List of Brands Endorsed By The Great Khali

List of Brands Endorsed By The Great Khali

The current years many brands are appointing many sportsman and athletes as their brand ambassador. This is because many athletes are not just popular but also have the skills and characteristics that are admired by consumers from all walks of life.

One such unique wrestler that is self-made, and has achieved success through the sheer determination and hard work is none other than the Great Khali. The Great Khali born as Dalip Singh Rana is an Indian American Professional Wrestler, Wrestling promoter and actor. He became popular during his time in the WWE.

Khali was earlier an officer in the Punjab Police, but made his debut as a professional wrestler in 2000. Khali has also appeared in some Hollywood and Bollywood movies such as The Longest Yard, Get Smart, Kushti, the tree of life, John Cena experience, etc. He also was a part of the popular reality TV show Big Boss in 2010.

The wrestler was the first Indian world heavyweight champion and has defeated well known people like Undertaker, Kane, John Cena, Shawn Micheals and Big Shaw throughout his career. Khali is the founder of Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) which is an Indian professional wrestling promotion and training academy.

From 2006 to 2014, Khali has won several WWE Champions, like World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time CWE Heavyweight Champion, 2 time Slammy Award winner in WWE and winner in the Teisen Hall Six Man Tournament. Recently on 24th March 2021, Khali was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

As of 2021, the net worth of the great Khali is estimated to be over $6 million, which he earned mostly through wrestling. The wrestlers has so far earned over $2.2 million just from his brand endorsement. This fame has also led him to be the brand ambassador of for some brands such as Ambuja Cements Limited, Nestle Munch, Maithan steel and Immortal Tyres.

Ambuja Cements Limited
Nestle Munch
Maithan Steel
Immortal Tyres
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Here is a list of brands endorsed by The Great Khali.

Ambuja Cements Limited

Ambuja is a leading cement producing company that is known for its home building solutions and sustainable development operations. Ambuja Cement was founded in 1983 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company markets cement and clinker for both domestic and export markets.

In 2006, Ambuja became the partner of Holcim which is the second largest cement manufacturer in the world. Ambuja is one of the most trusted brands in India because it is its products offer sustainable options, designed according to the climatic conditions in India. Currently, Ambuja Cement has a cement manufacturing capacity of 29.65 million tonnes as it has five cement manufacturing plants and eight cement grinding units across India.

The company signed the great Khali as its brand ambassador in 2015. The WWE wrestler has appeared in some ads for Ambuja, one of the best ambuja ads is the mockumentary ad with Khali. In the ad Khali is shown to be in an interview, explaining about how his strength and height were a problem in his earlier days.

The funny commercial shows him struggling with infrastructure and falling in different places while doing his daily tasks, the ad then showcases that after building a home with ambuja cement, he finally understands the joy of being at home. The advertisement was funny, clever and got lakhs of views within a first weeks of its launch.

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Nestle Munch

Nestle Munch is a popular wafers filled chocolate bar sold in India and made by the conglomerate Nestle. Munch comes in various different flavors such as Munch Nuts, Munch Crunch O'Nuts, etc. Its parent company is the FMCG giant Nestle, which is a swiss multinational food and drink company that has its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland.

Nestle sells a vast variety of products such as Baby food, medical food, cereals, bottled water, dairy products, ice cream, pet food, snacks, etc. Nestlé was formed in 1905, and is now considered to be the largest food company in the world, in terms of revenue. Currently Nestle is sold in 189 countries with more than 447 factories around the world. Nestle started imported its products to the Indian market in 1912 and has a long history with the country.

Nestle is one of the most trusted brands in India because it has helped the country grow for over a century and employs over a million Indians in different roles. Nestle manufactures many products that are well known in India such as Nescafe, Maggi, Kit Kat, Milkmaid, Nestea, and a wide range of Nestle dairy products.

Nestle signed The Great Khali as the endorser for its brand Munch in 2018. Nestle launched the ad campaign featuring Khali and the Bollywood actor Ishaan Khattar shot at the picturesque Dal Lake in Srinagar. The ad showcases the Ishaan being stunned by his date and her chaperone Khali. It further shows Ishaan biting into the Nestle Munch and getting an idea to save his date.

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Maithan Steel

Maithan Steel is one of the leading steel plants of the country as it has history of over half a century. The company specializes in iron and steel, ferro alloys, refractory, power and cement sectors and is available in over 56 countries including Europe and Japan.

Maithan Steel and Power ventured into the iron and steel industry in 2001 and so far has over 1500 direct employees and 10,000 indirect employment. The company aims to deliver the best to its customers by manufacturing products with the best materials by using the latest technology and innovation in Indian and across the world.

The company made The Great Khali its brand ambassador in 2020, the professional wrestler was a part of the ad campaign that reveled its new identity with the tagline “Nirmaan ka Maandand”. Through this ad the company was aiming to increase awareness, educate and inspire consumers on purchasing strong steel like Maithan steel which is said to be made in state of art technology.

Kaushal Agarwalla the Director of Maithan Steel said that, they were glad to be associated with Khali for the campaign, as he would help in establishing the value of strength, bring better engagement, re-install the sense of trust and dependability with their customers.

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Immortal Tyres

Immortal Tyres started in 2011 are one of biggest manufacturers of a wide range of Tractor tyres, E-Bikes and Bike tyres. The company created best quality tyres by using the top grade resources. Immortal Tyres are known for their strong construction, premium quality, long service life and affordable prices.

The aim of the company is to meet the changing needs of the customers and offer products as per the client need. The great Khali was signed as the endorser for Immortal Tyres in 2020. The wrestler is also featured in an ad campaign where he showcases the strength and durability of the Tractors tyres.

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The Great Khali is one of celebrated wrestlers in the history of WWE and is known for his humble and sincere nature. The professional wrestlers has worked hard to reach to that platform and this are the characteristics that are expected from brand endorsers in the advertising industry.

Khali has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 11.8 thousand followers on Twitter and constantly endorsing his training center and other brands on his social media. But was recently the targeted by the impossible requests and memes from trolls, despite that the wrestler seems to take it positively and let it go. Khali is one of the few professional’s wrestlers to be signed as brand ambassador for big brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Great Khali?

The Great Khali born as Dalip Singh Rana is an Indian American Professional Wrestler, Wrestling promoter and actor that became popular during his WWE profession.

What is the Net worth of the Great Khali?

The Net worth of the Great Khali is estimated to be $6 million as of 2021.

How much does The Great Khali earn from Endorsements?

The Great Khali is known to earn over $2.2 million from Endorsements

What are the brands endorsed by The Great Khali?

The brands endorsed by The Great Khali are Immortal Tyres, Maithan Steel, Nestle Munch, and Ambuja Cements Limited.

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