Top 10 Whatsapp API Providers for Business in 2023

Top 10 Whatsapp API Providers for Business in 2023

If you're looking for a way to grow your business, you can't go wrong with WhatsApp. Why?

Because it is the most used messaging app in the world—with over 2 billion active users each month. And because it is the best place to offer personalized customer experiences—with a click-through rate of 45–60% and an engagement rate of 98%.

But what if you want to reach those users quickly and easily? What if you want to connect with hundreds of thousands of people at scale on a platform where they're most active?

That's where WhatsApp API providers come in.

With an API provider, you can broadcast messages to unlimited users. You can also automate notifications, integrate chatbots, offer live chat on many platforms, and do much more with WhatsApp API.

In this post, we'll share a list of the best WhatsApp API providers to help your business expand its reach and increase sales on WhatsApp.

What Is a Whatsapp API?
List of Top Whatsapp API Providers

What Is a Whatsapp API?

Benefits of using WhatsApp API
Benefits of using WhatsApp API

Business API for WhatsApp helps organizations receive and respond to unlimited messages. Facebook launched features in August 2018 to give medium-sized and large enterprises a customized solution for increasing their customer engagement via WhatsApp.

The API is a programming interface rather than a personalized texting application. It allows you to register contacts, receive WhatsApp messages, and reply to them using a custom user experience.

Businesses can now integrate WhatsApp with their customer relationship management, lead-generating software, ticketing system, or lead-generating and sales software, which opens up many doors for them.

Thanks to the WhatsApp Business API, your application can now receive data from WhatsApp, including messages, media files, and contact information.

List of WhatsApp using countries by no. of users per month (Source: Business Insider)

Country Number of WhatsApp Users
India 390.1 million
Brazil 108.4 million
United States 75.1 million
Indonesia 68.8 million
Russia 64.7 million
Mexico 62.3 million
Germany 48.3 million
Italy 35.5 million
Spain 33.0 million
UK 30.1 million

List of Top Whatsapp API Providers

The following list of the top WhatsApp API providers you should know about. This will help your business reach more customers and grow.


API Provider Name Twilio
Rating 4.7
Founded in 2008
Service offers SMS, emails, WhatsApp texts, voice, video, and IoT
Pricing $1 hour/user or $150 month/user
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Twilio-Top Whatsapp API Providers
Twilio- Whatsapp API Providers

Twilio is one of the many WhatsApp API providers available. You need a little technical mindset to make it feature-rich and capable. Facebook has listed it as one of its specialist marketing partners.

Twilio's Flex Cloud offers a comprehensive customer support experience. It combines voice, SMS, WhatsApp, and live chat into a configurable app that you can change as needed.


  • Supports phone calls, VoIP, messaging, WhatsApp, and email
  • lower costs, and good to have a pay-as-you-go.
  • It's easy to customize and extend.
  • Monitoring SMS and calls is easy.


  • Need to have the technical knowledge to get started.
  • Bulk messages or emails can compromise deliverability.
  • Costs may rise as you grow.


API Provider Name WATI
Rating 4.6
Founded in 2020
Service offers Bulk messages, broadcasts, template messages, build chatbots
Pricing Starts from $99/month

WATI- Whatsapp API Providers
WATI- Whatsapp API Providers

WATI is a WhatsApp-specific tool. It's appropriate for businesses of all sizes and has plans that address every niche. You can use WATI's software for free during a trial period and see if the service is right for you.

Additionally, WATI has a few distinctive characteristics. One enables customer service representatives to assist while traveling and from any location.

Using WATI, a business can deploy a chatbot that requires almost no coding.


  • The customer support team handles the customer's complete journey from signing up.
  • Businesses can use team structures to organize their teams.
  • It's easy to create a chatbot.


  • You will need another CRM product if your customers use a different platform.
  • Flow builder costs $49 per month more.


API Provider Name Interakt
Rating 4.6
Founded in 2013
Service offers Automate notifications, Send Bulk Campaigns, and Multi-agent team Inbox
Pricing Starts from $15/month
Interakt- Whatsapp API Providers
Interakt- Whatsapp API Providers

Interakt is best for businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small businesses.

Interakt lets companies take orders, turn product queries into sales, and recover abandoned carts. It also enables clients to interact with your business through multi-agent support.

Businesses can use Interakt to contact their clients using a single WhatsApp Number. Interakt serves as a sales channel, campaign management platform, and CRM.


  • Green Tick Verification for Free
  • Fast approvals and easy API access.
  • Track analytics


  • More expensive WhatsApp Business API platform.
  • No WhatsApp Chatbot is available.
  • There are no Smart Dashboard features.
  • Interakt only offers email support, and responses can take up to two to three days.


API Provider Name MessageBird
Rating 4.4
Founded in 2011
Service offers SMS, Voice & Chat API
Pricing Starts from $50/month
MessageBird- Whatsapp API Providers
MessageBird- Whatsapp API Providers

MessageBird is a cloud-based communication platform. It offers APIs to integrate communications capabilities into apps, websites, and other systems. The VoIP system includes call transcription, recording, and answering machine detection. Calls are charged per second.

MessageBird Voice is the perfect tool for companies wanting to add voice messaging, voice broadcasting, and audio alerts to their communication mix.


  • Great automation.
  • Robust messaging API


  • Slow development of new features
  • Understanding UI is tricky.


