Top 5 Successful Facebook Marketing Case Studies

Damini Bhandary Damini Bhandary
Nov 11, 2021 5 min read
Top 5 Successful Facebook Marketing Case Studies

Social media marketing has become a necessity for the survival of every business. Without marketing a company can never take off its business and now in the age of social media, connecting with the customers and potential customers online have become the prime factor.

Facebook has always been about connecting people from all around the world with each other. Now the biggest social media platform is not only used for connecting with people but it is also used by some biggest brands to market their products as well.

Ad campaigns are used for acquiring new customers, aware them of new products, and basically the entire existence of the brands. Facebook is said to be one of the best social media for marketing your business, with over 2.91 billion monthly users, it is far from a wrong statement.

To be specific if you are willing to advertise, Facebook can lead your business to a greater market. If arranged and executed properly Facebook ad campaigns are definitely worth it. This article will talk about the best Facebook ad campaigns that have become examples of successful campaigns for other businesses. So, letโ€™s get started.

โ€œNobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes itโ€™s an ad.โ€

-Howard Luck Gossage

Jabong Be You Ad Campaign
Vodafone 4G SuperNet Campaign
Raymond 72 Hrs. Express Tailoring Campaign
Tata Housing Goa Campaign
Dominoโ€™s Pizza Think Oven Campaign
L'Orรฉal Paris

Jabong Be You Campaign

At one point, was an Indian e-commerce platform that dealt with fashion and lifestyle. Although in 2020, Jabong was shut down after Flipkart acquired Myntra. Even after this, the business is remembered for its popular and successful Facebook ad campaign that generated huge online traffic to its website and app.

Jabong with this brilliant campaign decided to target its audience by launching a month-long campaign in 2017. Whatever product was showcased on Facebook, the same thing was shown on the website as well thus, providing them with a personalized experience and increasing their customer involvement in the website.

Vodafone 4G SuperNet Campaign

One of the most popular telecommunication service providers in India, Vodafone and is the third-largest one in India. Vodafone's style of marketing has always been interesting and unique and its advertisements were able to capture the attention of consumers.

In 2016, when Vodafone launched 4G SuperNet, they ran an ad campaign and had a collaboration with Facebook. Here, they used the lookalike audience feature of the social media to find a new audience, who are interested in your products and are quite similar to the existing consumers of the product. This ad campaign consists of a pug, the Vodafone mascot, and a little Indian boy in some different short videos.

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Raymond 72 Hrs. Express Tailoring Campaign

Raymond Express Tailoring Campaign
Raymond Express Tailoring Campaign

Raymond, the Indian-based fashion brand is famous for dealing with tailoring suits. Raymond's Facebook ad campaign is stated as one of the most popular and successful ones. Such is the effect of that campaign that it boosts up the sales of four outlets of Raymond. It was a three-week Facebook ad campaign in 2016, where Raymond uses Facebook to target customers who can increase the sale of specific selected stores.

Through Facebook, Raymond targeted men who got married, engaged, or just got a new job and pursue them to invest in tailoring suits by stating in the ad that they are launching 72 hrs. express tailoring service, the ad was a call to action statement. Those who showed interest they had to register to book their appointment and get the service.

Tata Housing Goa Campaign

Tata Housing Goa Campaign
Tata Housing Goa Campaign

Tata Housing is a subsidiary of the Tata group that deals with housing development. It is famous for building houses that have top-class designs and finishing. Tata housing was the first property developer that used Facebook for selling houses. It sold houses with the help of social media without using any other media.

Some short videos were created and were used as ads on Facebook and life in Goa was shown. This online house buying campaign was started on Facebook by Tata housing and thus was a huge success. Those videos guided viewers to property pages to get more details about it. Almost 250 houses were sold because of that campaign.

Dominoโ€™s Pizza Think Oven Campaign

Dominos Think Oven campaign
Dominos Think Oven Campaign

There would be very few people who donโ€™t like Pizza, and Dominoโ€™s pizza is the hot favorite amongst people. The โ€˜Think Ovenโ€™ campaign was a very successful campaign of Dominoโ€™s Pizza.

Here, the campaign was set in such a way that they are able to interact with customers very well and customers were able to give out their suggestions as well to Dominoโ€™s ongoing projects and also submit some new ideas. The new ideas include new items in the menu and all. This resulted in a good interaction of the company with its customers and somehow increased their website traffic.

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L'Orรฉal Paris

It is one of the most popular Makeups, Hair, and skincare products brand and its advertisements have always been striking. The beauty brands try their level best to introduce new types of campaigns to catch the attention of people to build their brands.

L'Orรฉal Paris used Facebook for its ad campaign to create a sensation amongst the users. It launched a #lorealparislive in 2014, in here they asked beauty experts and models to create some great red carpet level looks and use them as gifs on Facebook to give tips to users get the same looks for themselves.


In a world where digital marketing is an inevitable technique for the survival of the business, marketing with the help of Facebook is probably one of the best methods for making people aware of your brand.

Although, the ads have to be striking enough, to touch the audience's heart and for that proper planning is needed, these above campaigns are some of the best ones and have become an example in the business world for others to follow.


Which Facebook Ads are most Effective?

The carousel ad is the most effective ad format in Facebook.

Are Facebook Ads worth it in 2021?

Facebook ads are still worth it in 2021, in fact, they have become one of a most used methods for digital marketing.

Which campaign objective is best for Facebook ads?

Conversions is one of the most effective Facebook objective as it is optimized to deliver you new leads or purchases.

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