What is ePacket tracking?

Epacket tracking is another feature of epacket shipping services. It is a convenient form of self-services made for the customers. It allows buyers to track their parcel through official sites such as USPS, China Post, or EMS for free.

Once the manufacturers dispatch the parcel, it is listed on the site. The customer gets a code to identify their package. They can track when the parcel reaches a destination by merely typing the information on one of the search pages on the website.

All undelivered good is returned to the sender to make refunds easier if the customer does not receive their packages.

This feature is highly convenient both for the customers and the business owners. It allows customers to know the exact location of their parcel and how long they have to wait. In turn, it prevents the sellers from needing extra customer services.

As a business owner, you can also use these delivery confirmation notes as proof to build your brand along the way.

What is ePacket delivery?

Epacket delivery is a part of the shipping deal when you use ePacket shipping. It was initially used mostly by merchants from Hongkong and China to send out parcels to the US. It is affordable and faster than regular courier services, so it is now available in many countries, over 44 countries, to be exact.

When the manufacturers dispatch the parcel, it is delivered to a final destination, which the local companies handle. By “local,” it means the carriers who operate in the country such as the Post Office, Royal Mail, USPS, Canada Post, Japan Post, etc.

These local carriers have their service charges and processing fees. The parcel also has to meet specific criteria for delivery, and these criteria differ for each carrier and country.

Who delivers ePacket?

Epacket delivery constitutes a network of carriers. There are several people involved in the delivery process. The first is the carrier based in Hongkong or China who delivers the package to the international border. It is then taken to the international carrier to the destination.

After it is picked up by the international carrier from the border, it goes for delivery to the respective country’s carrier—the national carrier than distributes it to the states through different agencies.

The delivery process may differ for each parcel depending on the destination and the carriers responsible for each area.

Epacket delivery does not provide door to door services. They only deliver it to the customs, and the rest is left up to the local services. In some cases, if the destination is under high priority and security, there can be some exceptions arranged directly with the service providers. If not, you will have to depend on your local delivery services to deliver the package to the address.

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