How Tata is helping Airtel to bring Made-in-India 5G Technology in India?

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Jun 22, 2021 4 min read
How Tata is helping Airtel to bring Made-in-India 5G Technology in India?

The 5G network has been said to come into India in a few years. Jio has been working on it for the last year and had also announced about the 5G network in one of their Annual General Meeting. But now Airtel and Tata group have joined together to provide 5G network solutions in the country. In this article let’s look at how Tata group is helping Airtel to bring 5G in India.

Airtel 5G – Latest News
How Tata Group is helping Airtel bring 5G in India
Bharti Airtel on bringing 5G in India

Airtel 5G – Latest News

The telecom major Airtel has announced that it has got into a strategic partnership with Tata group in order to implement its 5G network solution in the country. Airtel has conveyed that the company would be the pioneer for testing and launching the native solution as part of its plans for India in rolling out 5G solutions.

The company has announced in a statement that the pilot is expected to start by January 2022 as per the guidelines that are formulated by the Government of India.

How Tata Group is helping Airtel bring 5G in India

The Tata group has developed a telecom stack which is a state-of-the-art O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) based radio and NSA/SA core. The company has been successful in order to integrate a completely native based telecom stack through leveraging the capabilities of its group as well as its partners. The company conveyed in a statement that the tech would be available for commercial development from the start of January 2022.

The Tata Consultancy Solutions is expected to contribute its expertise in the global system integration and is expected in aligning both the 3GPP and O-RAN standards in providing end-to-end solutions. TCS is a pioneer in software development and these networks and equipment are increasingly embedded in the software segment.

N Ganapathy Subramaniam representing the Tata group and TCS has stated that, As a group the company is excited about the opportunity that is presented by 5G and the adjacent possibilities and added that they are working towards developing networking equipment and solutions that is world-class in the networking space in order to address the business opportunities. They also added that they are pleased to have Airtel as their customer in this initiative.

Countries with most number of 5G installed in Cities
Countries with most number of 5G installed in Cities

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Bharti Airtel on bringing 5G in India

The MD and CEO of Bharti Airtel, Gopal Vittal had conveyed that they are really happy to join forces with the Tata group in order to make India a global hub for 5G and technologies related to it.

He added that, India is well-positioned with its talent pool and world-class technology ecosystem in order to build cutting-edge applications and cutting-edge technological solutions for the world. He also added that this step is expected to provide a massive boost to India in order to become an innovation and manufacturing destination.

These 5G products and solutions are Made in India and are aligned to the global standards and are expected to interoperate with other products based on certain standards that are defined by the O-RAN alliances and open interfaces.

Once the 5G solutions are commercially proven the diversified and brownfield network of Airtel would open export opportunities for the country which is now the second most market for the telecom services in the world.

Airtel is a Board member of the O-RAN Alliance and is committed towards implementing and exploring the O-RAN based networks in India. In early 2021, Airtel had become the first telecom company in order to provide a practical 5G service over its LIVE network in Hyderabad city. Using the spectrum that is allocated by the Department of telecom Airtel has started 5G trials in the major cities.

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The media enterprises and the telecom of TATA group provide the requirements regarding communication from SMEs to global business houses and from home networks to wholesale networks. TATA consultancy services and Airtel both are a member of the O-RAN alliance.


Will 5G be available in India?

Yes, Many telecom companies are preparing for 5G and India will be ready for 5G till 2022.

Which country are using 5G?

The top three countries that have the most cities with 5G are China at 341, the United States at 279, and South Korea with 85.

Is Airtel 5G ready?

Bharti Airtel become the country's first telco to successfully demonstrate & orchestrate LIVE 5G service over a commercial network in Hyderabad city.

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