Business Model of Walmart: Success Strategy of Multinational Retail Giant

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Aug 20, 2021 5 min read
Business Model of Walmart: Success Strategy of Multinational Retail Giant

Walmart is a US-based multinational retail firm that owns and operates a network of superstores, grocers, and discount stores. It is the world's largest company by revenue and has revenue of $559,200 and 2,300,000 employees all over the world. It is a family-owned and operated publicly traded company. The business is owned by the Walton family. In 2019, it was the biggest grocery store in the United States. β€Œβ€Œ'Cost leadership' is at the foundation of Walmart's business model. When a corporation represents itself as the cheapest maker or provider of a certain goods or services in a competition, it is referred to as cost leadership. The approach is tough to implement since administration must continuously strive to reduce costs at all levels in order to stay in business.

Walmart - Cost Leadership Strategy
Walmart - Key Services
Walmart - Success Strategy
How Walmart makes money?

Walmart Business Model

Walmart - Cost Leadership Strategy

Walmart uses cost leadership strategy for its business. Let us know about cost leadership.

What is Cost Leadership?

A cost leadership strategy entails positioning a business's products as the most affordable. This system has the ability to be quite successful. Nevertheless, it is extremely difficult to implement because it necessitates cutting expenses and transferring the benefits to consumers. One of the most prominent instances of an effective cost leadership strategy is Walmart.

It's a strategy for lowering expenses and producing the cheapest items in a marketplace or sector to obtain profit margins. Buyers are aware of the services accessible to them in today's commercial world, which is quite complicated and complicated. Competitive pricing is one way for businesses to set themselves apart. Businesses with the lowest manufacturing costs can show the same level of quality of the product for a considerably lower price than their competitors.

Walmart Cost Leadership Strategy

Walmart is by far the most well-known cost leader, having employed a cost-leadership approach to becoming the world's largest corporation. Walmart's promotional taglines, such as "Always Low Prices" and "Save Money. Live Better," signal to targeted users the company's focus on cheaper products. Additionally, Walmart takes full advantage of its massive sales volumes to sell the products with razor-thin profitability. Walmart's cost-cutting plan is bolstered by its value-chain strategy. One of the biggest distribution network achievements in business is Walmart's inbound and outbound logistics.

Walmart's inbound logistics are guided by three core themes: use the lowest product line connections by operating directly with manufacturers; form strategic relations with suppliers for the longer run and focus on high bulk purchasing; while using cross docking to efficiently manage, which entails unpacking products from an inbound truck directly into the outbound truck without storing in between the process.

Walmart Business Empire

Walmart - Key Services

Walmart is generally known as an all-in-one store. Walmart sells things in a wide range of categories. Walmart is known for selling groceries and clothing items. Electronics are available for purchase as well. Walmart sells music downloads, movies, books, and jewelry, among other things. The store sells infant products, and sports equipment in addition to daily furniture.

Walmart | American Multinational Retail Company | Company Profile |
Founded by Sam Walton in 1962, Walmart Inc. is the world’s largest retailer company by revenue. Know more about its business model, success story, etc

Walmart - Success Strategy

Walmart has formed a powerful and dedicated client base by living up to its objective and continually striving to deliver everyday low costs to its shoppers over the course of its 50-plus-year period. Buyers know they can expect inexpensive costs when they come into a Walmart. Following are some strategies that are used by Walmart to stay at the top:

Management of the Supply Chainβ€Œβ€Œ
Walmart's supply chain management approach has been improved, and the company is working to reduce expenses and operating costs even more. Walmart was one of the first corporations to interact directly with suppliers, thereby handing resource management over to the sellers. Variations in inventory flow can be balanced out by using "vendor managed inventory" (VMI), eliminating overabundance and overstocks.

Walmart was among the first companies to indulge in inventory management technologies using a software system. Data like in-store point-of-sale, storage inventories, and real-time transactions were channeled into cloud computing under this system. Suppliers were given more information so they could know when to deliver extra products. Walmart can lower costs even more by constantly inventing and synchronizing each level of its distribution network.

Increasing Negotiation and Reduced Costsβ€Œβ€Œ
Walmart's massive size and economic output allow it to influence vendor engagement, lowering prices. Walmart accounts for up to 70% of revenue for several general merchandise companies. Such companies would not have been able to function without Walmart as a sponsor. It offers Walmart complete control over its pricing and practice guide.β€Œβ€Œ

Walmart can potentially cut expenses by operating its own truck network and improving its transit system. Cross-docking is a warehousing method that Walmart has used. This system transfers goods from an incoming truck to an outgoing truck in real time. This allows things to be relocated swiftly without any need for costly warehousing. Walmart could transfer on profits to customers in the form of cheaper prices as a result of reduced product expenses and a more effective inventory control operation.

Modern Business Strategy
Walmart has maintained the same business model of "everyday cheap pricing" for about 50 years . Walmart is the largest retailer by volume and has locations all throughout the country. Walmart can appeal to a diverse range of consumers thanks to its four major types of outlets: bargain stores, superstores, Sam's Clubs, and neighborhood markets.

It has approximately 11,500 retail locations, and 90 percent of Americans are expected to reside around 15 min of a Walmart. Walmart's client base is enormous; over 260 million people visit its retail shops and e-commerce platforms each week. With such a large consumer base, Walmart was able to generate $559 billion in sales in 2020.

How Walmart makes money?

Walmart makes money through supplying products and services straight to customers and businesses. Walmart makes money from the products it sells, like groceries, health and wellness products, electronics, clothing items and many other products. It also generates revenue from the services provided like VUDU streaming services, financial services, clinical services and health insurance services.


Walmart is a business giant and has always taken the right steps towards the company’s growth. With millions of employees and thousands of stores all over the globe, Walmart is becoming more and more accessible to customers. With the right strategies and buying the stock in bulk, it ensures cheap prices for the buyers and maintains its mantra of β€˜Everyday Low Prices’.


How does Walmart makes money?

Walmart sells various products and services to the buyers at cheaper prices, thus creating a loyal customer base.

Does Walmart own Dollar Tree?

No, Walmart does not own Dollar Tree.

Is Walmart available in India?

Yes, there are 29 Best Price Wholesale stores in India which are owned and operated by Walmart.

How many Walmart's stores are there in the world?

There are around 10,500 Walmart stores that operates under 48 banners in 24 countries and eCommerce websites.





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