to construct a development centre in Hyderabad with 200 IT workers. With Telangana IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao, the company addressed the idea of building a development centre in Hyderabad. The city's current IT ecosystem was highlighted by the minister.

The New York-based corporation's leadership team told Telangana IT and industries minister KT Rama Rao that the business plans to hire 1,000 techies in the projected Hyderabad centre over the next 3 to 5 years.

Rao recently visited a conference in New York, during which he emphasised Telangana's existing IT sector. He also stated that the state government will back the venture completely.

Sprinklr, which was launched in 2009 by tech executive Ragy Thomas, had its NYSE debut on June 23rd. The company's platform, Sprinklr, incorporates a number of tools for social advertising, social media marketing, collaboration, content management, employee advocacy, social media research, customer service, and social media monitoring.

The company employs around 3,700 people in 25 countries. South America, Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific are all represented by the firm.

Sprinklr - FAQs

What does Sprinklr do?

Sprinklr is a Software as a service customer experience management platform located in New York City.

Who founded Sprinklr?

Ragy Thomas established Sprinklr in September 2009.

How does Sprinklr make money?

Sprinklr has a single income stream, the company generates revenue from the sale of its services and products to clients.

Which companies do Sprinklr compete with?

Sprinklr's top competitors are Hootsuite, Brandwatch, Brandwatch, Salesforce, Adobe, Socialbakers, Microsoft, Khoros, and Oracle.

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