Salary of Top 10 CEOs in India

Ashwini Ashwini
Oct 16, 2020 9 min read
Salary of Top 10 CEOs in India

India’s top executives earn hefty paychecks for being at the forefront of large conglomerates. Almost all of them earn exponentially greater than the employee median salary. Here’s a look at the salaries of some of the top chief operating officers in the Indian industry.

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Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Salary: INR 30.1 crore (FY 2017)

Company: TATA Group

salary of Natarajan Chandrasekaran
Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Even though he’s a former CEO, his name has to be on this list in order to demonstrate what a true Chief X Officer is! Voted as the ‘Best CEO’ for five consecutive years by the Institutional Investor’s Annual All-Asia Executive Team rankings, ‘Best CEO’ for the second consecutive year in 2014 by Business Today. N. Chandrasekaran, the current chairman of the TATA group was the CEO of Tata Consultancy Services, in addition to being the Chairman of Tata Motors and Tata Global Beverages.

The first Non-Parsi to head the TATA group, he’s credited for making TCS reach a market capitalization of more than $70 billion. The company has also achieved the distinction of becoming the largest private-sector employer in India under his guidance. Chandrasekaran is an avid marathon runner, having competed in marathons across the globe. The salary of Natarajan Chandrasekaran is 30.1 crore.

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Pawan Munjal

Salary: INR 32.80 crore (FY 2018)

Company: Hero Motocorp

Pawan Munjal Salary
Pawan Munjal

The CEO of Hero Motocorp, the alumnus NIT, Kurukshetra alumnus has been ranked among the ‘40 most powerful Indians of 2017’ according to India Today. Pawan has been instrumental in transforming Hero Honda to Hero Motocorp, as we know it today. Pawan Munjal's salary is 32.80 crore.

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Salil S Parekh

Salary: INR 35 crore

Company : Infosys

Salary of CEOs in India
Salil S Parekh

Salil S Parekh is the CEO of a $10-billion IT firm. Parekh was a member of the group executive board at Capgemini. Salil has done graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay) in Aeronautical Engineering, and done a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He is known as the ‘turnaround manager’. Parekh has seen through successful acquisitions and strong business turnarounds in the past. The salary of Salil Parekh is 35 crore.

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Gopal Vittal

Salary: INR 16.97 crore (FY 2017-18)

Company: Airtel

Gopal Vittal Salary
Gopal Vittal

The current CEO of Airtel has been in and out of the telecom conglomerate several times. His first stint lasted two years (2006-2008) and rejoined Airtel in early 2012. On 1st March 2013, he became the CEO. The man is an IIM Calcutta alumni and was pivotal in some of the achievements of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), especially ‘Project Bharat’. Gopal Vittal's salary is 16.97 crore.

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C P Gurnani

Salary: INR 165.6 crore (FY 2018)

Company: Tech Mahindra

CP Gurnani Salary
C P Gurnani

The MD and CEO of Tech Mahindra spearheaded the aggregation of Mahindra Satyam with Tech Mahindra. He was also the Nasscom chairman for one year in 2016. C P Gurnani has been a part of many big shots such as HCL Corporation and Petrot Systems. He was the E&Y ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, and CNBC Asia’s ‘India Business Leader of the Year’ in 2013 and C P Gurnani's salary is 165.6 crore.

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Aditya Puri

Salary: INR 9.6 crore with stock options worth INR 57.42 crore (FY 2017-18)

Company: HDFC Bank

Salary of CEOs in India
Aditya Puri

With over 40 years of experience in the banking industry, the current CEO of HDFC bank was the only Indian to appear in Fortune’s 2016 ‘Business person of the year’ list. Aditya Puri is the longest-serving head of any Indian private bank, having joined HDFC Bank as MD in 1994. And, he is the highest-paid Indian banker! The Salary of Aditya Puri is 9.6 crore.

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Salary: INR 55- 70 crore (Estimate)

Company: Jindal Group

Salary of CEOs in India
Naveen Jindal

An industrial and MP in the 14th and 15th Lok Sabha, Naveen Jinda is the CEO of the Jindal group. The youngest son of late Shri Om Prakash Jindal has been so influential that his support to his alma mater, UT Dallas, resulted in the university renaming its management school to Naveen Jindal School of Management in 2011. Naveen is active in shooting, having captained the Indian Shooting Team to a silver medal in South Asian Federation Games, 2004. He has taken Jindal Steel and Power Limited to new heights, with many power plants being set up under his leadership. The salary of Naveen Jindal is 55-70 crore.

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Om Prakash Manchanda

Salary: INR 33.20 crore (FY 2017)

Company: Dr. Lal Path Labs Pvt. Ltd

OM Manchanda Salary
Om Prakash Manchanda

The CEO of Dr. Lal Path Labs Pvt. Ltd has been with the diagnostic service provider since 2005. He was part of the team that was responsible for Ranbaxy’s venture into the healthcare division. Om, as he’s fondly called, has a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science and a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. Om Manchanda's salary is 33.20 crore.

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Anil Manibhai Naik

Salary: INR 78.91 crore (FY 2017)

Company:  Larsen & Toubro Limited

AM Naik Salary
Anil Manibhai Naik

A M Naik is the former CEO and current group executive chairman of Larsen & Toubro Limited. He started as a junior engineer with the conglomerate in 1965, rose up the ranks becoming the CEO in 1999.  He was then appointed as the chairman in 2003. The pioneer has been the former chairman of IIM, Ahmedabad, Honorary Consul General for Denmark, and a recipient of Padma Bhushan and A M Naik's salary is 78.91 crore.

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Vivek Gambhir

Salary: INR 20 crore (FY 2019)

Company: Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL)

Vivek Gambhir Salary
Vivek Gambhir

Vivek Gambhir is the CEO and MD of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL) since May, 2017. He spearheaded GCPL’s famous 3 by 3 strategy. Apart from this, Vivek is a founding member of  Bain’s consulting operations in India. He is a Harvard MBA and is the president of the Harvard Business School in India. Vivek is also the Non-Executive Independent Director of Philips India Ltd, a post he has held since 28 March, 2014. Vivek Gambhir's salary is 20 crore.

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Mohit Gujral

Salary: INR 15.20 crore total compensation

Company: DLF Limited

DLF CEO Salary
Mohit Gujral

An architect by background, Mohit Gujral is the Co-CEO of DLF Limited since August, 2015. He is the man behind architectural marvels such as DLF Emporio, DLF Promenade, and Cyber Greens at Gurgaon. With more than 25 years of experience under his belt, Mohit is counted among India’s finest architects and an entrepreneur by passion. Mohit Gujral DLF CEO's salary is 15.20 crore.


This was our list of the highest-paid salary of CEOs in India who pave the way of life in making themselves and their company a brand.


Who is CEO?

A chief executive officer (CEO), or just chief executive (CE), is the most senior corporate, executive, or administrative officer in charge of managing an organization – especially an independent legal entity such as a company or nonprofit institution.

Who reports to the CEO?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): As the top manager, the CEO is typically responsible for the corporation's entire operations and reports directly to the chairman and the board of directors.

How much salary of a CEO in India?

An early career Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹983,641 based on 195 salaries. A mid-career Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹1,437,731 based on 143 salaries.

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