Supertails: Helping You to Be a Happy Pet Parent

Supertails: Helping You to Be a Happy Pet Parent
Helping You to Be a Happy Pet Parent

Urbanization, rise in nuclear families, income growth, and vast change in lifestyle of Indians has increased the love of Indians towards pets. It has resulted in the growing demands of pets in the country. Pet ownerships in India has grown numerously in last decade and so there is rise in the pet care market. India has become the fastest-growing market in the pet-care. The market segmentation includes pet food, pet healthcare, pet grooming products, and pet accessories.

Supertails has come to provide a one stop solutions for pet food, pet accessories, pet health care, pet grooming, and more. It helps you become a happy pet parent by providing cost-effective training programs to pet owners.

Supertails is a testament to the changing pet care scene in India as it works to strengthen the link between owners and their pets. Supertails strives to improve the health and happiness of pets and their caretakers by providing a wide range of services and using a holistic approach. This helps to create a vibrant community of happy and contented pet owners.

Read to know about Supertails, founders, products and services, startup story, funding and investors, and more.

Supertails - Company Highlights

Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Sector Pet Care Industry
Founders Aman Tekriwal, Varun Sadana and Vineet Khanna
Founded 2021

Supertails - About
Supertails - Industry
Supertails - Founders and Team
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Supertails - About

Supertails is the first of its kind digital platform that supports the ever-increasing pet parent community with a one-stop solution for pet food, supplies, vet consultation.

Supertails is differentiated by its unique proposition of fully digital tele-health consultation and online dog behavior training services, made available through a team of highly experienced in-house veterinarians and pet behavior experts.

With pet supplies, vet care, and training under a single roof, Supertails looks to bring together a fragmented pet parenting community in India and provide holistic support to make pet parenting enriching.

Supertails - Industry

As per Market Decipher's analysis, the pet care industry in India was expected to reach a significant value of Rs 7,400 crore by 2021. Forecasts show an impressive development trajectory, with Rs 21,000 crore being the target market size by 2032.

According to Market Decipher's extensive analysis, a strong Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.2% is predicted for the projected period of 2022 to 2032. This enormous growth is a reflection of the changing dynamics and growing demand in the Indian pet care industry.

Supertails - Founders and Team

Varun Sadana, Vineet Khanna, and Aman Tekriwal are the Co-Founders of Supertails.

Aman Tekriwal, Vineet Khanna, and Varun Sadana, Co-Founders of Supertails (Left to Right)
Aman Tekriwal, Vineet Khanna, and Varun Sadana, Co-Founders of Supertails (Left to Right)

Varun Sadana

NIT Kurukshetra and IIM Lucknow alumni Varun Sadana has a varied work career. He focused on effective meat distribution while co-founding Licious and serving as COO. He was VP at Snapdeal before that, where he was instrumental in the establishment of the marketplace and account management.

In addition, he had managerial positions at Hindustan Unilever and began his career as a software engineer at IBM before working as a research engineer at Sterling Commerce. Varun's career path demonstrates his adaptability and accomplishments in the e-commerce, food delivery, and technology industries.

Vineet Khanna:

Vineet Khanna is a Co-Founder of Supertails and an alumnus of IIM Lucknow and NIT Nagpur. Vineet joins Supertails with a plethora of experience, having established the supply chain vertical while serving as Senior Vice President at Licious. Having known Varun for over 13 years, dating back to their IIM Lucknow MBA days, their strong professional relationship strengthens the business.

Vineet started his career as a management intern at HSBC Private Banking and has also worked in TAS and held the post of Associate Vice President at Snapdeal before that, demonstrating his broad experience in a variety of industries.

Aman Tekriwal

Aman Tekriwal is another Co-Founder of Supertails. He had a varied professional background. He entered the corporate world as an Articleship at G.P. Agrawal & Co. and than as an Assistant Manager with Adhunik Group of Industries.

Afterwards, he moved to Cognizant Technology Solutions, where he was a Process Specialist. Aman demonstrated his financial savvy and leadership in the startup industry while serving as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Licious prior to co-founding Supertails.

Aman's impressive educational background includes the Chartered Accountant (CA) designation, which highlights his proficiency in strategic decision-making and financial management. His diverse background in a range of businesses adds to Supertails' overall strength.

The company has 51-200 employees, as per LinkedIn.

Supertails - Startup Story

Coworkers Varun and Vineet at Licious had a similar passion for pursuing business concepts in 2017. Developing a platform for pet care was one concept that struck a chord with them. The team made the decision to go on with this project after realizing the increasing tendency of people to adopt dogs for mental well-being, particularly during the pandemic.

Following their departure from Licious in January 2021, they held conversations with a large number of pet parents, speaking with over 300 people. After these discussions, they determined that there are two main categories of needs for pet parents: the first covers food, nutrition, training, and healthcare; the second covers grooming, boarding, travel, insurance, and other services.

This in-depth knowledge of the pet care industry served as the basis for Supertails, a startup committed to offering a comprehensive answer to the many demands of pet owners.

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Supertails - Vision

Supertails Vision:

“At, our vision is to create a platform that makes their (pet parents) lives easier. From providing pet nutrition to round-the-clock pet care and consultation, our aim is to build a platform that integrates products, services, and communities,” said co-founders Varun Sadana, Aman Tekriwal, and Vineet Khanna.
Supertails Logo
Supertails Logo

The legal name of Supertails is Petfully Yours Private Limited.

Supertails - Products and Services

Supertails is an ecosystem of support for pet parents. It aims to provide everything that a young pet parent may need to raise a healthy and happy pet, whether it’s a platform where they can discover the widest range of pet supplies, get on demand online vet consultations, or speak to pet behavior experts to bond with their pets and train them better.