API Provider Name
Rating 4.3
Founded in 2016
Service offers Targeted notifications, newsletters, advertisements, and announcements to customers
Pricing Starts from $47/month Whatsapp API Providers Whatsapp API Providers is a cloud-based marketing automation tool. It lets you provide tailored customer service using a chatbot on WhatsApp. lets users choose the direction of a discussion, data properties, branching, modular blocks, and user inputs. Chat marketing is one component of the solution. It assists in managing leads, inquiries, and content integrations with other SaaS applications.


  • Customizable chatbot
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Cheap option compared to others


  • It can be difficult to follow conversations after making dozens of them.


API Provider Name Zoko
Rating 4.4
Founded in 2020
Service offers Multi-Channel Communication, Messaging, Templated Responses
Pricing Starts from $34.99/month
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Zoko- Whatsapp API Providers
Zoko- Whatsapp API Providers

Zoko is one of the powerful WhatsApp API providers. Its features support all the tasks you need to do in your day-to-day marketing, sales, and customer service activities. You can send broadcast messages for announcements.

Team Inbox lets you work with your team in rich content communications, such as video calls.


  • Zoko allows agents to create tickets by type of question. This helps with workflow and accountability.
  • Zoko isn't the chatbot for you if you need more intricate messaging or connectivity with your CRM.


  • UI takes some time.
  • New conversations stay in a queue. The Chat Mode switch isn't always easy to use when you need to reply.
  • Zoko's price tiers grow after the first two tiers.


API Provider Name 360Dialog
Rating 4.6
Founded in 2012
Service offers Team inboxes, WhatsApp newsletters, CRM integration, and marketing automation.
Pricing Starts from $25/up to 25 messages per second
360dialog- Whatsapp API Providers
360dialog- Whatsapp API Providers

360dialog offers services to businesses of all sizes, in all areas, and across all sectors. It offers the WhatsApp Business API for enterprises looking for dependable and affordable access. The company's hosting solution is lightweight, developer-friendly, scalable, and fairly priced.

360dialog provides end-user solutions, such as team inboxes, WhatsApp newsletters, CRM integration, and marketing automation.


  • WhatsApp’s Green Tick Verification
  • Easy Integration of WhatsApp Chatbot
  • 100% message delivery rate
  • Integration with many CRMs, including Hubspot, Shopify, and more.


  • No real-time session reports
  • Needs attention from the development team


API Provider Name TextLocal
Rating 4.6
Founded in 2005
Service offers Bulk messaging, campaign scheduling, virtual mobile numbers, contact management, and audit trails.
Pricing Starts with 10 free messages
TextLocal- Whatsapp API Providers
TextLocal- Whatsapp API Providers

Textlocal is an SMS marketing service. It enables enterprise-level companies to send bulk text messages across several platforms. The WhatsApp API provider features campaign scheduling, virtual mobile numbers, and contact management.

Marketers can identify customers most likely to respond to their offers and customize their campaigns. Businesses can manage two-way discussions with Textlocal users. They can accept incoming messages and create automated responses.

Textlocal lets programmers set up and control the systems that send scripts from inboxes. They can also receive delivery confirmations and set up client groups. Users can also import contacts from the phonebook to build groups and synchronize emails with the system.


  • Excellent E-mail to SMS Gateway service
  • Helpful technical sales support
  • No setbacks while sending bulk data


  • Needs technical knowledge to work with interface
  • Bit pricey when compared to others


API Provider Name Clickatell
Rating 4.5
Founded in 2000
Service offers Contact management, MMS, Instant Message Delivery, Manage Sender ID
Pricing Free trial available
Clickatell- Whatsapp API Providers
Clickatell- Whatsapp API Providers

Clickatell is a Chat Commerce Platform. It helps businesses foster relationships and make sales with clients through chat-based messaging, engagement, and payment solutions.

Consumers can now communicate with brands via text or chat to find products and services, make purchases, follow orders, and address problems. Designed to meet the changing demands of forward-thinking brands such as banks, airlines, telcos, utilities, and insurance companies.


  • Easy to integrate
  • High-quality support
  • Autopayments are easy


  • Limited details about failed messages
  • Less reporting features

API Provider Name
Rating 4.5
Founded in 2016
Service offers Messaging, Live chat, chatbot, Notifications
Pricing Variable pricing Whatsapp API Providers Whatsapp API Providers's WhatsApp for commerce solution makes it possible for enterprises to sell through WhatsApp. Customers can chat with companies while looking around the aisles for their desires. They can place, change quantities, cancel orders, and request returns.

Additionally, customers can follow their orders and look through their previous purchases. Businesses may track the quality leads generated on WhatsApp by integrating the chatbot with CRM, billing, and invoicing applications.


  • ready-to-use platform
  • Web-integrated chatbot
  • Good support from the YM team
  • Transparent dashboard for analysis


  • Shopping features in the bot
  • Pricing
  • App integration


Finding the right business API provider for your company is a tough decision.

There are many options, and every provider has strengths and weaknesses. Some may offer better support, while others can integrate with your existing CRM system more efficiently.

The best way to find your ideal business API is to select one that will meet your specific needs and budget constraints.


What are APIs?

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a set of functions, features, and interfaces of any platform to automate and offer services.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business?

Since WhatsApp is the most popular app, it is always easier to reach out to customers easily. WhatsApp APIs can be linked with CRMs to automate notifications and alerts. The UI of WhatsApp is great and it has a global presence.

What are the top 3 WhatsApp APIs?

  • Twilio
  • Interakt

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