WeTransfer- Marketing Strategy And Revenue Model

WeTransfer- Marketing Strategy And Revenue Model

WeTransfer is a platform wherein users can send and receive large files. Rinke Visser, Bas Beerens and Nalden founded the company in 2009. The founders named the platform, ‘Collect by WeTransfer’. WeTransfer revenue model is successful and let us see how it has worked for them in this article.

The best part about this application is that the user need not sign up. You can send files up to 2GB of data and without any issues. It does not take too much data too. There are a lot of free users and there is also an option to pay and subscribe. You can send a particular file to one user or many users using the e-mail service.

Transfer of WeTransfer to Amazon Web Service
Not a Tech Company but an Idea Business
Top Competitors Of WeTransfer
Revenue Model Of WeTransfer
WeTransfer Marketing Strategy

Transfer of WeTransfer to Amazon Web Service

The WeTransfer platform worked with a small service provider from 2009 to 2011. As the user base increased, the scalability and the increased traffic became a problem. For better complying with their needs, they moved to Amazon web services. WeTransfer then started using Amazon Simple Storage Service and Amazon CloudFront.

Not a Tech Company but an Idea Business

WeTransfer not only provides a platform for people to share files online on the go. They have a very important principle they use for the platform to make it stand out of the crowd. They provide 30 per cent of the ad space in the platform to artists and social causes. By doing so, they commit to be a platform that provides a place for new ideas to be born. They commit to this principle to provide their support in changing the world for good.

Top Competitors Of WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a platform that has only been in service for about a decade. This means that there are various competitors that provide the same services. The basic function of all these platforms is similar. The major difference comes in with the storage space, tools, and interface of the platform.

Some major competitors for WeTransfer
Some major competitors for WeTransfer

The top WeTransfer alternatives are as follows:

  • Google Drive: Being one out of the range of products from Google, Drive is most used for the Gsuite tools. It is also the easy to use platform for many as Google's other products work cohesively with it. The permission management of Google Drive is also simple and easy to use. This makes it a big competitor for WeTransfer.
  • Dropbox: With a simple interface, Dropbox offer 2GB basic storage to its users. This platform is best for coordinating and working online as it is easy to share content. Excellent permission management is also one other strength of Dropbox.
  • Smash: Smash works by providing an unlimited size on the sharable files in the platform. The platform does not charge its users while limiting the constraints to a few. The only limitation is that the files stay on the platform for 14 days in the free version. It is best suited for businesses which handle huge volumes of data on a daily basis.

Revenue Model Of WeTransfer

The platform has over 25 million active users every month. The client list also includes various big corporations throughout the world. Even with lesser users, WeTransfer competes with its established counterparts. The use of an arty and idea promoting interface brings the platform its Unique Selling Point. The ability to transfer data without registering also user likability towards the interface.

The client list of WeTransfer includes many big names but it is still a small company. But, the revenue generating capability of the company is not at all in question . The company uses 2 main sources of revenue from the platform.

How WeTransfer earns the revenues?
How WeTransfer earns the revenues?****
  • The first method is from the free version of the application. It generates about 40 per cent of the total revenue of the product. The application makes use of full-screen ads in a creative design. This makes advertisements more visible and less disturbing to users. With the absence of banner ads, users feel more comfortable to work with the platform.

Besides, the platform lends 30 per cent of its ad space to artists and ideas promoting creatives. This adds a colorful approach to the platform while keeping it simple and easy to use.

  • The other stream of revenue for the WeTransfer platform is the premium version. This subscription costs $11 per month and gives users a range of added features. This increases the limit for transfer to 10GB and provides a 50GB online storage space. The WeTransfer app also allows the user to make use of a custom URL. The premium subscription provides extra security to the sent files through password protection. Some of the top advertisers include Google chrome, Adobe Shutter stock, etc.

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WeTransfer Marketing Strategy

WeTransfer uses a creative marketing strategy for their product. To involve more creatives to push the platform up for a global boost, they started a new campaign. The platform has pinned the campaign, ‘Doubt. Create. Repeat’. It aims to promote the other products that the company has.

The company has a name in creative community for supporting artists and their ideas. This new campaign emphasizes the power of doubting to bring up new ideas to existence. The company strives to create a platform with all the tools for creatives, to work on the go. With the new updated tools, creatives can do all they want. The new ad campaign also emphasizes the new features of these tools.

With their roots in improving the creative community from the beginning, the mission of the company is to bring out a platform that enables creative professionals to work without boundaries in the current state of working from homes. By placing the people and their ideas first, WeTransfer puts lesser importance on technology and emphasizes the utility the platform provides to the creatives around the world.


With a deeply connected root to the creative community, WeTransfer is drawing its heritage in embracing each step of the creative process. With increased focus towards developing tools for aiding creatives in each part of the process, the applications Paste, Paper and Collect help artists flourish in the current generation of remote working. The latest ad campaign of WeTransfer, ‘Doubt. Create. Repeat.’ enhances their mission on a massive scale to attract creative professionals from around the globe to create world-changing ideas.

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What is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is an internet-based computer file transfer service based in the Netherlands.

What is WeTransfer used for?

WeTransfer is used to send and receive large files.

How does WeTransfer make money?

WeTransfer has a dual revenue model; split between advertising and premium subscriptions.

Is it safe to use WeTransfer?

Yes, it is safe.

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