Their USP is that it brings it all together in one place, where, beyond 1:1 consultations, pet parents can learn about caregiving better through content on social media.

They believe that the increase in pet population in India is going to be geared toward Gen Z and the millennial segment. Due to this, Supertails was created as a platform that could ensure accessibility with a complete online presence.

Supertails - Business Model

Supertails uses a strong business-to-consumer (B2C) business model, establishing itself as a cutting-edge online marketplace serving the growing pet parent population. Supertails provides an easy and all-inclusive one-stop solution for pet food and supplies, catering to the changing needs of pet owners.

The B2C strategy places a heavy emphasis on direct communication with end users, which enables Supertails to build a close-knit relationship with pet owners. Supertails provides a smooth and intuitive experience for its consumers by utilizing its digital platform to offer a wide selection of pet care items and necessities.

The company's business model highlights its dedication to offering pet owners a comprehensive solution, in line with the expanding need for easy and specialized services in the pet care sector.

Supertails - Revenue Model

Supertails makes money from different resources; some of the prominent ones are listed below:

Sales of Pet Supplies: Makes money by selling products for pets, such as food, toys, and accessories.

Veterinarian Consultations Online: Levies charges a fee for its virtual consultation services, which include professional advice on pet health.

Services for Pet Training: Programs for pet training that are profitable, meet a variety of pet needs and habits, and add revenue.

Supertails - Challenges Faced

Supertails faces a significant task in changing consumer attitudes about the pet care sector. After they make the move from being pet owners to adopting the position of pet parents, the next step is to provide them with the necessary information to become competent pet parents.

Supertails, a forward-thinking company, aims to spearhead this revolutionary change by providing reliable information, making sure that being a pet parent is not only fun but also responsibly directed.

Supertails faced challenges as they grew, mainly with implementing order synchronization and integrating new platform capabilities. Sadly, the results of these efforts were disparities in inventory and sales data, which delayed order fulfillment. Supertails strategically tackled operational inefficiencies and implemented solutions to improve overall platform efficiency and optimize operations in order to overcome these obstacles.

Supertails - Funding and Investors

Supertails has raised $28.4 million from investors in four funding rounds.

Date Funding Round Amount Investors
February 13, 2024 Series B $15 million RPSG Capital Ventures
November 9, 2022 Series A $10 million Fireside Ventures
September 21, 2021 Debt Financing Rs 5.75 crore Alteria Capital
Jun 30, 2021 Seed Round $2.6 million DSG Consumer Partners, Saama Capital

Supertails - Growth

The growth highlights of Supertails are:

  • It is present in 24 cities with 24-hour delivery as of February 13, 2024.
  • It has 1,50,000+ happy pet parents as of February 13, 2024.
  • It has completed 70,000 online consultations as of February 13, 2024.
  • The company has provided 20 in-house visits as of February 13, 2024.

Supertails - Marketing Strategy

Supertails use various marketing strategies; some of the prominent ones are:

Digital-First Approach:

Supertails focuses on an online-only business model for its platform, deliberately positioning itself as a digital-first brand. This strategy fits nicely with the tastes of its largely Gen Z audience, which uses the internet extensively.

Strong Campaigns for Community Development:

Supertails distinguishes itself in the market by the implementation of powerful campaigns, such as the popular "Crime Master Doggo." The goal of these initiatives is to thrill the target audience and grab their attention.

Concurrently, the business prioritizes fostering community via social media, especially Instagram. Among the content initiatives are DIY projects, hacks, and fun and educational tips and tricks that promote a feeling of community among pet owners.

Utilizing Social Media and Connectivity:

Supertails understands the influence of Gen Z and millennials on the pet parent community and uses social media, especially Instagram, smartly. The brand's content strategy is centered on disseminating timely, interesting material that has both immediate and long-term value.

Social media's affinity for the digital age is used to improve connectivity, as seen by the significant reach, impressions, and engagement on these platforms. This strategy highlights Supertails' accomplishment in forging a close bond with its target market.

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Supertails - Advertisements and Social Media Campaigns

Supertails Campaign

The digital pet care firm released a clever commercial clip called "The Super-Store that comes to your door." By seeing the world via a pet's eyes, the campaign offers a pleasant perspective that departs from the traditional human-centric approach.

The story presents a distinctive and enjoyable representation of the daily activities and observations of pets. The video emphasizes's dedication to pet welfare by showing how the website can help with everything from choosing the ideal diet to making sure pets have fun and engaging activities with its wide selection of toys.

Supertails - Awards

In 2023, Supertails won the e4m IMI South Best Start-Up of the Year Award.

Supertails - Competitors

Supertails top competitors are:

  • HUFT
  • DogSpot
  • Goofy Tails

Supertails - Future Plans

Supertails has raised funding and has a clear plan for expanding in the future. The investment will be used to advance technology capabilities and put acquisition strategies into action in order to accelerate corporate growth. Concurrently, Supertails is hard at work creating an omnichannel presence, with plans to open its first physical retail location by the end of Q1 of FY25.

Even though its foundation is technology, the company recognizes the value of some services, like medical consultations, immunizations, and diagnostics, which are best provided in person. With an emphasis on providing thorough and hands-on pet care, Supertails intends to hire 50 veterinary physicians in total over the next few years in order to further enhance its offerings.

Supertails - FAQs

When was Supertails founded?

Supertails was founded in 2021 at Bangalore.

Who is the founder of Supertails?

Aman Tekriwal, Varun Sadana and Vineet Khanna are the founders of Supertails.

What is the amount of total funding raised by Supertails?

Supertails has raised a total funding of $28.4 million to date.

Has Deepika Padukone invested in Supertails?

Yes, Deepika Padukone along with DSG Capital, Saama Capital, Titan Capital and Sauce VC has invested in Pre-Series A funding of Supertails.

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