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There’s no mystery in the fact that in today’s world, online presence is the face of the organization. And however big and small a firm is, websites and digital media marketing are of utter importance to them. To help businesses get discovered online and attract more customers from all over the world, Kartik Raichura launched in the year 2017. is one of the world’s easiest and instant Business Website Builder Platform that makes it extremely easy for a business owner to create a digital footprint of his business .

With the vision to empower India’s 63 million-plus micro and new businesses with online visibility, discovery and customers, Kartik started the journey with India because if something works for India, it by default works for the world. Indian business owners know that “online jaega, toh dhandha aaega” but they struggle with the complexities of existing service offerings. With a mobile-first approach, this venture has made the platform so easy that even a school kid or a grandfather can make the business website. Indian business owners know how to install apps and use WhatsApp, Facebook, and Youtube. They can upload status updates, add friends, play videos and send messages. This platform is created in such a way that if one knows how to use the basic smartphone features, they can easily use the platform and grow the business online.

All in all, the idea is to empower the world’s 200 million micro-businesses with an online identity that’s easy for them to manage. This platform puts the world’s businesses noticed by customers globally and online.'s journey so far is certainly one of those inspiring SaaS success stories. Read on to know more about this Mumbai based SaaS startup that is helping millions of small business owners in taking their businesses online. Highlights

Startup Name
Headquarter Mumbai
Sector SaaS, B2B, B2B2C
Founders Kartik Raichura
Founded 2017
Parent Organization InstaWeb Labs Pvt Ltd

About and How it Works - USP and Innovation
Founders of and team
How was Started - Startup Launch - Business Model and Revenue Model - Funding and Investors - Growth

About and How it Works logo logo is a SaaS platform that enables businesses to get an active online presence within minutes using their App or Web dashboard. This application was featured as the “top-grossing business application” on the Google play store at the 1st position on November 18.

There are 200 Million Microbusinesses in the world, 51 million in India but 68% of them don't have an online presence. Digital SMBs grow profits up to twice as fast as offline SMBs. However, 35 million businesses in India are lagging on the digital movement. The World's Micro businesses need some sort of online identity. Through this app or web dashboard, it enables these business owners to quickly create a business website, update it and manage content on their website on the go in a hassle freeway.

The client only has to push content on the website and this platform completely takes care of the technology stack, custom domain name, SSL certificate, hosting, auto-SEO, auto social media pushes, statistics, business inquiries, e-commerce, dynamic responsive mobile-first themes, etc.

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The whole idea behind is based on the fact that the internet is an empowering tool for the world’s business owners and this venture is going to pass the toothbrush test for this audience.

“Our startup will be used at least 2 times a day by these business owners as an enabler.” Says the founder's USP is that unlike other website builders who charge before you can take the website online, puts the website on the internet immediately as soon as the users fill up a few basic details about their business. They also get a 30-day risk free trial and can try out all the features of the platform. If the user is convinced and wants to upgrade to one of the premium plans, they can go ahead and purchase an affordable subscription plan of their choice.

This platform is available in 98 world languages and can collect payments from 190+ countries. The team is striving hard to create a world-class “Made in India” SaaS platform with a vision to empower micro-businesses and business owners globally.

Founders of and team

Kartik Raichura, Founder & CEO of
Kartik Raichura, Founder & CEO of

Kartik Raichura and Dhaval Mehta founded in 2017. founder and CEO Kartik Raichura, is a business post-graduate from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai. Kartik is a serial entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker and an angel investor.

During his teenage years in 2004, he founded - World’s leading social learning platform focused on management education. He started his company when he was 19 and kept at it for more than a decade. As one of the top 10 educational portals in India, it has served over 100 million visitors and created a user base of 1 million + members and growing.

Kartik is a 'Star Young Entrepreneur Award' recipient by the Indira Innovation Summit 2013 and his company was among the top 100 startups to work for in 2014. He was felicitated as as one of the Top 100 MARKETING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATORS in 2018 by WORLD MARKETING CONGRESS and TOP 100 INNOVATIVE LEADERS in 2017 by World Innovations Congress.

In 2019, Kartik was felicitated with the prestigious Karmaveer Chakra award and Rex Karamveer Chakra Global Fellowship for impact contributions in getting micro businesses of the world visibility through and education equilibrium through his past ed-tech startups by the United Nations & iCongo. cofounder Dhaval Mehta has been in technology industry for over 13 years. After dabbling with several software solutions worth millions as an employee, he started his own infotech solutions company and kept at it for over 7 years. He has delivered projects for Fortune 500 companies and SME's from different fields across the globe however his heart lies in helping SMBs grow their business - be it web, software or app. After successfully exiting his past SaaS startup focused on healthcare, he took the plunge to join and champion digital movement for micro businesses of the world. Team Team

How was started?

“I had been on the lookout for an idea that has a large target addressable market and is in the unorganized sector that had a potential technology disruption play. Technology has been a challenge for me personally in my previous startup.” Kartik on the idea that built this venture.

Kartik came across several business owners who would inquisitively always ask him how they can take their business online and be always fascinated by the opportunity.

"Ideally, getting their business online has been a Pandora’s box for a large business population in India and he wanted to solve this challenge with simplicity. That’s how the idea of assisted instant websites built-in front of the client was born" Kartik quotes

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To start with, the team only build an MVP and took it to the market to achieve a product-market fit. Kartik would himself do telephone calls to random business owners from online business directories, introduce himself as a consultant and set up a physical meeting with them. The services and product offerings developed and evolved from consultative conversations the team had with their clients. The prime focus in the first six months was to deliver on the promise of instant websites that get SMB’s online, get them more visibility, more customers and more profit.

As seen for most startups, the first 100 users were founder driven.

“As the founder, I diligently and shamelessly demonstrated the product to just about everyone I could. It isn’t uncommon to say that I used to take up OLA and Uber Pool cabs to and fro from office just so that I could demonstrate the product to my co-passengers.” Says the founder fondly. - Business Model and Revenue Model is a Freemium model. It gives the users a 30 day free trial of the platform. Post which if the customers choose to continue, they have to upgrade to a paid premium plan. The pricing bit is a little trickier as a user from a third world nation will not be able to pay the same price as a business owner from a developed country. For this reason, this platform maps the purchasing power parity according to geographies and dynamically come up with a pricing that is best for that particular location. - Funding and Investors got pre-seed funding at the ideation stage itself. Before Kartik had an MVP or even a corporate bank account, he had commitments from a few angels. This confidence shown by his early investors was a real boost.

“I did knock many unknown doors too but the conversions from known friends and their network came in pretty quickly.” Kartik

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  • App downloads per day- 2500 +
  • Total App Downloads - 300,000 +
  • Total Reviews - 2000+ reviews
  • Ratings - On an average of 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Paying customers - Paying customers from 49 + countries.
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