Future Of Wearable Health Monitor Post Pandemic

Future Of Wearable Health Monitor Post Pandemic

The COVID-19 has alarmed the health and fitness of the people of every country. This pandemic has now pointed towards the healthcare sector, which is now facing a big problem. Due to this pandemic, the people are now more concern about their health and fitness. This will indirectly going to point on the rise in the IoT technologies in the healthcare sector. Let us see the complete report on- future of wearable health monitor post pandemic.

Statistics of IoT in Healthcare domain

There are no. of statistical reports available on the internet which provides you the background story of the fitness bands and we provide you the summarized statistical report on the same domain but also including the use of IoT in the healthcare sector. This report is made with the help of the Becker’s hospital review

  • Nearly three-fifths of healthcare providers in this sector uses the IoT devices in their institutions for better and instant health tracking.
  • 73 % of facilities in the healthcare sector takes the help of the Iot devices to monitor their patients.
  • 89 % of the facilities in the healthcare sector have suffered from a security breach in their respective systems.
  • 87 % of organizations in the healthcare sector are planning to implement the IoT enabled services in their facilities by 2019.
  • Organizations in the healthcare sector feel that IoT has saved expanses up to 57 % for all their facilities provided by them.

After looking the present statistics in this domain, the Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare market is now valued at USD 82.3 Billion in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 534.3  billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24.1% over the forecast period.

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Features of a Fitness Band

1) Alerts and Tracking

The IoT devices in the healthcare sector are providing the facility of real-time tracking. It is one of the crucial feature in the healthcare devices which plays an important role whenever there is a  life-threatening circumstances present in front of us. The IoT devices in this case helps by gathering the vital data and transfer it to your respective doctors which can act as an on-time alerts which become quite critical. Also, these mobile applications and IoT devices can also send notifications regarding a patient’s critical conditions irrespective of place, time with the help of a single app integrated with it.

2) Analysis and Data Assortment

IoT devices in the healthcare sector are integrated with the other high-end technologies which help these devices in collecting the data and then report and analyze the data in real-time. This real time analyzation of data helps in storing the important data only. So, this helps in storing the crucial data on the cloud and other sources which used to be a hectic problem with the raw data.

3) Reporting and Monitoring

The IoT connected devices makes it easy for doctors and physicians to monitor patients’ health with the help of the modern devices and refined data. This is so much beneficial that the real-time monitoring can save lives in a medical emergency like diabetic attacks, heart failure, asthma attacks, etc.

The smart medical device connected to the smartphone app, collects the medical and other required health data without disturbing you in your work. These IoT devices collect and transfer health data like-  blood pressure, oxygen, and blood sugar levels, weight, and ECGs and many more.

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Untouchable Band- A band to tackle COVID-19

Untouchable band is one of the latest band, which came into existence in the market during the corona virus pandemic. Basically, it is a band specially made for the COVID-19 i.e. it is the special band which will help you get rid of unconscious habits of touching your face. This band will help you in training your mind by giving a mild vibrations whenever you touch your face at any moment of time. This band also helps in changing you many other behaviours like nail biting, hair pulling, thumb sucking and many other. This band will help you to get rid of the habits which are spreading disease around the world. This fitness band comes with a feature which will note down your body temperature continuously.

Other fitness wearables

The world of fitness wearables has now started to get recognition in the fitness industry. They have now become an essential part of every individual during their routine workout. Some of the interesting examples are:

1) Smart Shoes

This fitness wearable has the same functions as a fitness band, but its USP is just focusing on running, walking, jogging and many other related which are to your legs. A chips is fitted in the pair of shoes which can track the usual data such as distance and speed, and can calculate calories burned and many others which is done by all the smart bands in terms of fitness. One of the best thing about this fitness wearable is that they also make suggestions about, what should be the running style and how you can improve your technique for better output.

2) Smart clothes

This fitness wearable is just like a leggings or a socks that can track your movement during yoga or any movement to improve performance. This category of fitness wearable also consist of a sports bra which consist of inbuilt heart rate monitor. Later in the coming years, such type of more fitness wearables can be seen in the market for every specific workouts giving you the precise statistics about your body moment and your body health.

3) E-skin

This tech is in its very early days, but e-skin is basically Lycra-style clothing, filled with sensors that handle the work of many fitness wearables at once. For example, Xenoma launched an e-skin prototype in collaboration with Hugo Boss, specifically designed to track your activity during a golf game.

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