Supporting Rural Villagers to Sell Handmade Crafts and Products

Supporting Rural Villagers to Sell Handmade Crafts and Products
Raghuram Kuchibhatla, Founder, Yes!poho

India leads in the handcrafted product market. Rural areas in India have a huge contribution to the manufacturing of handmade crafts and products. People in villages are highly skilled in crafting. They have started their small businesses and customers are quite satisfied with them. Still, their reach is quite limited. Even after the huge transformation has been seen in the digital world, villagers lack the awareness to promote & sell their products effectively.

Here are some techniques that can help small businesses in rural areas to promote and sell their art and craft products.

The inputs are contributed by Raghuram Kuchibhatla, Founder, Yes!poho

Different Sales Techniques Targetted Towards the Rural Population

The various techniques that can be used towards targeting the rural population are quite simple with the development in technology and availability of online portals. Many online portals, like Yes!poho, keep in mind the rural sector and aim at providing the information in an easier manner. Using pictorial representations and simpler processes plays an important part while gaining the attention of the rural population.

How to Enable the Rural Population to Connect With Commerce Platforms to Sell Their Merchandise?

Today, the rural population has much better access to the internet than it did years ago. Ecommerce platforms are able to target rural areas now. There are so many SMEs in rural areas which have not grown much because of a lack of knowledge and awareness of their products in the market. With platforms like Yes!poho which promotes the talent of rural artisans on their online portal, the people living in the rural areas can connect with people all over India and sell their merchandise.

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Leveraging Digital Marketing for Selling Products From a Rural Area/Artist

The talent of the artists from the rural areas is often not brought to notice. With the usage of digital media and marketing, online portals are now recognising the talent of the artisans of rural India and bringing their handcrafts and talent to people all across India. The industry of handlooms has an extensive background in rural India, the artisans from many other regions are promoting their talent with online portals to make their work easily available and accessible. Such an online portal is Yes!poho, where the products made by the artisans from all across India are displayed to people all across India. The ample of choices, hand-crafted work, and good quality products help to gain attention of the audience.

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